Doll Factory Devil Bobo

Jun 28, 2009

    1. Interesting design - I particularly like the shading around the eyes. Still, I couldn't see myself being able to develop a full character around him, so I think I'll pass. ^^;
    2. He definitely makes me smile! Are those fangs I see?
    3. Love the grey one. He's really cute.
    4. I love the grey/purple one, x3 wouldn't mind having one of those
    5. The purple one really catches my eye!
      What a great idea,.. these little ones are really cute.

      Do want. xD
    6. Tee-hee! Adorable!
    7. I love the grey one! His pointed tail cracks me up!
    8. I broke down and ordered the grey one. He was calling me. Can't wait until he gets here.
    9. I just ordered the white one, he will be the devil on my left shoulder whispering to my ear:mwahaha
    10. I can't wait for spam of these little devils! They are adorable!
    11. I don't normally like anthros much (*ducks flying objects*) but this is just so cute and cool all at once....devil mouse! eeeek! Love him...wish they had the option of red/grey...that would be perfect for me...but I may yet break down and order a WS one soon as I finish paying off my holiday! :)
    12. I'm so tempted to get the grey one, they are just too cute!
    13. Oh no. Those are ridiculously adorable. They would terrorize my piggie.
    14. Got shipping notice for my little devil :P
      So excited!
    15. OMG hes soooo cute! I adore the grayskin with purple! Hmm maybe i finally found the doll i can get my mom XD perfect too since she loves collecting mice things XD

      Anyone know if they do a layaway program?
    16. How exciting! Can't wait to see pictures.
    17. I just emailed the company regarding Layaway options. Here is the information:

      And we could offer layaways.
      You have to pay a initial deposit(30%) of the purchase price for the layaway with 3days of purchase.
      As soon as the doll is completely paid, we will ship the doll.

      2 payment plan
      - First : Deposit 30%(within 3days of order)
      - Second : 70%(within 30 days)
      We could send an invoice to your paypal account.
    18. Devil bobo looks so cute! Sadly though I don't go for very small bjds...
    19. Has your little one arrived yet? I am so anxious to see pictures.