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Doll Fund for the Existing or for the Next?

Jun 30, 2007

    1. I know a lot of people on here have a special BJD fund or a special bank account in which they deposit money, while others buy a doll or stuff for their doll when they know they can afford it or when they can work it off.

      Since buying my first dolls, I've always started saving for the next doll right away. My MSD has a total of two bought outfits and a jacket and coat set, while my SD has three. (Although they both have a lot of wigs). But with a doll and two heads on the way, I am not saving for new stuff for my existing dolls, or even an outift for my new doll, but for the body for one of those heads. I feel like I'm neglecting my existing dolls, so I decided to hold off getting more dolls for a full year so I can finally afford to buy them things.

      Does anyone besides me do this? Being more concerned about saving for the next doll than buying stuff for existing ones?

      I realise this applies more to those of us who have to save so hard to get anything for our resin friends, but even those of you who do not have to save every penny for a doll purchase must be able to relate or at least have an oppinion.

      I really hope this isn't a repeat thread, I don't recall ever seeing one like this =/
    2. I don't even have my first doll and I am already thinking of which doll is next and what to buy for that doll. I know I can make things for the ones I would have, but I would rather get another doll opposed to spending a bunch on one outfit and me feeling bad about that. The stuff I do plan on buying will be able to fit a majority of the dolls so in my mind I feel okay and don't regret it.
    3. I started out thinking that I could buy just one. HA! What was I thinking. Sometimes I think about selling one to buy another but most of the time I just cant bear to part with any of my kids. My wish list grows one a regular basis! You are not alone. :)
    4. For awhile I was saving for my next doll rather than paying attention to the one I already had. But since I already bought my dream doll and awaiting for her arrival, I can finally buy things for Luna. I plan to buy her default wig and eyes soon. I am also going to go ahead and buy the default wig and eyes for my Unoa. I'm also going to start practicing face ups, so Luna will get a new one before the year is over. Even though I am saving for my next doll, I am keeping a fund for my current dolls. I'll probably always (until I get my dream dollie family, only 2 more to go!!) have two doll funds, saving up for the next and one to spend on my current dolls.

      I also have a fund for just myself. Even though I don't want anything but doll related things right now, I just let that money sit in a savings account and collect interest.
    5. You have just voiced my exact problem. ^^

      I've had my girl since last october. She has the same clothes, the same wig, the same face-up, and the same boots. I haven't bought her anything new since I bought her! But I still immediately started saving for my Abio Angel boy. And now that I'm close to buying him, I'm already planning on the next ones... And I felt horrid about doing that to my girl.

      I've already sworn that the minute I get in my boy, all of their problems (my lack of buying clothes, wigs, shoes, and getting Kana a new face-up) will be solved. I figure that 2 dolls in 2 years is good for a 16 year old with no job. I'm just going to pace myself.:)
    6. well i'm getting two new dolls this year, but i have the same feelings as you as far as feeling that i'm neglecting my current doll. so next year, i'll hold of on major doll purchases to buy other things for them and i have other things to get too ^^; a car for instance~

      it gets hard because they are so expensive, but i felt that rotating times that i just buy things for current dolls versus buying new ones would deepen my love for the hobby more than just adding a bunch of "unfurnished" dolls to my home.
    7. Quite personally, I do prefer to save up for the next dolls than for the existing ones. Don't get me wrong, if I have the money, the chance and the drive to purchase something for my boys now, I definitely would.

      I just want to get them home. We'll worry about everything else later :]
    8. I think I would rather have them home first and get my collection to a good place before I start deciding where I want to take them in terms of clothing, wigs, eyes, etc. I know my collection of actual dolls will actually have an ending or I'll reach a point where I'm comfortable with the dolls that I DO have, but I know there won't be an end to the clothing and accessories, etc that I wind up getting for them.
    9. I spend way more on dolls that stuff for them. Eventually that will change, but I'm trying to get all the characters from a specific story line home, so clothes and accessories are on the back burner as usual. Eventually I want to upgrade everyone's wardrobes.
    10. Omg, you just voiced my feelings EXACTLY! I'm always so worried about this, my Luna has only two outfits... two.. albeit they were very expensive... totaling the price of another tiny-mini sized doll, actually... (although the LAME thing about this is that she doesn't even have her proper colored eyes yet XD... which is silly since I'm just planning to buy her some HG glass eyes from volks usa... lol) and all the clothes my MSDs have are just clothes that I got as "freebees" or made myself @_@;. And my school C still doesn't have a body, face up, eyes or wigs... (although she -does- have her transparent plastic dragon ears >3 YAY!) yet all my money right now is going to two totally new dolls rather than concentrating on the dolls I already have.... :sweat I feel SO FRUSTRATED with it cuz it makes me sad/bored more quickly when my dolls don't have good stuff to wear... but I think it's all because of the reason fishiestix said....

      I want to have the majority of my "cast" ASAP :...( although I'd love to have lots of outfits and wigs for them to choose from... I just wanna get them home and play with them so fast *sigh*... :doh I need like 2 more boys, and one girl before I can just chill on the adopting and start concentrating on the clothing and furniture :>...
    11. Oh god, I always worry about that XD I'm try to balance my funds but it's soooo hard!

      I figured the hundred dollahs I have are going towards some knick naks for the kids and some free spending, and then the money I make off the doll head I'm selling soon will go towards the next doll...

      Well...it's a plan. For now.

      Until then, I sew, I sew like maddd! X3

      Oh, also, I totally beleive in being cheap when it comes to buying stuff for the kids, so maybe I'll get some nice things here and there, but hey, I have myself to clothe and feed! (overexagerration; my parents feed me. and clothe me. most of the time.)
    12. It's good to know others feel and do the same ^^

      I actually planned to only have MSDs originally but now I only want SD sized dolls, which are often double the price. I can now never afford to buy clothes because everything goes towards the next doll. My last SD took a year to save for. The one on the way took my selling an MSD and my birthday money. o___o;;; Ah... good ol' planning.

      I think it's a good idea to get all your dolls cast and such, but it still makes me feel like I'm neglecting my dolls =( There is one more doll to order for Christmas (A tiny) and then I only want another El. Then for definate: One year until any more.

      One thing that came from my dolls was my desire to get a job, which was given today. So hopefully that will help fund the obssession and I'll hopefully be able to get some stuff for my resin babies x.x;
    13. Yeah, I feel the same too. When I got my first doll in December, I thought I wouldn't want another doll for a long time, so I figured all my doll money would go towards clothes and stuff for him. But then I did want another doll >___> And after I got HIM, now I want to start saving for another right away! The only way I can stop myself is by coming up with silly excuses. The only reason I'm not buying a CP Shine as soon as possible is because I read Beauty White is more likely to be Beauty Green in the summer XD; So I decided to buy him in the fall, and until then I'll just buy accessories or whatever for my current dolls. It's all very annoying because even though I'd love to buy another doll as soon as I have the money for it, I also don't want to have a ton of practically naked dolls. xD
    14. >< i ended up neglecting~ i put all my money to save for another doll, leaving my MSD :[ with not much. made a rule >< i wouldn't spend anymore, all goes to the fund!!! but i do feel bad, yet >> i need to save, BAD. but i crack everyonce in a while : | cause i feel bad, and but like a wig or somtin xD
      i know whatcha mean
    15. Most of my buying is what sells. If I get a big sale can get a doll, with small sales it means just a wig or shoes. I also get an allowance but did better when DH gave me money for the horses, then for the dolls.
    16. I have been pretty darned satisfied with the doll family I currently have, for about a year. I look at new molds, but nothing has grabbed me and screamed "take me home". So, all of my cash goes for stuff for the dolls I already have. They have WAY too much stuff already, but I love getting new things (especially cool props) for them.
    17. I started off thinking I'd only buy one doll, but I'd like to have a separate bank account for doll funds. :) Right now, after ordering my first doll with my summer job pay, I'm eating into my long-term saving account that I started almost a decade ago, and that isn't good.
    18. Same with me. At first I only wanted Aru, but as time went on, my mom seemed to think that he would be 'lonely' without at least one of the other characters from the story I wrote with him. My mom gave me an old mason jar that had a couple dollars in coins and said, 'when you fill this entire jar, I'll help pay for the rest.' Sad thing is, I now have four jars filled to the brim with coins, and Aru only has his one outfit.
    19. I tend to do that, too...

      I have a rule set up for myself which I also follow with the fashion dolls I collected way before getting into BJDs (and still like): To budget somewhat in what is essentially a very expensive hobby, I usually stick to buying nude or basic dolls only and make their outfits myself. (If I get around to it, which is not as often as I&#180;d like to... cough)

      That rule&#180;s not set in stone - I do buy the occasional outfit, especially when I&#180;m just not good enough yet to make something similar myself. Or when it&#180;s simply something I like very much.

      But because it&#180;s how I&#180;ve been handling my collection for ages, it&#180;s become more or less a habit for me to look out for patterns and fabrics and good deals on the dolls that I like rather than to buy ready-made outfits.
    20. well i find i ust spend a lot more money... i'm hoping to start saving for a body for the nanuri head or Elss head soon but right now i'm spending money on my mini, my SD and my brother's mini. El and Tony hasn't even arrived yet.

      I've already ordered them loads of stuff, each head gets a pair of eyes and wig except one cos i can't find one i like) and each doll gets boots, wigs and accessories. my Mini is also getting new stuff, despite he has loads already.

      So i dont reckon i neglect him really. Once i buy stuff i get stuff for all of them. (full dolls not heads) Tho i really want a body for my floating heads too... i wish my parents would help for my birthday but my dad has already just helped me pay for El, and i still need to pay him back... Ok time to work on my finances again.

      also my dolls wouldn't be getting many brought outfits. I would buy them stuff once i get the body for the floating heads and probably Yue or Jez home as well. But i find more enjoyment in making their clothes rather than buying. I'm getting better so hopefully more elaborate styles will come up! But for now, i buy, eyes, wigs, shoes and hats. the stuff i cannot make I do get each doll a full outfit before they arrive. to use for pattern bases and stuff.