Doll In Mind - LOVE - Discussion

Feb 23, 2006

    1. @karasu_l'elfe That first picture is so stunning they should use it to sell that body. I think I faved it on Flickr a long time ago. You mean the NB56-001, though.
    2. Did you have to modded the head of Marcelina? I tried my kassia in a MSD body, 7 cm neck and the head just dind´t enter, so I don´t know what I´m going to do with the MYOU 1/3 body I order that have a 9 cm neck
    3. It's strange :huh?: yet I didn't make any changes and I had no problem ...
    4. @deathdoll some of the DIM heads sit quite high on the company’s own Love body (my Bellosse did) so I wouldn’t worry too much until you have the body in hand and try them together.
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    5. Pity this thread is so.... inactive, but I wanted to share my DiM Bellosse who I have had since about end of May this year. I had trouble bonding with her on the Love body, so yesterday I put her on my Telesthesia Doll 60cm girl body, and I love the combo!

      A quick pic of Celine!
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    6. What a cool looking doll! :3nodding:

      I should post a pic of one of my DIMs, but they're all custom heads.

    7. @karasu_l'elfe I really like supia doll body, which skintone is your hybrid?