Doll Family-H 62cm boy body 3 extra measurements??

Aug 1, 2016

    1. Does anyone out there have this body? I'm direly needing measurements after ordering an outfit I didn't realise had to be made completely custom (I thought there'd be a basic 1/3 pattern but no xD) for a doll I don't have in my hands yet D: I've ordered him but he won't be here for another month or so and the outfit will probably take forever so I'm not keen to wait.

      Here are the extra measurements I need for the outfit~

      Arm Girth
      Wrist Girth
      Thigh Girth
      Knee Girth
      Ankle Girth
      Inner shoulder (Neck Root) to Foot instep
      Inner shoulder to Narrowest Waist
      Narrowest Waist to Foot instep
      Shoulder to Thumb Root
      Shoulder Width (include both arms)

      If anyone has a spare few minutes and a measuring tape I would be SO grateful! <3