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Dollfie Dreamland eZine call for Submissions!

Apr 10, 2006

    1. Hey, hey! As most of you know, we're working on the new eZine, Dollfie Dreamland, and I've been given the task of collecting photo submissions for the gallery^^.

      Content is pretty much anything goes, the only thing I don't want is graphic violent/sexual depictions or full frontal nudies. As long as your doll falls within the general realm of customization, it's good to go! (ie: from 1/6th all the way up to 1/3rd and beyond, plastic, vinyl, resin it's all good)

      You'll be credited, of course, and linked to the website/journal/email of your choice. So! If you've got some photos that you'd like to submit for our gallery in the premiere issue, please email all submissions to submissions@dollfiedreamland.com!

      Here's a little info about us quoted from the online store profile:

      While the term "Dollfie" typically denotes dolls made by Volks specifically, we feel that the term has grown to encompass an entire genre of dolls; the asian ball jointed doll genre. We are doll and figure enthusiasts and the members of our forums are hobbyists, collectors, and artists as well. We hope that you'll join our growing family and contribute as well as gain knowledge, enthusiasm, and motivation.

      Thanks so much for all your help!

      <3 Bev