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Doll Chateau Kid Dolls Discussion: Part 8

Nov 14, 2015

    1. Yes! Looks like the average wait is about four months according to the waiting room? Assuming people have been adding their details correctly. I thought it was around eight months last time I checked?
    2. Wait times for DC is an average of 6 months but your mileage may vary.
    3. Well I ordered, a single blank, white resin doll...so hopefully...though I know going via a dealer always takes a little longer.
    4. I was planning on being so good for the rest of this year and not adding anymore dolls...but I wound up with a vacancy in my conservatory of flowers and thought a lovely green garden spider would fill that spot perfectly! And with the upcoming discontinuations, what’s a gal to do? I ordered a green Elizabeth through FF&D...oh my aching budget!:doh
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    5. Ronoxun (Colin) was very photographic yesterday. He wanted to wear blue, he is a fire demon and blue is the color of the hottest flame. He was burning bright.
      [​IMG]Ronoxun in blue by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    6. If there are any Lance and Matthew owners on this thread, would you mind posting a comparison picture of their profiles? Individual pictures would be fine too. Face up and no face up are both good, but without a wig if that's not too much trouble.
    7. @SteamWitch, oh wow! That wig is absolutely phenomenal on him! These photos are positively stunning and show him off so well.:)
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    8. @PoeticSoul Thank you! I was glad to get camera time with him.