Doll Chateau Kid Dolls Discussion: Part 8

Nov 14, 2015

    1. Yes! Looks like the average wait is about four months according to the waiting room? Assuming people have been adding their details correctly. I thought it was around eight months last time I checked?
    2. Wait times for DC is an average of 6 months but your mileage may vary.
    3. Well I ordered, a single blank, white resin hopefully...though I know going via a dealer always takes a little longer.
    4. I was planning on being so good for the rest of this year and not adding anymore dolls...but I wound up with a vacancy in my conservatory of flowers and thought a lovely green garden spider would fill that spot perfectly! And with the upcoming discontinuations, what’s a gal to do? I ordered a green Elizabeth through FF&D...oh my aching budget!:doh
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    5. Ronoxun (Colin) was very photographic yesterday. He wanted to wear blue, he is a fire demon and blue is the color of the hottest flame. He was burning bright.
      [​IMG]Ronoxun in blue by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    6. If there are any Lance and Matthew owners on this thread, would you mind posting a comparison picture of their profiles? Individual pictures would be fine too. Face up and no face up are both good, but without a wig if that's not too much trouble.
    7. @SteamWitch, oh wow! That wig is absolutely phenomenal on him! These photos are positively stunning and show him off so well.:)
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    8. @PoeticSoul Thank you! I was glad to get camera time with him.
    9. What a cutie!!!!
    10. Woooow her shoulder is just beautiful!!! It just goes beyond!
    11. i took the plunge and put in for a very (very) long layaway to finally get my spider triplets (alma, agatha, and douglas) before they got discontinued (except douglas' head, but i got it while i was at it), so i was wondering if anyone here knows what fits elizabeth's torso? i get the impression yosd tops would fit best. i obviously have a looong time to pick out what i'd want them to wear, but i'd like to know the relative scale i'm looking for. one of them is gonna be modded to have a male torso, too, so.... :o
      i did some cursory searches but it seems like most people keep theirs nude or get custom orders, which i wouldn't be opposed to since i do like to do designing. :0
    12. I have no idea. I'm waiting for an Elizabeth to see what would fit her. She'll probably wear custom stuff or nothing though...what with being a spider and all. :lol:
    13. I have an Elizabeth spider on a long layaway too, and while I still have a lot of time to think about it, right now I’m thinking of dressing her in a custom lacey mori style to suit her character as a delicate garden spider. Fortunately I’m able to design and sew for myself, so I plan on mine having quite the wardrobe.:)

      @mangameow, spider triplets sound utterly amazing...especially with those heads! Those 3 heads are some of my favorite Doll Chateau sculpts of all time. Wow...what a fascinating project! What color resin are you getting them in?
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    14. nice! Elizabeth is quite a cutie~ ^p^
      i love the lacey mori style, too omg.... i'm not sure what kind of clothes i'll style my spiders with yet though!
      but YES i was so sad to see agatha and alma were being discontinued. :( i really miss the older DC style of sculpting, and i think i'll be leaning into dream valley more in the future. :o
      i'm getting them all in white, because i really like how pretty it is and they'd probably not look quite right with the designs i have in mind in any of the other colours. :p
      i'm basing them on pastels of the primary colours, so pink, yellow, and blue. :>
      i've got a sketch of my agatha done, but i still have no idea what kind of outfit she might wear. :0a

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    15. Ooh what a pretty concept! There're all going to look super cute! :D
    16. @mangameow, that concept is positively epic! I love those patterns on her and the addition of the polkadots is pure really gives her a playful quality. The pastel color palate is such a wonderful and fun idea.:)
    17. g-gosh, thank you!! ^////^ i'm really excited to get them so i can start the customizing process. :P

      aaaa thank you~!! ^//w//^<3 i don't think the pattern is quite set in stone, it's just kind of vague concept.... i'd really like it to be something very close to the original doll chateau style, where it's kind of goth and elegant and delicate.... but i'm kind of ham fisted and not good at making tiny little delicate details, so i'll have to find an artist who's good at those and can interpret my style into something closer to my vision. xD
    18. Hello. I'm new to this thread. I just started a layaway for an Isabel spider and nikita on Isabel body. I wanted a Dollchateau spider since they were first released, I couldn't let this discontinuation keep me from getting her.
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    19. I just got a few on layaway as well after procrastinating forever. I loveee seeing what people plan with elizabeth, I may have to sketch a bit tonight to see if anything comes to mind. My only real plans are for my alberta and lydia, but even then its possibly changing.

      Do you guys think stacys head would be too big on the spider body? I have hers on my order as well but can always wait if it would look too odd? Maybe I will do a version of ms spider from james and the giant a big head wont look awful. If not that Irma is the other I ordered and have seen people use her on Elizabeths body.
    20. Ooooo the Stacy head on the spider body is such a cool idea! I have no idea if that would actually physically work but I hope it does because I would love to see how that would turn out!!!