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Feb 23, 2006

    1. I just wanted to know if anyone here has or want to have a D.I.M doll. I just ordered my R-ASIAM Special full set yesterday from ! He is coming on Tuesday of next week!! Boyyyyyy I am soo excited!! :aheartbea
      I think D.I.M boys are beautiful!! <3 O_0.. so anyone here have a D.I.M doll? If so, please post some pictures! I would love to see it! Is there anyone thinking of getting one perhaps?? <3

      *edit: He has been SHIPPED!! WOOT!
    2. Congrats on your new boy :) I have a DIM Danbi and I just love him.
    3. bwaha I have Danbi tooo XD only he is on an SD10 Volks body.
      I love hiiiiim <3
      Good luck with you DIM boy
      Dozens of pictures over at
      Or use my profile to find threads started by me ^-^
    4. Congrats on the purchase..hehe..I was 'cyberly' there with you when you've made the purchase~
    5. Yes indeedy, there's something about DIM dolls that really pulls at me ... very pensive faces. My Altair is DIM Persia with the Type A face-up. Sometimes he can seem such the little boy. At other times, the dreamer. And then, that tiny bit tough. But always, to me, he's stunning.

      Congratulations, and may he not keep you waiting too long. In my experience, DIM was incredibly gracious and prompt ... one of the nicest doll experiences I've had with a manufacturer. I have only one minor complaint, and that's that the joints aren't quite as nicely fitted as are those on Volks or Luts.

      Here's mine:


      And here he is with his soulmate, Isaura:

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    6. Oooohhhh congrats!

      I'm saving up for R-Asiam special... I think, though, he'll be gone before I can get him. Congrats on ordering yours, post pictures when he comes!
    7. I've had Danbi and Persia and sold them....
      Now I've got the first version of R Asiam and I love him!!!!

      I have ordered Eunbi, their sister, I can't wait to get her!

    8. Sin is an R-Asiam special -- I love him! :) I also got him from sunrise dolls. Janis is a dream to buy from so you don't have to worry about anything there.

      Here's Sin's most recent picture. He's wearing some of the default leather pieces from the set he came with over a sweater he recieved from the crafting swap. :)


      My absolute, only comment is that he's a bit loosely strung. I know other DIM owners had the same problem and it's nothing some restinging won't help. :)

      Congrats on your R-Asiam! You're gonna love him. :)
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    9. My Ambrose (R-Asiam) should be coming next week; I can't wait to get him!!!
    10. There's nothing quite like the anticipatory thrill of a new doll arriving to your very doorstep ... except maybe holding that doll for the first time ... and then there's the moment you really feel he or she or it is yours ... oh, and then there's the instant you feel certain you understand their thoughts ... and ... gawd help us! LOL

      You MUST remember to post piccies on this thread FIRST!!

      (vicariously drinking up the enthusiasm)
    11. my danbi was also very loosly strung and i had to re-string him. my only other complaint about him is the little movement in the hands. they dont move up or down and stay in the original position.
    12. i have never heard of these dolls before, but the boys are just precious! they have this brooding look on their faces. hehe
    13. I promise I'll post pics as soon as I get him!! I'm so looking forward to him; I've wanted him for a long time. He was the first boy doll I fell in love with!!
    14. Ooooo yeah ... I'm totally there!! I was smitten, love at first sight, and I couldn't stop thinking about him. Must have brought up his pictures a dozen times a day! Couldn't let go ... I was ridiculously obsessed (or possessed!). *_*

    15. I love the DIM dolls.... I have been looking at them and lusting. So last week I finally order Enubi, Danbi and Belita (just the unpainted heads at this stage) as Persia (who I REALLY wanted) was sold out. But last night I fell for the new guy and pre-ordered him.. I am so glad Janis has layaway options! Who knows when I will be able to save up for the bodies though. So I will be hanging out to get a Persia head and hell.. why not go the full set and get a R Asiam too!
    16. DIM dolls are absolutely lovely, I can't wait until I save up enough for Persia, he's one of my favourite favourite headmolds. All of the DIM dolls are gorgeous though. :) I love Belita as well. Maybe sometime in the future. ^_^
    17. I just got my R-Asiam (Ambrose) today!! He doesn't have his face-up yet, so I don't really have any pictures to post right now. But I love him soooooo much!!! I'm definitely going to have more D.I.M. dolls in the future.