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Feb 23, 2006

    1. Your girls look really great. What body is your Lestia on?
    2. Thank you! :D Lestia is on the "latest" Love body. They said it wouldn't fit and neck mobility could be better (her head likes to snap around a lot), but proportions are great. I'm still contemplating sanding the neck a bit for a better fit.
    3. Thanks!

      Oof... now I really wish I'd gotten a body kit during the sale. I've been searching for a body close to those proportions, and there aren't very many options. The best one I've found is the April Story 60cm body, even though the color wouldn't match.
    4. Aw, that's too bad! You're right, AprilStory is on the yellowish side while DiM (when new) is very pink. Maybe (if you don't mind a slight mismatch) you could blush the head to match better?
    5. I've just been tweaking my girl's Love kit body that I put together a while back- I tightened up her stringing, hot glued those little ankle pieces into place, and put some kips in her wrists, which has increased their posability a lot. I also sanded her *ahem* headlights off (!) as they kept snagging on clothing, they were that pointy! Took maybe a mm off their overall size too, her resin was very soft when wet, it was pretty easy to do. If anyone wants before and after pics I can add links, just let me know.
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    6. For those who might still be searching for a body I took a picture of my Anneliese head on the XM body I just received from Mirodoll because the resin match and neck fit is very good. The colors are almost the same but the head is a smidge lighter and pinker, hard to see it though. (Whereas with the really old DIM head I have the head is a little more yellow than the body). It's thinner and shorter than the Love body and definitely poses better. Just thought I'd share since it's a good inexpensive option. :kitty2

      I'm repainting my Anneliese now. I'm having such a hard time with this head. At some point I realized that her features look (to me) exactly like a newborn baby head . . . on an adult body. :barf I wish I had never seen it because now I can't un-see it. :XD:
    7. @Saba I'm interested in seeing before and after pictures. :kitty2
    8. @Jany - Yeah, I'll probably have to blush-match. Either that or go up to a slightly larger body.

      @AlisonVonderland - Thanks for the pics! The proportions are really great.
    9. Edit: (Sorry, links are gone.)

      I find her so much easier to dress not having to worry about her *assets* damaging fragile clothing! Hope this is helpful.
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    10. Thank you, @Saba
      Looks great and seems like good improvements. :thumbup
    11. [​IMG]Queen Myr by suruni, on Flickr

      This is my Marcellina, named Myr.
      She's on Resinsoul 60cm girl body. I'm so in love with her! :D Can't wait to start sewing for her! Now she's only borrowing clothes from my other girls and that's not okay for a vampire queen like her... She's such an inspiring character and doll for me! ^^
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    12. @suruni I love the colour palette you have chosen for Myr, she looks very cool and supernatural. I hope you share your sewing creations here also. I put Ottilie on an SD10 body for the moment, she is now much younger! The resin match is not great, but it bothers me less than I thought it would:
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    13. Hi guys, I just purchased a DIM Kassia head (love) and I am unsure what body to give her. Does anyone know any good bodies that work with this head? :)
    14. Hi! I own 3 Love girls Bellosse

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    15. So, my Rain head finally has a body after 10+ years of hanging out in the Head Box. Wow! Better yet, some of the clothes I had on hand fit her.

      So Ayumu went outside for pictures today. (There's a weird reflection on her poor little face. Sorry, sweetie!)

      She's on an April Story body, but she's such an older head that the resin match is really close. I'm just so happy with how she's finally come together!! ^-^
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    16. I have no idea what happened to DIM doll.
      It can't find some early profiles of love dolls from official website.
      Does anyone has backup about them?
    17. DIM has stopped all production of their sculpts and don't plan on making them again. Their last selling period was in November of 2016. They said they may make new sculpts in the future but it all seems a little up in the air. I didn't know they were stopping production until it was too late and missed out on the Bellosse I've always wanted.
    18. Actually they have started producing again. A new Happy sized head has shown up on their website last week (msd sized). So hopefully there will be SD girls again too in the future.
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    19. What?! Oh @Cyador you just made my day! Yes I hope they bring back the Love girls too, and have a sculpt I might love as much as Bellosse :)
    20. I hope they stick to their style .... it's what made them special. I could have bought four or five more MSD and a couple more SD heads had they not been gone by the time I'd scraped up the money. :sigh