Doll comparison

Nov 18, 2020

    1. Hi,

      Are the littlefee ante and yosd dolls the same size?

      I have had trouble finding different information out on the forum or online for different dolls. Seems like information is not pulling up.
    2. Littlefee is Fairyland's line of yosd dolls. Ante is the sculpt name.

      A lot of yosd are 30cm, or between 25 and 30, and littlefee are on the 25cm end of that range. Since they are so popular, you can search for littlefee for them, but they won't always be tagged as yosds.
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    3. Thank you
    4. Hi,
      Yes, littlefee dolls are in the range of size of the yosd dolls (25 cm up to 30ish cm). Depends on the company the little variation in size for their yosd size dolls. Littlefee ante is 25 cm in height, so is considered a yosd doll.
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    5. It is worth pointing out that YoSD is not a doll size, it is one company's range of dolls, not a generic name for a size of doll.

      Volks YoSD is pretty much the same size as Fairlyland LittleFee. My Fairyland LittleFee can wear Volks YoSD clothing, shoes and wigs with no problems. they can also share clothing, shoes, and wigs with many other dolls of around that size

      The size is often referred to as 1/6 size (but so are adult proportioned dolls of the same height so that distinction doesn't make much sense either).

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    6. I guess I'm picky, but a lot of Yo clothes are too baggy for my LTF, or too long. If you buy clothes on Etsy, very often the seller can make clothes for LTF specifically. Never hurts to ask.
    7. Sometimes the baggy look is cute.
    8. Interesting. I've never encountered that - and my LittleFee have some Volks YoSD specific clothing as well as lots for the the generic size-range.