Doll In Mind - LOVE - Discussion

Feb 23, 2006

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    1. I agree, Jany. The new sculpt has a different aesthetic. It made me wonder if they have a new artist. Does anyone know?

      Oooo, your Flora is beautiful, Vitarja! And Marisabella, I love your triplets so much.
    2. I love all the DIM girl sculpts they are so beautiful! Flora is my absolute favorite! This is my Flora head on an Angel Of Dream Body![​IMG]
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    3. So nice to see her, @TwilightBabyDoll ))))
      I have a photo of mine too ) with Arno )
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    4. She is so beautiful! What a beautiful couple! I've seen your pictures on flickr and I absolutely love all of them!
    5. How's everybody doing? I made a new dress for my Doll in Mind Lloyd (on Loongsoul 68cm woman body) and wanted to stop by and share her.

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    6. @AlisonVonderland , she looks gorgeous on that body! And what a cute dress!

      @Vitarja , they are lovely together. Those outfits are great :)

      I havent taken any new photos of my DiM girls in forever, but heres an old one to celebrate this cold weather.
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    7. Thanks @Cydril -- And that's a lovely photo of your girl! :D
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    8. @Cyril - I still love them!
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    9. [​IMG]

      Dropping in with a new pic of my Arno - still one of my favourite boys :aheartbea
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    10. Hi, hi,.
      does dim still make custom heads? and were might I find the dim site?
      thank you
    11. I don't think they make custom heads anymore, but I could be wrong. I think you can ask them. If you just google Doll In Mind and then click on D.I.M Doll you should be able to get on the DIM site.
    12. Thank you so much
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    13. Hello everyone! I thought I would join the discussion with my Anneliese on a crobidoll body. Her name is McKinley.

      @solitary agent your Arno is so charming. And that is a really nice photo XD
      @Cydril your girl is adorable. Did you make those clothes? They suit her well.
      @AlisonVonderland I haven't seen that hybrid before. The resin match is awesome :o

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    14. @KiwiNinamori , Thank you! And yes I made them^^

      McKinleys faceup is so amazing!
    15. I'm so glad your Anneliese works on the Crobidoll body! My Lestia wouldn't... Her headback would launch her faceplate across the room on that body :(

      After a long time of being bodiless, my Lestia Emma got an Ariadoll body and I took her outside for a shoot <3

      [​IMG]Emma in the woods by Evelien, on Flickr
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    16. @Cydril thank you very much! The faceup was done by S.t Victori (Hortus Conclusus here on DOA)
      @Evelien I had that problem before. But I hot glue sued ed her and she has a wig with a tight elastic so it keeps her in place.
    17. @Evelien - I know that problem with every Love sculpt I have - green eyeputty also solves this :)
    18. I just ordered a Kassia head, I'm SO excited! Does anyone have an updated list on resins/bodies that match/fit well?
    19. @Schrei Do you want her tall or on the small side?