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Feb 23, 2006

    1. @Cyador Taller ideally! 61-65cm is where the rest of my crew are.
    2. Hi everybody!

      @Schrei congrats on getting her! I hope you'll find her a lovely body :-)

      I had a lot of fun reading through this thread, and I ordered a Bellosse head last week so I'm super exited to see how amazing these dolls are for myself. But I'm also trying to figure out what body I want for her, and even though there are a few I'm considering, choosing the right body is really hard!
      I really love the 2d doll body with the extreme hips, but I'm not sure if she will look too small next to my 66cm boy. On the other hand, she has a really cute face so I have a feeling that it might actually add to her beauty if she is that small.
      The dollzone body is also really pretty and I've read that there are other people who have tried this hybrid before (I haven't seen any pictures though.
      Guu doll has a fairly inexpensive sd girl body and I think the measurements might be alright as well, so that's another one I'm considering.
      I kinda like the maskcatdoll body as well but I would love a very slim waist so it won't look weird if I put her in corsets. (But then again, if it's possible with a certain body I would be alright with making a corset waist so I can switch that around with the original lower torso piece)
      Then there are the luts delf body and the type 2/3 senior delf girl body that I really like...

      I really don't know what to go for, so if there are other hybrids that might work or if someone knows which of these bodies I already have on my list might work (or might be a horrible choice) please let me know! Choosing is not really one of my strongest points.
    3. The last LOVE body is 62 cm and wears I think sd16 sized clothes? It may need a little modding for the body is somewhat 'clumsy'. But I love the lines of it.
      If you can find an old Dollzone 65 girl body - may be a nice fit. Or maybe an impldoll body? There are different ones over 60 cm and under 300 dollars. Don't know what colour you should get from them though.
    4. Here is my Marcellina:

      [​IMG]blue queen by suruni, on Flickr

      She's on a Resinsoul 60cm body in NS. The resin match is really good! I've blushed both the head and the body in greyish tones so she looks a bit paler this way.
      I think the body feels really tall compared to my other SD girls who are all under 60cm.
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    5. She is beautiful! Did you get the normal pink skin for the Resinsoul body? Also does the body fit well with the head? I've been trying to find another body for my Flora.
    6. The resinsoul body is NS. I think the fit is good. I've placed a small piece of plastic wrap between her head and neck to allow the head to tilt in certain poses instead of bobbing back all the time but I don't think it's and issue with just this body, I use this method with some of my other sd girls too.
      I found a photo of my marcellina before I blushed the body and the head (warning for resin boob showing):


      The head is only slightly pinkier than the body. If "normal skin" was always this pale I wouldn't have such a negative attitude towards it! xD
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    7. CorpseofBeauty, DIM resin is so pink, you might have trouble matching Luts. My Luts dolls are kind of older, but they all faded to ivory pretty quickly and don't match my DIM resin at all.
    8. @suruni Wow, she looks stunning!! What a natural beauty, the wig suits her really well, too! And I never thought Resinsoul could work so well with their slim shoulders, but it turns out to be such a lovely hybrid. She looks so elegant. <3

      @thessalyrose Thank you so much for the heads up! I have a head with yellow undertones on a pinker body and every time I give him a new face-up it's a pain to accurately blush the head to match the body because of that. It's such a subtle difference when you see him... but those can sometimes need the heaviest blushing! I think I'll keep luts as an "if all else fails" in that case, thanks for your help. :-)
    9. Waking up this thread a bit since I want to share a new picture of my vampire queen:
      [​IMG]14mm strawberry shortcake by suruni, on Flickr

      I'm so glad I finally found the perfect eyes for her, no more black eye holes in photos!
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    10. I love your color choices!
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    12. I know. I never got to own a Love-sized one. I hope the sculptor(s) turn up elsewhere.
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    13. WOW! I return back to the hobby, only to find out that DIM's closing down! :atremblinHow sad is that!

      I have a few custom sculpts from them from back in the day, and I have to admit, I love them, but they don't all have bodies yet.

      Good luck and good bye, DIM! <3

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    14. would any of you happen to know marcellina’s name in korean? im running a group order through DiM’s site and insta to try and get her available, and it’d be useful in getting attention and tracking progress, as there are a lot of Q&A’s in korean and i cant tell if any are requests for her or not.
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    16. My Bellosse is on a Volks SD body which is a great match proportion-wise, her neck measures 9 cms which is what your MYou link says that body has also- not sure if Kassia has the same size head/neck attachment dimensions? Volks resin is quite yellow compared to the DIM pinkish NS, so the MYou Pink might be your best match :)

      Edit: here is a link to her on the Volks body: Younger Bellosse
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    17. I have a hybrid Love doll, a Alucard from Hellsing MNM. He's on a 2014 Mirodoll 68cm boy body, currently. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep him on this body.

      Alucard from Hellsing
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      I also have a Gravitation: Yuki Eiri head on a Spiritdoll Proud version 2 body. I think only one pic can be posted in a Discussion thread, but if you want me to, I can put it in a different post.

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    18. Thankyou for your answer. Your belosse is stunning.
      I´m really confused regarding skin tones, some people say pink other normal for the myou body.

      kassia have a head size of 22.8cm, but don´t know about her neck
    19. I want to say Bellosse and Kassia have the same neck size. Mine are both modded, but I think they originally did.
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