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Mar 1, 2021

    1. What do you guys use to stand and display your larger dolls? I have a 70 cm Dollzone male and just recently acquired a Soom Onyx. I’d like to get stands for them even though I know they can usually stand on their own. I’m just too afraid of them falling so I want a bit of extra support, especially since they’re both discontinued models.
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    2. I use a stand or some other form of anchoring for all my larger dolls. We get earthquakes where I live so I wanted to make sure they'd be safe!
    3. Don't let them stand on their own. My first Ringdoll made a nosedive because i think his elastic pulled too much. I don't know. He suddenly snapped in sitting position. The saddle stand i have is sturdy for him and i recommend it for display. I have one with a waist holder but only my 60cm girl can stand with that, don't use it for 70cm dolls since they're too heavy. They're all sitting sideways in my glass cabinet though, the shelves are too low.

      Sadle stand i have:
      Doll stand

      Waist stand i have:
      BJD Accessories, Dolls - Alice's Collections
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    4. Like Qianna said, I use saddle stands for most of my dolls, I feel they are more secure, especially when they are already next to a wall. Then again, most of my dolls are strung really well and can stand on their own, the stands are more for my own nervousness. If your doll is prone to bending at the waist I'd definitely look into a waist stand. I'm not sure the best place to get them, as I have purchased all of mine while visiting Fabric Friends and Dolls (a physical store that is close by for BJDs and other dolls), but I know a few companies make them. I will say be careful with the waist stands, places like JoAnns will have a cheaper version of the waist stand, like this, they are far too weak to hold heavy resin dolls, so they are very hit or miss as to if they will work.
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    5. A friend had heavier metal stands. Not sure if they were from volks. They have both saddle & waist versions. Some waist versions are engineered such that they're bulky & can't be hidden under clothes but provide a better center of balance support. I've also bought heavy plastic based stands from cool cat online as well as inexpensive lightweight stands from dollspart.
      Even with solid balanced dolls some times I find their shoes keep them from standing well so stands are essential.
    6. I used a metal stand that came attached to a porcelain doll to secure my SD Azone at the waist and it worked terrifically. Definitely an easy and cheap option as most hobby shops carry those sorts of stands on there shelves.
    7. Has anyone thought of magnets? I saw "metal stand" and thought about magnetic kitchen gear. Don't know how that would work but it could be a neat idea.
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    8. Hello, I use dollmore doll stands for my Idealian boys. My Flickr has pictures of them using this doll stands. I recently just got another shipment from them for doll stands and the shipping cost got me crying but I asked them to combine shipping and later received refund for shipping cost. Good luck!

      Edit: I just wanted to edited this so this could be helpful to someone. I use doll stands from Dollmore: the one around the waist and between legs. Doll stands are great tools if use it properly will produce great result. I also purchased couple of shoes benches from Amazon and they are about my knee height and display my boys on it (with the aid of doll stands). I have limited space and this work quite well. I put special costume on my boys all the time and wanted to be able to see them in glorious state. ***Moderators: if posting picture on here is not allow, I apologized***
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    9. I recently scored a sofa and two chairs a bit bigger than SD-sized for my 60 cm dolls. I plan to make some cushion to fill the space a bit and display my dolls on these chairs, with a wooden coffer I already owned to stand as a coffee table. i only have to find a tea set and my "display space" will be done!
    10. I don’t trust my dolls to stay standing, even with a doll stand. So they’re displayed sitting on a doll bed or doll couch or on the chest of drawers that holds all the doll clothes and accessories.
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    11. Three out of my four dolls at home are fairly trustworthy to stand on their own, but I only take advantage of that for photos. Otherwise, they spend most of their time seated on an SD+ size sofa, for my peace of mind. This can be a very visually appealing option, especially if you find furniture that complements your dolls' styling. I do have one heavy-duty waist stand from Alice's Collections, but it's a bit cumbersome to use and is not very attractive. Eventually, my goal is to purchase a MILSBO glass display cabinet from IKEA and remove two of the shelves to allow adequate headroom for my large dolls. The cabinet is deep enough and wide enough that it can even accommodate some pieces of SD+ size doll furniture.
    12. Same. I would never trust my dolls to be in any standing position unsupervised, regardless if they're aided or not. All of my girls are left sitting in a curio cabinet when I'm not using them, with the sole exception of Taylor who, being my companion of sorts, sits near wherever I am, or on my nightstand whenever I go to bed.
    13. My 80cm (Dollmore Lusion) girl sits in a child-size chair, and my husband's two larger SD-sized boys sit in seats that are the right scale for them.

      I do have a metal waist-stand for my Lusion girl but it's a fiddle to get it hidden under her clothes without disrupting the line of them, and I don't like that it shows if used over her clothes (plus it's a faff to pick her up to play with if I have to disentangle her from a stand and get her back onto it when I'm done), so I seldom bother with it.

    14. My dolls are all sitting when I'm not playing with them. The MSDs have a generation girl day-bed and the SDs have a couch for 70+cm dolls I bought flat-pack on etsy. I've got kitchen chairs for future SDs. I don't trust stands because of user error.
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    15. Currently sitting on a dresser. I am contemplating how best to display the pretty but haven't really considered where he would best work. I enjoy having him close enough to pick up and change up his aesthetic though. I definitely wouldn't trust him to stand.
    16. I should perhaps also mention that the majority of my shorter SD size dolls (the ones around 60cm) are displayed standing without using stands... but they're in a shallow, glass-fronted cabinet and so they can be propped against the back of the cabinet for extra stability, and are so closely spaced that they're not really in much danger of falling sideways:

      Before I got this cabinet, most of them were displayed sitting with a few stood (the back row, as it were) against the back of an open-fronted cabinet with others in chairs in front of them, so they also had very little opportunity to fall.

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    17. @Teddy
      Your dolls all look so nice and coordinated!! ♡♡
    18. Thanks - this is my Victorian family
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    19. I keep mine in Ikea Detolf display cabinets. I also have saddle and thigh stands, I use when I have dolls on display outside the cabinets.
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    20. I have several Ikea Lack shelves, the ones that are basically just a board on the wall, in the square size staggered on my wall and have some dolls sitting on the shelf, and others standing, but leaning on a higher shelf. I also, have the Ikea Lack shelf that is a board with perpendicular pieces mounted horizontally with the perpendicular pieces pointing up and have dolls sitting or leaning on the upright bits.