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DOLL REC'D-prob transaction with Cricket

May 17, 2007

    1. (please read my last post for the newest details 5/21/07)


      I purchased a 60cm Lishe/pair of shoes for $650.00 from DoA member Cricket on the first of this month-i was bothered by the fact that as soon as i bought her, Cricket took the entire thread down from the Marketplace-someone may remember this Lishe because at first, Cricket only wanted to trade her for another doll, then after awhile, offered her for sale. This Lishe had an extremely pretty Luts default faceup which several people commented on-i will post a picture shortly, on the off chance someone will remember.

      I have been given multiple ship dates that never occured, oddly enough she PM's me to give me these shipping dates when i PM her first & ask, so i can't say she doesn't contact me, but it is just with non truthful information.

      The last i heard from Cricket was Lishe had been given to her Dad to mail to me Monday May 7th, but when she went to his house on the weekend (May 12/13), Lishe was still there in her box on his couch, not mailed, & that she was mailed out this past Monday (May 14th). I have no proof she was mailed (picture or scan of receipt/delivery confirmation number). Priority Mail would have gotten her to me by now. Since there's been so many promised shipping dates that didn't occur, i'm afraid that i felt it necessary to post here in case anyone else was going to send her money for the other items she had for sale with Lishe, that i didn't buy-there was also a Luts Flu dress set & a blonde wig.

      I don't believe Cricket has any problems that are keeping her from sending the doll, since she has been able to PM me & say she was going to be mailed all these times. I have filed a complaint with Paypal, & am going to do what i have to do until i get my money back or the doll.

      photo of doll:

      Upon further investigation, according to DoA this could be considered grand larcney, a felony. I hope i don't have to pursue it that way, but if i have to, i will.


      Thanks for listening,

    2. I've actually had a previous transaction with Cricket before. I bought a DoC limited leather outfit from her. It so happened, that I had forgotten about it for a couple of months after ordering it. I remembered about... 5 months later. I pmed her and asked for: 1- my money back or 2- the clothing.

      I ended up receiving the clothing in the end. She DID end up sending it, but goodness knows why it took THAT long. I was mad, but the outfit did end up coming.... I hope your head comes though. And I do HOPE it doesn't take as long as that DoC outfit. o_O

      My best suggestion would probably be: keep bugging her until something happens. I couldn't file a paypal dispute at the time, but good thing it ended up turning out okay in the end.

      I really wouldn't suggest shopping with Cricket, buying or selling. Too much trouble and you never know if you might get your product or not.
    3. Thanks so much for your reply-it really means a lot to me that someone knows something about this person. I'm sorry you went through this, & glad you got your outfit. I actually purchased a whole Lishe doll & a pair of shoes-$650.00. I am in the process of researching her name to see exactly where she lives so i can contact the Police in her city-she is ignoring both me & Paypal-i think she thinks this will just go away. I've found her facebook & Live Journal, so as long as it takes or no matter what i have to do, i'm going to either get my money or the doll-even if i have to go to California.
    4. As far as I can tell, she is somewhere in CA. Ah, I don't think I have the envelope anymore to tell you where she came from. I want to say SF or some such, but again, CA is a big state.

      Well, any reasoning now why she would do this would just be pure speculation. However, I do wish you the best of luck. Just keep trying and hopefully someone will know something else about 'Cricket'.

      I will look around some for the envelope, but I wouldn't get my hopes up on it. It was from last year Oct/Nov.
    5. Thanks-i do know that she is in East Bay, Ca. I also found her facebook online, & i do know her full name-it is Ashley Siemon-if that isn't ok to post, i am so sorry & please delete this portion. I believe she is in high school at Los Lomas, in Walnut Creek CA. If ANYONE can help-is close to that area, knows her personally, that would be great. I have always wanted to see California, but not like this.

      I've been advised if i do pursue a lawsuit, Paypal will give me all of her information so that she can be served. I just hope it doesn't have to come to that, but if it does, i'll be able to sue for my travel expenses, too.
    6. Just an update-i decided to message some of her friends on her facebook (they all attend the same high school) & have also received help in obtaining her address & phone number. I've been promised yet another ship date that supposedly took place last Thursday, & i am thinking the doll was sent parcel post from CA to me in MI, since the time estimate was 8-10 days (if it was really sent-i have no proof still). Paypal will decide on the 24th what they are going to do, that will be the 10th day with no contact from the Seller, unless she decides to contact Paypal between now & then. But that may mean nothing. At least if i have to go ahead & take this a step further, i have correct contact information...
    7. The doll actually arrived today,the Thursday ship date was finally the truth & i am so glad to be able to just put this behind me. Thanks everyone for your support & concern. This has taught me a lesson, to be much more careful & check for feedback before i let a pretty doll get the better of me ;-)

    8. I am happy that everything became clear and the Lishe is with you :)
    9. I wanted to add that upon inspection of the doll, because she was just thrown into a large box with 20 packing peanuts & tied with ribbon at the neck & lower legs to 2 pillows, a HUGE chunk of resin broke off her her neck in transit-it is fixable, & i'm just going to let it go because i am just glad this is overwith.
    10. I doubt I would just let it got. You can change the paypal dispute to damaged I believe. I would ask for a partial refund since the damage would devalue the doll. Glad everything else worked out. I'm sure that Lishe is glad to be home.
    11. I am glad that this worked out for you----and this is yet another example of why the marketplace should be limited to those 18 and over. In the US, a minor cannot be held to a contract unless they have a parent or guardian co sign it----going to court is USELESS. I would definitely pursue a damage claim with Paypal.

      Moderators, if you are reading this, I strongly recommend that you put some kind of policy in place to protect buyers and sellers on the board from dealing with minors, either some kind of money limitation, or heaven help us, a note from mom or dad! So often I read these kinds of horror stories and find that it's a bunch of high school girls who don't even have cars ripping folks off or just using shamefully shoddy business practices. Bad enough that there are adults scamming.
    12. Noirdoll, I'm so sorry for your transaction. I hope you can get it worked out satisfactorily (wow, did I spell that right? *_* )

      Hibiscus -I'm sorry but there is no reasonable way for us to be able to even tell if someone is ACTUALLY 18. As we've said, using DoA's marketplace is a priv, and it's up to you to protect yourself. We do what we can, but we cannot reasonably police member's age. If you are concerned of this, I guess you can ask people you transact with what age they are, and ask for verification?

      Adults can be just as bad as kids too, and I think most of the serious scams we've had over the past year have all been far over 18.

      Remember, we're not ebay. We don't get paid a percentage of your transactions (and thus have time to spend policing things). It's your responsibility to protect yourself. I'd like to be able to make sure everyone is perfectly safe and nothing bad ever happens, but even if we had the time, there's no way we could protect everyone from bad people. :(
    13. I think it was stated not that under 18s are immature and shouldn't be allowed to sell/buy, but if you are scammed by a minor you will not be able to file a police report. Yes alot of over 18s are scammers too but at least they can be in trouble if they do so and people can take legal action.

      I'm not saying you should Police the Marketplace, as it does seem impossible to check peoples' age, but I was just explaining what Hibiscus meant. ^^
    14. That doesn't mean that they can just take and keep your money. For a hypothetical example, if this case had been that the seller just decided they wanted to keep the doll, they would not have had to ship it, but they would have had to give the money back. And you could go to court for that.