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Dollfiedesign/Taliasen1238 scammer on eBay.

Feb 22, 2006

    1. Not sure if this is a REALLY bad transaction, but here goes....


      On 27th January I bought an 'OOAK White Alice Dress-fits MSD' for my DOC Bee-A. The dress is hand-made by the seller, in photographs it looks quite cute. (photographs are a bit amateurish, but clear enough) The seller is 'Dollfiedesign' on eBay.
      I paid the same day as I won the auction, as is my usual custom. I like good feedback from sellers and buyers, and prompt payment makes everyone happy!
      Two weeks later, I notice it still hasnt arrived. I check back, and delivery is in fact promised in 2-3 days, the postage was quite high so I assumed it was either well-packed, first class, or recorded delivery. I had been expecting it to take maybe up to six days, as it was the weekend and all....

      I e-mailed the seller to ask where the item was.
      The reply was 'Sorry-It must have gotten lost in the post. Ill go check with the Post Office. If it is lost, I will make you a new one-it will be slightly different to the one in the picture, tho...'
      As its OOAk, I can understand this. Saying she is going to check with the PO makes me think that it IS recorded delivery, as there's no way to track a normal parcel which isnt numbered or labelled as a trackable item!:x

      Ten days ago I e-mailed her saying I still did not have the item, and was going to have to open a dispute with Paypal (I told her it would ne in Ten days time, to give her a chance to respond) as I don't want to have paid for something I have not recieved. I remained polite, saying if it was for personal problems I understand eg sewing machine broke down or something.
      I said I wouldnt flame her, or give her negative feedback, and hopefully we could resolve the issue like mature adults.
      The Paypal claim was so I could legitimately claim my money back if she told me she couldn't make the item. At this point I was wondering if I could trust her to sinply refund my £7.....
      I made the claim today. Hopefully it should provoke some sort of response form her as e-mails havn't worked....no answer to the last two I sent, only the enquiry.

      Its been nearly a month and I have heard nothing from her. If the roles were reversed, I would be doing everything I could to keep the buyer on my side-constant progress e-mails, offering Recorded Delivery (which I give anyway) etc, or offering a different item as compensation. I intend to sell my own dolls on eBay as a sort of small business, and negative feedback would not help me out in that department!
      So far...nothing.
      I get the horrid feeling she was a bit pissed her item didn't sell for any higher than the starting price (I was the only person who bid) and is waiting until she can get a higher bid for it. Maybe she's sold it already...I don't know.

      I hope she isnt assuming i'll forget it ever happened and can keep my £7..its not much, but its MY money. Unless I get the item I bought, its still my money, and I want it back.
      Sod the dress, Ive been mucked around for too long... :x ...its made me really question some eBay sellers...from now on Ill only deal through stores and reccommended DOA seller's here.

      *edit: this is not DOA member DollfieDreams. This girl lives in derbyshire, whereas DollfieDreams of DOA lives in the US. Please don't confuse the two! DollfieDreams has a stellar reputation she would like to remain intact!*
    2. *sigh*

      No answer to any of my e-mails. The bitch has gone silent on me....
      There's always that freak chance she was hit by a truck on her way to buy fabric for the replacement dress....but its a slim chance.
      If she ignores the e-mail Paypal sent her, they decide in my favour and proceed to suck my £7 back out of her account.

      If she's ignoring the e-mails, its a lazy way to give a refund. If she'd sent me my money back she'd have positive/neutral feedback! If she refuses to comply Im going to leave my honest opinion (ie....NEGATIVE) and watch as her feedback suddenly becomes Private....grrrr!

      (Bee-A will be furious too along with me when she finds out she hasn't got that pretty white dress.....dolly angst, arrrrgh!)

      *edit: this is not the DOA member DollfieDreams. This is an eBay UK seller called Dollfiedreams*
    3. Sorry to hear about your situation. You would think she would at least be answering your emails. Sounds fishy but you never know for sure. Good luck with your refund.
    4. In the same boat myself. Maybe something happened, but I don't know!
    5. Grrr-Paypal gave her a window of 10 days to contest the retreival...she contacted them back at the 11th hour, nine days leter.
      I don't think she has much experience with Paypal's retreival methods...it doesnt mean the claim is stopped and I can kiss goodbye to my money.

      She STILL hasn't e-mailed me about this and is ignoring my e-mails to her, and all I have is what she told paypal:

      Under 'Tracking Company' she's put 'First Class' (? Its Royal Mail, honey...) and hasnt put a tracking number. She did NOT post it recorded delivery and has not followed through on her promise to send a replacement.

      Paypal hasnt let it go-I have three days to cancel the claim in, otherwise they will investigate further (pretty routine) and Im certainly not cancelling it...I don't think she is aware of this. She must think she's foxed me and I can't do anything about it now she's told Paypal she posted it....
      Unfortunately I DID mark the item as Not Recieved, so she's not half as clever as she thinks she is...

      GRR! Evil girl trying to keep my money and ruin her seller status at the same time...
    6. I could be a little confused, but I think first class might be the United States equivilant of Royal Mail. (Don't quote me on that, though.)
    7. Unless she can provide some type of tracking number Paypal will generally rule in your favor on things like this. If she DID provide a tracking number (which I doubt she has if it hasn't shown up yet) and it claims that it wasn't received or was received by somebody other than you, Paypal will also rule in your favor.

      Just hang in there. It sometimes takes up to a month to get anything back from Paypal...
    8. First Class is not a delivery service in the UK-its a type of stamp.
      First class means fastest basic (Second is second, third third and so on) postage available. It does not mean you can track it-it's just a stamp. To have the item returned if posting was not possible, you put your adress on the back, but that's all you can do unless you pay extra for Recorded Delivery (You can prove loss/arrival) or Special Delivery (Faster than recorded, which travels at the same speed as First Class. Special promises 24-hour delivery)

      Ive informed her that simply answering Paypal will not put them off retrieving my money. Its not much, I know, but its could pay my travel free's for a week..or buy me a dress like the one I tried to buy from her. Hmmm.....
    9. Thank you for the reassurance-I trust Paypal will help me, as it has to have dealt with sellers who lie in order to keep large amounts of money, and must have some sort of plan to deal with that.

      I truly HAVNT recieved the dress, neither have my flatmates (an honest lot I'd trust to hand-deliver $100 million to China...though I might have to check my change) and it doesnt seem as if she is too bothered-if she'd have sent a replacement like she promised to, Id have thought she'd send THAT one Recorded Delivery-I wouldn't mind if she requested the extra postage for it, as long as it got here!

      I see on the auction page she promises First Class RECORDED delivery which takes 1-2 days (standard for first class stamps).
      I bought it on the 27th January.
      She did not tell me the tracking number when she went to check back with the PO...I think she lied on her Auction Page to get the extra £2 for delivery for herself, and sends them unrecorded. Either that or she honestly forgot...Im still annoyed as I paid for a service I did not get, and now she's trying to take the rest of my money. *little narked at her cheek*
    10. We're both in the United Kindgom. Ironically, she lives in derbyshire...quite close to where I live, so if she starts flaming me I can nip over there with a chainsaw and a hockey mask, demanding an on-the-spot fine of £7...hahah...

      *Joking, of course!*
    11. Well...I recieved the replacement dress today.
      It IS the replacement dress as it came with a 'free gift' of a negligee.lacy nightie.
      I knew it would be slightly different...However I think her blurry photo's were a bit of a scam. Within seconds of taking it out (thinking 'my god-she is in the clear...I can stop fretting...) I noticed there were several major flaws.

      -The fabric is not soft as in the picys (looked like wool) but is very basic white cotton or muslin...theres lines of holes along the back seam, as though there was machine-sewing there, which was unpicked, and are quite visible.

      -The quality is dubious, as one sleeve I can put my finger into (just) the other not at all, so I seriously doubt it would fit the MSD the seller designed it for...their wrists alone are something like 5cm around! I was worried about having to remove her hands to put the sleeves over. Fat chance of getting past her wrist!

      -In the auction, it was stated there were two snap fastening at the back of the dress. There are none on the dress, nor on the 'free gift.' By 'Slightly Different' did she mean leaving out things that were stated as being included in the auction?

      -The ribbon trim on the sleeves and collar is just roughly cut nylon ribbon tacked on-the uneven threads run right round the middle of the ribbon, which does not close together on the other sie of the the slvve, but just sort of 'overlap' a bit

      -The edges are unfinished and the threads (plain white tacking thread, which unfortunately is designed to break when tugged, hence its use) are untied, so started unravelling as I inspected it. The entire dress is a web of loose threads.

      -I dont know if the pin concealed in the waistband was an accident or not....and both items smell strongly of cigarette smoke.

      I still didnt get the recorded delivery I paid for. The dress arrived in a plain envelope.
      Im a bit annoyed-if she's going to charge as much as Dollmore or Dollheart do for a simple white dress she might as well take some time over it!
      The free gift will also probably not fit my doll. Same fabric as the dress. Same method of 'tacking' lace to fabric, with unfinished edges and ends (and a weird extra bit of lace trailing off at one shoulder...some kind of fastening? Looks too narrow for my doll, anyway) There is lovely lace trim...but again, bad use of sticthing. She seems to have run out of trim on the bottom edge...as there's a whole two inches missing, just before the side-seam!
      I'l wait until tonight to respond to the Paypal situation-she still hasn't e-mailed me.

      This is £7 not well spent, rats....

      Please, feel free to compare and adivse me, as Ive found out how to link to the action today:

    12. You dont have to accept the replacement. Paypal has provisions for significantly different than advertized. The fact that will likely NOT fit the doll, is different than the pictures and smells all are valid reasons for rejecting it. If she didn't send the replacement registered mail, she cant prove you received it anyway (except by posting this forum entry). I would reject the item and get my money back. Is the dress something really difficult to make?

    13. Its not too tricky...its an 'Alice Dress'-I dont know how tp ost picy's here..its got big sleeves (puffed, almost) a simply loose bodice and a long dress. It would look like a lovely, simple white dress if it had been sewn with more care. As it is, it looks like something I made for my barbie when I was five....

      I have no patterns to make my own, and when I saw it I thought it was a bragain as the price was similar to Dollheart, but the postage would be cheaper as she lives in the UK. All I wanted was a basic dress for my doll to wear when she arrives, before I start making patterns and sewing things for her.

      I can't believe how much is STINKS of cigarette smoke...she must have been literally smoking over it as she sewed....the pin was a nasty surprise too!

      She hasnt responded to my e-mail about cancelling the claim...I sent her the Paypal response too, so she knows she's not out of the woods.
      I personally would be ashamed to charge so much for work of this quality, and Im a novice!

      I figure if the sleeves (not adjustable) wont fit my finger there is no way they will fit either an MSD or a DOC's arm. She answered a question on her auction from another potential bidder and gave the dresses dimensions. I was a bit doubtful at the time as 2cm seemed a bit thin for an MSD's upper arm, but figured she meant inches, as she kept varying between the two. But even so, the measurements she gave are totally inaccurate...I cant rteally modify it, its so bad...

      The best thing I can do is burn it, or use to to stuff something, like a Dollfie pillow or something...Im feeling really depressed about all this, I was scammed out of £20 in December by someone else and never got that money back.....
    14. I just want to make certain no one thinks I am the eBay seller in this thread. My DOA name is DollfieDreams but my eBay seller's name is sunyata4. Thanks for letting me clear my name in case there was any question!
    15. I mentioned in the first post it wasnt you, lol!
      This Dollfiedreams (small d) is based on eBay in the UK. As far as I know, she is not a member of any doll forum. Judging by the way she makes dresses, she probably doesnt OWN a dollfie, either....

      Thats why I put eBay Seller in the title. Maybe I should add UK? Just to clear up any confusion.

      Im sure you're a perfectly sweet seller! But this imposter is not!

      *edit: its actually Dollfiedesign! You're in the clear, DollfieDreams! I must have mis-read her username...but all my mail HAS been sent to her via ebnay and her regular e-mail adress, so it hasnt made any difference*
    16. Thank you, Little_miss134!

      I didn't read down and I usually do! It's been a long day! I appreciate you clearing my name! :)

      I realized after choosing my name for DOA, it wasn't the best as it's not too distinctive but I will stick with it.

      I do sell dollfie clothes but I don't make them.(Unfortunately, I have never learned to sew but now with my dollfies, I'd love to learn!) I also would never sell clothes that I wouldn't let my own dolls wear, and I don't smoke!

      I hope your issue is resolved speedily. It is awful that some people don't have decent moral standards by which to live.

      I read where you are in Derbyshire. Our family has friends that live there. I think it's Aston-on-Trent. Does that sound familiar?

    17. I dont have her adress...she was wary enough to leave it off the back of the envelope.
      She didn't even put my proper adress on the front. Old Town is a district of Swindon, not an actual town or county in its own right...Like someone putting 'Moose Jaw' down, but forgetting to add 'Alaska'....and 'USA', of course...

      I hate the smell, and Im sad at the quality...should I contact her to send it back? Or Paypal? I dont think I will be able to alter it at all, and she hasnt responded to ANY of my-emails. I don't want to sell it on to anyone as its so bad, Id hate to think of anyone actually looking forward to recieving it :(

      This is the auction:

    18. Yeah, I know that place. I dont live in Derbyshire, but quite close, in Wiltshire (Southern England-Its all one great, big Shire, hobbits and all...) so I dont know if I'd know your friends :(

      I changed the title of this thread to avoid any confusion...if anybody asks again I will make it clear you are two different people.
      Oddly, despite her name, she doesn't sell that much doll-related stuff...this dress came up with a similar red one with black lace, but I chose the white one instead as it looked prettier....Im eating my words right now, as I type this, lol!
    19. Poor thing, I'd remake you that dress if I knew how to make one and send it for free! *Hugs* Here's hoping you get your money back.
    20. It says Dollfiedesign...did she change her name?