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Feb 23, 2006

    1. @RockingHorseSoul, that's fine, Happies aren't as expensive. I need a boy body for Gayane, and so far all my DiMlings came as unassembled kits. :lol:
    2. Hi all, and sorry for my rusty english.
      But hey! I just ordered my first dim bjd! I thought that I had missed my change to get one, so I was super happy for this last order period. I did order a Bellosse half closed eyes head and the new body.

      Does anyone have any picks of the body? I just wonder how it poses, and I'm super bad at finding anything within this forum. *_*

      I'm kinda exited about this doll. She is my first female vampire character and finally I can put all the pinkish/clittery dollydreams together and do something over cute!:chibi
    3. Oh oh, I just got my Bellosse head delivered yesterday (from the August sale) and ordered the Love body kit assuming they would automatically fit....If they don't, I wonder if they will let me cancel the order?
    4. Why wouldn't it fit? Bellosse is a Love doll so I don't see why she wouldn't fit on the Love body.

      @Kymera Thanks for the info that helps! IpleWhite is a pale pink actually so sometimes white ain't white.
    5. The shape of the hole in the head and the neck are not the same. DiM updated the body, but apparently not the heads. it takes some sanding but shouldn't be any problems.
    6. @hannaliten Thanks. How bizarre and kinda lame. But at the price.....
    7. Why dont you just sand the neck? it would be more easy than finding some other body with good resin match. And there is the change that you would haveto sand some neck anyway, it would be a miracle to find a body with perfect neck randomly. :D
    8. And it seems like the neck is too thick for even the new heads... :D Just looked up some picks of it from Instagram.
    9. I'd be sooooo afraid of something like that....but.....I need to send her out for a face-up so maybe I can find someone who can also assemble and modify the body to the head. Thanks.
    10. Sanding is easy, you just need very smooth sand paper that works with water. Its slow to sand like that, but when you work slowly you wont make any mistakes. :)
    11. Does anyone know of any company that has bodies to match the old dim pink/normal skin tone? My flora eventually needs a body but unsure where to look to find one to match? Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me
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    12. Dollzone used to be a near perfect match. They recently changed their resin though, I'm not sure if it matches now. But, if you find an older body it should work.
    13. I just checked my e-mail and I got my shipping confirmation from DiM! I'm so happy! I ordered the Bellosse head (and another Happy head) and I cannot wait to get her. She was one of the first dolls I ever looked at and fell in love with. Also, I'm so glad to see so much love for this sculpt in this thread! :D

    14. Bellosse is one of my first SD-size dreamdolls too. Lets hope that yours get home fast so we can have more picks. :D
    15. A note on that one: getting an older DZ normal pink skin body is not the sollution: Dollzone had different normal pink skins, some where almost white, others pretty pink. Another thing to know: Dollzone yellows to a darker tone, while my DIMs have mellowed to an almost creme white tone... So an older DZ will probably not match that well.

      Normal pink skin from RS more or less match when new, but that one also yellows to a darker tone, but slowly, more slowly than my Dollzone dolls have.

      I am curious about the new Dollzone normal pink skin - how that matches. Not sure if it is out there yet, though?
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    16. Hi! Have you received your order confirmation? If so, how long did it take? I ordered my Benetia today and a Bellosse head to. But no order confirmation
    17. Congrats, hope they arrive soon! ^^ I've always been a fan of Bellosse too though I did fell in love with Marcellina even more when she was released so I'm super excited to finally get her. I also got my shipping notice on my Marcellina head, I definitely wasn't expecting it so soon, I only ordered 10 days ago! :O I'm still unsure which body to get her... Making hybrids is always so hard!
    18. @suruni Same! I need to go back through this thread and see what works best for them. I've been meaning to, actually. I was personally thinking Mirodoll, but the default bust size is too big for me. I'll look into it! lol
    19. No problem! Do you still have your Iplehouse White? I'd be interested to know how similar it is to the DIM pink, when you get your girl.