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Dollheart Fer dress - who does it fit?

Nov 16, 2007

    1. what body will it look best on?
    2. It's made to fit most 60cm size girls. I've seen it on Volks SD13 girls, Delf girls and Custom House Ai girls and it fit's them all just fine. It's not supposed to be tight so there's room for many types of bodies.

      Is there a particular doll you're wondering about?
    3. yes, im wondering if the dress will be to short for a bobobie girl body, corse i like when the dress meets the floor
    4. I am wondering if anyone has a picture of this dress (any color) on a Volks SD10 body too? Is the SD10 too flat chested for this dress? I'm sure it will fit but I was wondering if it would look bad.
    5. i have seen the dress on a volks sd13, and i have to say that it was to big a body, but i dont know how high sd13 is
    6. It fit the Limhwa, but the coat wont button all the way.
    7. I've got the Chocolate Fer on my SDF girl. It's a tiny bit tight across the bust and back, but zips without problem. It's about 1/2 to 3/4 inches short, but it doesn't really bother me. The coat sleeves are sufficiently long, but it will not button across the bust. I'll try to get pictures of it on her, and on my SD10 girl tomorrow.
    8. I've got my Kun in the Indigo Fer right now and it fits perfectly. Not too tight or too lose and it comes straight down to the floor.
      If I get a chance, I'll take some photos tomorrow. ^_^
    9. Of the three dolls I tried the Fer dress on, it fits my SD13, M-bust girl best. The hem just brushes the floor, the waist, back and bust fit well.


      My SD10 girl fills out the bust nicely, but not tightly, the waist is a bit more snug than on the SD13 girl. Barefoot, the hem drags on the floor. I'd consider getting her a Fer dress of her own in a color more flattering to her face-up and hair.


      My SDF Annette wears this dress decently, but the coat will not button. The back and bust are a wee bit tight, the waist a wee bit loose, though neither of these are enough to call a bad fit. The skirt ends about 5/8 inch above the floor. It doesn't bother me much. This is the only doll of the three that can wear the choker without looking like like she has no neck. The armers will not fit over her large hands.


      Takira has the wine Fer on her Shiro/Yugiri girl hybrid, and even with those tiny breasts, she doesn't look lost in the dress. I'll ask her to post pics here.

      It's a gorgeous dress and coat. I love how it looks on all three of my bigger girls.
    10. wow, thats greate - how high are a sd10 body?

      thnaks for the picters
    11. SD10 girls and boys are 58cm tall.