Doll Chateau Kid Dolls Discussion: Part 8

Nov 14, 2015

    1. So I plan on ordering a Kid Boy Body (k-12 with no wings) this Thursday through Denver Doll Emporium, and while I'll actually be making him a custom Pumpkin head, I also kinda wanna do some stuff with his human head.
      What size wigs generally fit on this type of doll?
      And what size of eyes?
      DenverDoll is great, but these are two details they generally forget to include on their website.
    2. @ZOMBUNN13 Wigs and eyes are very 'head' dependent. Which head were you wanting?
    3. Looks like Lance, 10mm eyes and probably a 6" wig.
    4. Awesome, thank you! I appreciate your help.
    5. HI everyone.....I haven't been on in a really long time and with coming back I am looking at getting a DC. I have never had one before and I am thinking of ordering from DDE. Just curious if there are any other US retailers for DC and if anyone here has pics of Sharon, Medusa or Trista :-)
    6. Welcome back!

      My group is also a USA dealer for DC. :) Links to our pages are in my signature, please feel free to message me if you have any questions or if I can help with anything. :chibi
    7. I have been eyeing DC for a long time, not quite knowing what to make of some of the sculpts. (I'm not much into fantasy dolls.) But then I saw a DC/Unoa hybrid and ideas started brewing... So I have ordered a Douglas, hoping to use his body with a Unoa B-El faceplate. We'll see. I'm a little unsure if the neck is going to work with the Buff headback. But if it doesn't, then I'll need to revise.

      I do plan to remove the extra limbs, at least. I like sewing my own dollclothes. Does anyone have good suggestions for what size patterns I should be looking for (and probably adjusting)?
    8. Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop into one of my favorite threads of all time and say hi to all of you. So great to see so many people still around, old and new. I hope to be able to share my DC boy with you soon >< for now I'll be playing catch up in the thread and looking at all your beautiful pictures though.

      hello fellow DC/Unoa hybrid-er? Happy to see I'm not the only one attempting this :) Sadly my girl is without a faceup right now so I can't share her (I'm only just getting back to being properly active in the hobby) but I hope to be able to give her a new faceup soon! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you make of them!
    9. Douglas arrived today and I immediately set out to try my idea. Unoa B-El work perfectly with this body, so I'm very happy. But I have one problem. I would like to remove the extra joints on the arms and legs, but when I took the wrist joint off I found that the elastic won't fit into the lower arm tunnel. Any suggestions? I tried pulling from the other side (upper arm), but it doesn't seem to want to budge. Plus, the hand's s-hook might also be in the way.

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    10. Hello all! I love DC so I thought I would come by to say so. I have a DC Queena and she really is a 'Queen' in my collection.
      Question for other owners of DC kids: what are some shoe sizes that fit well? I have a pair of shoes specifically designed for DC kids, but those are hard to find, I was wondering what other 'brands' have feet of similar size?

      @toveb here is a thread about removal of the extra joints. It looks like, in theory, you should not be having any issues:
    11. Thanks! I actually worked it out on my own eventually, so I posted some photos in that thread of how I did it.
      And here he is, wigless and without a face-up. He doesn't even have a name yet, but I love him!
      I am so glad I finally found a body for my B-El.
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    12. Excellent toveb! I am glad you were able to find a solution. He does look handsome! I would be interested in seeing him when you find him a wig and apply a face-up.
    13. The new DC centaurs give me a lot of hope for DC since their elbow joints actually look... stable??? I really hope they release a normal human kid body with these more sophisticated elbow and knee joints, that might win me back over to the DC side. :lol: Their scorpions also had them, so I'm optimistic!
    14. Doll Chateau and Doll Zone are "the same company" now, correct? I follow DC's twitter and they often mention upcoming dolls from DZ, and I have seen DZ do the same.
      The reason I ask is because minimal parts of the new dolls remind me of DZ. When I first saw a picture of the fish girl, I could have sworn she was a DZ doll, not DC. Even the Fanen DZ dolls I thought I saw influence from DC. They also use the same resin color chart.
      Not saying this is good or bad, just something I noticed and was curious if anyone else thought this or could confirm if they were working with each other.
    15. DC and DZ are and have always been sister companies.
    16. No kidding? I had only seen the correlation between the two in the last year or so. Learn something new everyday - thanks for saying so SteamWitch!
    17. Sad news about the discontinued sculpts, fortunately the ones I'm tempted by weren't on the list.
      I love Chael, my Colin!
      [​IMG]Chael playing by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    18. I went ahead and ordered Isabel today. I wasn't planning on another doll so soon, but this kind of forced my hand. So glad I got my Charles, Elizabeth and Alberta over the past year.
    19. Super annoyed by this. I don't what if anything I can get.