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Feb 23, 2006

    1. I have the head but sold the body. I can plop it on when I get the doll.
    2. I have Iple normal and it looks close to DiM pink in artificial light. I'll re-check in natural light for you tomorrow if you'd like :daisy
    3. I concur - Iplehouse normal is close to DiM pink. DiM pink is maybe a bit lighter (at least in artificial light), but both colors seem to have exactly the same amount of yellow/pink.

      I got my Lestia's head yesterday and I'm trying to figure out what body would fit - it's my first SD doll and I'm out of my depth (more than usual).
      Is there a chance that Dollstown 13yrs body would be a good choice? Does anyone have experience with that combination?
    4. I'm in the same boat - shopping for a body for my Lestia. I'm looking at bodies in the 62-65cm range. I tried her head on my Loongsoul 58cm girl body. It looks OK, but I think she could definitely pull off a larger body.


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    5. I bought a Gayanne head for my GSE body and love it but I recently tried her on my DZ boy body and now I love her as a boy! So I ordered two happy Annabeth heads - one for my GSE body and one for another DZ boy body that I have. I want to have boy/girl fraternal Twins. I just hope Annabeth fits the GSE.

      Does anyone know if sweet ARIA will fit a SD body? Thanks.

      I tried my Love Leonora head on my Aimerai body and the fit is excellent but the resin of the body has a yellow cast to it. It's not bad enough to be really objectionable but it is noticeable. I'd probably have Leonora wear scarves or clothing with high collars.

      I used to have a dollstown 13 yo body and I believe that Leonora would fit the body. Her head is on the large size and way too big for the Dollzone Minas body. But, to be honest, I didn't like how the dollstown body looked. It felt thick compared to my other SDs and it wasn't great at posing. I wonder how the girls 17 yo body is? But then I tend to like dolls that have a willowy, dancer like appearance..
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    6. I picked up my Marcellina head from the post office today! :D She's perfect! I think her head might be a little bigger than any of my other SD girl head. She doesn't have a body yet but I'll be sure to post pics in this thread at some point when she is ready to be introduced. ^_^
    7. Congrats on all these new arrivals!

      @Pony , I had an Aria on a Dollstown 5 years body and the proportions were great. I did have to use a dremmel and widen her neck hole extensively though. Pic--> (body is fresh skin)

      Lestia does kind of have a huge head. Mine is on the Mirodoll 70cm girl body, so she would probably be in proportion with the dollstown 17/18 years bodies.
    8. Thank you for the photos of your dolls! Lestia is such a lovely sculpt, I'm so glad I got her!

      For some time I've been seriously considering purchasing Only-Doll bigger SD body for her. Judging by the measurements and company photos - it's not overly slim nor sturdy and with 66 cm of height it should balance her supposedly big head. Also, if really OD/AOD/DL all have similar/same resin, the color match is within an acceptable range. Now though, I'm not so sure (the lack of owner photos doesn't help) and maybe I need to research more and consider different options.

      @Pony @Cydril

      Soo... now that I know that 17yrs body exists (I have nothing in my defence!) and is available, I'm moving it to the top 3 of my list. Actually, just judging by the photos, it's much closer to what I envisioned than the 13yrs body anyway. Thanks!
    9. I haven't seen a dollstown 17/18 yr old body in person but I really like the pictures of it and might consider it for my Leonora. I'd like to follow your progress in finding a body for your Lestia, Anemeijereja!

      Here's a link to a montage that I made of several different sculpts on my Dollstown 13 body. The first head is the Dollstown Ariel. All of the heads are rather large like Leonora. I thought you might like to see how the body looks!

      Nightingale by Ada.Dan
    10. @Pony , that's actually very helpful! I think I know what you mean - the whole silhuette appears pretty short (not very defined waist etc.) and might not be the best choice for a big head. So far I like 17yrs one the most, because others look like belonging to someone who could do me physical harm!

      No matter what I decide, I'll try to take photos of the final result. This hybridization business is more difficult than I expected!
    11. I'm glad it helped. I'd love to see pictures of a DiM sculpt on a dollstown 17/18 yo body both male and female! Good luck with your search.
    12. I got my DiM order a couple of days ago, but I've been so busy with school and preparing for finals that I haven't had time to come through this thread and mention it! The Bellosse sculpt is more stunning in person! I really love her. She's got such a huge head so I'm glad to see body comparisons with some of their other girls because I was hoping it wouldn't look to out of proportion! lol

      Also, as I was looking at her headcap, I noticed the writing on the inside. Since I can kinda read Korean, I noticed that the head piece said Bellosse and the neck piece said Kassia. I'm not sure if this is normal since they're about the same sculpt, but I thought it was interesting to note since my Bellosse has a little bit of gapping between the head piece and the neck piece. Does anyone else have this issue? I'll probably just go ahead and sand away some of the resin in her head piece by the ear since I think that might fix it. :)

    13. @ARoseForMary I have both Bellosse and Kassia and their head backs are not identical so I have to keep them apart.
    14. Uh-oh! That doesn't look right.
    15. ARoseForMary my Bellosse's headback fits flush without any gapping. I'm sure DIM will send you the correct one if you let them know.

      Here is my Bellosse with her final brown wig:
      I love Bellosse so much as a brunette^^. I can't seem to get her out of this SD13 outfit, the underdress is too small across the back, but you can't see that it doesn't do up so not a problem. Has anyone else tried different clothing sizes for the Love body? I am thinking SD16 might work?
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    16. My 2 girls are on the Love body and they wear sd16 clothes.
    17. Thank you hannaliten that's great to know :) !
    18. I'm leaning towards the Xagadoll 65cm or Asleep Eidolon 60 or 65cm bodies. the other option I'm considering is the Impldoll 64cm girl body, since IIRC, they do free color matching on the larger bodies.
    19. Saba, your Bellosse is lovely and her outfit is so feminine and pretty.

      Thank you, Kymera and Anemeijereja, for the insight into what you are condisering for your larger heads. I'd like to find a whimsical body for my Leonora. I wanted to order Lestia during this last DiM sale but I can't swing another large body so I'd love to see pictures of her.

      ARoseForMary just did a trade with me for her Azeleia. (Thank you so much!) Azeleia fits my DZ body beautifully and looks good next to my Hamish!
    20. [​IMG]

      Someone just arrived. Now I need stringing help...eyes....etc...