Doll Chateau Kid Dolls Discussion: Part 8

Nov 14, 2015

    1. This is kind of sad news, since all of the discontinued sculpts are (imo of course) all of the most unique ones in their catalog. I'm glad I somehow managed to find a secondhand Irma, Delia, Charles and Lydia head this year so I won't have to rush and buy them all up now lmao

      I might pick up Alma, she's the only one on my to-buy list that I still haven't found... just the head though.
    2. I'm sad to see so many of their sculpts going away! It's almost half of what they have. Any idea as to the reason for such a huge overhaul?

      I'm so happy I got my Barbara and Stacy when I did.
    3. Ugh, this is such a big discontinuation! Now I have to decide if I'd die without an Alberta.
    4. I wasn't intending on getting an Irma anytime soon, but I guess they forced my hand!

      Ive never seen one secondhand, so I feel its now or never. :<
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    5. I guess I have until March to decide how badly, I want the spider body.
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    6. Isabel was the doll that I fell in love with and in turn was the gateway that showed me how unique and creative DC are.

      I've been wanting a fullset of her for a few years now and now I have about 2 months to seriously think about getting her.
    7. I am going to mourn the passing of Elizabeth, the Spider girl. I came across her blank, and in old yellow skin, in a shop and she totally transformed how I viewed her. She totally blew the rest of the shop's BJDs out of the water. I have an Amos and he has a gentle and likeable aura that is totally unlike any other BJDs I own.

      It is a pity I haven't the space, the stamina (Sewing!) and the necessary extra money to add her to my collection because she has a sweet, fragile and gentle beauty that is rarely seen among BJDs.
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    8. Does anyone know which bodies will be discontinued? I’m guessing the Elizabeth body because it’s only available with her head, but will all the bodies that can be bought separately still be available?

      I also don’t need a bunch of floating heads but I don’t want to miss my chance to get Elizabeth and Agatha, and possibly Alma, Lance, and/or Charles. I wonder why they decided to discontinue so many sculpts, especially some of the more popular ones.
    9. Yeah, all of the bodies will still be available (except for Elizabeth).
    10. I tried searching doll profiles but only came up with 4 results and none of them mentioned sizing, so I will ask here.

      Does anyone know what eye and wig sizes work best on DC Bella?

      If at all possible I would love to see different eye sizes the head.

      I have been pining for a Bella since like... 2012 when my partner got a Collin, but I never had a strong enough plan in mind to justify Bella over my character dolls I was getting. Now I have a set plan for Bella on a Dream Valley body and I am super excited :D
    11. In general I've found that 6-7 wigs and 12-14mm eyes work best for most DC kid heads, including my Bella. Of course, I use handmade super small-iris eyes so normal eyes might be a totally different size range lol
    12. I used 14mm small iris low dome in my Colin because his eye line is so wide and curved.
    13. @0bsequi0us
      Thanks! I was thinking those ranges might work. Gives me options for getting her a wig in before she arrives. I am hoping that 12mms look alright gap wise, as I like a smaller iris ratio to eye as well. But I might wait on those until I can test what I have in person.

      Yeah, Collin's head was so hard to find eyes for. My partner loved the face but because of the inability to find proper eyes for him had to sell him in the end. Now he has a Hugh on order and is hopeful for better results.
    14. Ayyy, veterans, I need your help.

      I've been eying the K-07 females for a while, and with DC discontinuing so many awesome sculpts, bit the bullet and snagged an amazing deal on a secondhand one. However, in stringing her I decided that she needed tightening, and now she can't stand at all. I have loosened the elastic as much as I can, removed the sueding I put in, and added wiring. Nothing helps. I got her to stand out of the box before I changed things; now it's a twenty minute battle for two seconds of stand. I am afraid her elastic might need to be longer, but maybe that's not the problem? How does one fix the standing on these ladies?

      Never owned a DC doll that could stand for crud, but to make it worse is... bad.
    15. This might sound stupid/not help at all if you didn't fully take her apart, but I had a super similar experience while restringing one of my boys. (k-08, with similar hip joints) For me the problem was that I somehow accidentally swapped the hip joint pieces when restringing... they still fit in the thigh pieces, but they made the doll totally unstable, barely able to stand. And as soon as I swapped them back again he was back to the unsteady-but-standing DC norm.
    16. I took the plunge and ordered Isabel, she was the first DC doll I fell in love with and now that she's being discontinued, I figured it was now or never.

      She'll be in peach skin, as I really like that color.
    17. Well hello ladies and gentlemen, I've just bought myself a DC Elizabeth. I've wanted her ever since I got into the hobby...five or so years ago. Heck I think I remember her being released. Anyway, she was supposed to be my doll plan for next year but this sudden discontinuation has uh...forced my hand a little. So yay, I'm finally on the DC train! Now to strap in for a loooong wait. :lol:
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    18. Oh Yay! Welcome to the DC tribe!
    19. It's been a very long time coming. :sweat She's going to be a lot of fun though - I plan on partially dying her and giving her some extra eyes and possibly even elf ears. She'll hopefully turn out to be quite creepy!
    20. Oh that sounds like a cool project! So the wait begins. :spider: