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Feb 23, 2006

    1. So sweet!
    2. Thank you @Pony, she's a real girly girl ;)

      @dollhausen that's a lovely face up, congrats on your new arrival^^. Have you decided which body you will use?
    3. @Saba I got the DiM body:


      But I've never strung a doll so I'm going to have to get help with that.....
    4. @dollhausen that's the body kit I got too. I strung mine, so if you have any probs I'd be glad to help :) I found her pretty standard to string, just those looong legs got a bit unwieldy at times. Good luck!
    5. Just received my kit too! I tried to string her and... is it normal she only comes with 3 hooks? *_*
    6. mine came with 3 too. the elastic does go through the open loop at the feet - I needed to make it thinner by pulling it taut though. might be easier to just add a hook.
    7. Does anyone know if the love body is similar in style to the Msd GSE Body?
    8. What @ATYL said. As long as you pull the elastic tight you should be able to get the feet on. Another pair of helper hands come in useful ;)
    9. Hi everyone, I just received my last order from DIM. Everything was there and it arrived safely, but I was sad because DiM is not available now. Does anyone know where their wonderful artist who did the sculpts is going or what she may be up to? Thanks!
    10. @Pony I've heard speculation on DoA from someone who said they know the sculptor that they were going to focus on some other project, not the dolls. There was no documentation of the information from the actual sculptor, so take it with a grain of salt, but it's probably best to assume that this could be the end of Doll in Mind for a while. Of course, it's nice to be wrong.

      So, lots of us ordered from the recent sales events, right? I would love to see what everyone's done with their dolls! I was pretty annoyed with the Love Body for a while, but I took it apart and tried to modify joint shapes so she could sit up better and surprisingly, even though I extended the elastic channels in the thigh and modified the hip socket shape I'm not really sure it made much difference for better or worse! Maybe a little better. :XD: Eh, I'll leave my girl this way for now and enjoy her for what she is.

      But in other news, today I finally got a body for my ancient Doll in Mind Lloyd head. I'm so happy with the way she looks on this XM body!

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    11. Ah, she looks great on that body! ^3^

      And now I'm scrambling to get an AprilStory body for my ancient Rain head before *that* gets discontinued.=u=;;; It never stops. does it?
    12. Never. Ever.
      I think I just found Marcellina a brother ... but a bunch of others from my "someday" list are about to be discontinued so wrench in the plans again. :sigh

      This is how my "big girls" look like right now ... both still need work (Lestia needs violet eyebrows and lashes! Where can I even get that?") but they're coming along.
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    13. @Jany Well, I've seen violet eyelashes at For my Doll, Dollmore, Denver Doll Emporium, and maybe a few other places I can't remember. I hope that's helpful!
      It's nice to see your big girls together. Like you I have one of the big headed ones and one of the small headed ones at home. In that way I think they hardly look like dolls from the same company. :XD:

      @Osaka It's so frustrating having to pick and choose between things being discontinued (or otherwise limited) Rain is so lovely though, and I hope they can get their body! Are you planning a girl or a boy?
    14. Thank you for the suggestions! I may have found something at Think Pink :D

      Fun thing is, their heads aren't even that different in size, it's mostly the shape:
      Lestia's beanie helps camouflage her big noggin, while Marcellina's stopgap of a wig came out a bit short in front so it emphasizes how small her face is compared to the whole head. But you're right, they don't have as much of a "family resemblance" as, say, Iples or Granados.
    15. Woah @Jany -- that's an impressive illusion! Now I should take a picture of my two, because they actually are vastly different sizes (almost 10 inch and barely 8 inch). I think it's actually nice to see diversity in a company. Sometimes I feel companies are a little too consistent and the look just feels stale. Especially when you consider the long time Doll in Mind was in business, it's only normal to see an evolution of style.
    16. Absolutely. I really hope they keep up the diversity. :aheartbea

      10 and 8 inch sounds like a crazy difference!
    17. I'm still waiting for a body for my Marcellina head but definitely show her here when she's complete! I'm always unsure about my hybrid experiments... I still need eyes and a wig for her too but her background story and personality has been on my mind even before I ordered her so she's definitely a strong character among my dolls.
    18. @AlisonVonderland -- I'm just lucky to not be in love with any spring events this year! I got my Rain head from the limited fullset (oh wow has it really been ten years?!) ages ago, with the "real" extra head, and I knew from the start she was going to be a girl. Right now she's the oldest head in the head box, still with her default faceup. I want the NS13 girl body for her, and she's going to be Ayumu Kasuga (aka Osaka) from Azumanga Daioh. ^-^ It's been so hard to find the right match of resin color, height, and neck thickness, and now that I have found a perfect match, it's almost too late.
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    19. AlisonVonderland, I think sharing our latest dim sculpts is a great idea. I'm waiting for my DZ snow body to come in. I hope it will fit my Hamish. I'll be sure to post photos when it arrives. Until then I will absolutely enjoy seeing ev Rhine elses dolls like your Lloyd and Jany's Marcellina and Lestia. I need a body for my Leonora and now I'd like to get a love body for her. The search begins!
    20. @Pony I feel like Hamish must be really uncommon. At least, I noticed when he was first added to the website with Leif but I feel like he sold out really quickly. I hope your incoming Dollzone body works out!

      I need to make a black shirt for my Anneliese to wear with the cool gothic pixie kind of skirt I just made her and then maybe I'll have a new picture to contribute. :kitty2 I have that terrible lukewarm feeling about Anneliese, and wonder if I would have been happier with someone else, but I'm not giving up on her yet! That sale event was brutal. I felt like I was just choosing at random because there were so many sculpts I found equally appealing.

      That's awesome @Osaka :D It's great to have finally found the right body! I hope you're able to snatch it up before it's gone.

      @suruni Well, the company specific discussion threads are usually a great place to ask others about your hybrid ideas. Everyone is usually really happy to offer first hand advice about resin colors and proportions if they are able. When I'm beginning to feel frazzled I always ask others for advice. :XD: Marcellina is so lovely. I can't wait to see her!