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Dollmore Disaster!

Sep 16, 2008

    1. Maybe some of you might be fans of Dollmore. We are not anymore. We ordered for the first time, my mother and I for our BJDS. Here is what happened, UGH!
      We placed a good sized order, recieved it. Wrong shoes were sent, so we thought, okay, well we will email them for an exchange. We thought no problem, sure!!!!
      We got an email from them asking use are we not happy with wrong shoes sent?? So we replied, we want the shoes we paid for, and still never got them! This is about 4 weeks ago, what a mess. The shoes we ordered for $50.00 and they sent ones for $25.00 in our order. We have yet to see the $25.00 refund and we are still fighting them. They are refusing to answer emails. Today we have turned it over to proper hands. Please beware of this of you do business with Dollmore. Please also see that I am not trying to give them a bad name, it is just what we went through, a total dolly nightmare! Hope we can recover our $25.00 owed to us.
    2. That's so strange. Did you post on their FAQ, too?

      I messaged them regarding a little issue I had with some shoes I purchased in a Group Order, not even an order I placed myself - and they replied very quickly, and even sent another pair of shoes immediately (even though the issue was very minor). And these shoes were worth about $21.

      Perhaps this should be in company feedback? Either way, good luck, and that's very strange of Dollmore.
    3. I've had a lot of issues with them in the last year both forgetting stuff from my orders and also a lot of issues with them sending the right item but wrong varient, such as color or design... they've always been good about fixing or compensating me, but that is just bad. That's about as bad as my friend ordering only one wig and getting the wrong one. They have had several problems with whoever packs their orders and yet it seems it's never been resolved on the bussiness' end.
    4. This probably belongs in the company feedback forum - I'd be very surprised if there wasn't a Dollmore thread in there. :)
    5. Keep Emailing them, don't give up. Link them this thread, This is the biggest english Web Forum for ABJDs and bad feedback posted here will affect their sells.
    6. That's not cool since I placed an order a week ago and bought $50 worth of clothes. I hope we get everything we paid for...
      Hopefully you'll get your $25 back.
    7. Heh, for the first time I got a wrong item from dollmore after many successful orders. Order MSD tshirt and got an SD one instead (as evidenced by my poor MNF Shiwoo wearing a tent) . Hopefully they'll send the right shirt :) I think with that amount of traffic they're bound to fudge an order here and there.

      O noes! I has shrunk? Or shirt grows too big! Eee!
    8. I'm interested to know what the "proper hands" are when it's less than $500. Perhaps if you email them politely once again without seeming too aggressive, they might respond promptly. Perhaps you could even approach someone who speaks Korean to translate an email to them for you--that might get you the results you want.
    9. when it still their vacation day, and i never did have any problem with them, my order of course was well over 2000 dollar but everything was sent, i did got some damage eyes and email them, got feedback right away and those eyes a week later O.o. So keep trying, and maybe break it down to them >.>
    10. I hear that the language and cultural wall is quite big. If you can write korean, you're better off... since technically I hear most of their customers are from eastern countries. Likewise in eastern countries people are much, much more polite to each other and one thing that I've found common in most troubles is that the european/american part hasn't been quite as polite (which then flares their self-respect and they start treating you worse). Most asian countries don't have the policy of "customer is always right".

      But I'm not saying that you weren't polite, since I wouldn't know... heh. Just something I've noticed. Keep on mailing them, if you don't give in, things will get resolved.
    11. Yeah, I'm the one who ordered one wig and got another one.

      However, Dollmore Jee has always been on top of it and sent out the correct item immediately.

      Don't email them. Contact them through the Q&A and you'll get an answer quickly. Be sure to include your order number.

      I've sent photographs of the wrong items, too. Here is the photo I sent showing the SD sized wig in the fur I ordered in MSD and the MSD wig I received instead of what I ordered.

      Jee sent the correct wig the day after responding to my Q&A.
    12. Hi

      I had also troubles with Dollmore which make me do not want to order at their site: I bought not a so huge order of clothes and shoes. A another space dress was missing and a pair of shoes. I mailed them to tell that and asked if they can do something. They replied that every order is checked and there was no error!! I was crazy to hear that. SO as they were not cooperative my only way is not to buy anymore.
    13. Still fighting them and getting no response. I have checked the spam and junk folders and went through everything. It seems they are not willing to send our correct shoes to us. This is insane! I think we are tired of being "nice"! Our order was a sizable one. For both me and Mum. Least to say she is seriously displeased, this is going on now for 4 weeks! Yikes!!! A very unwise business practice. Thank you all for listening and letting me vent some steam. I am so happily playing with my dolls and awaiting for a Musedoll to arrive that then when this happens, its so sad.
    14. I'd like to add that I also received the wrong item in one my orders as well. I ordered a short blond wig for my DoC and ended up with a a middle apple cut wig that looked nothing like the wig I ordered.

      I just posted on their Q&A and got a response to post up photos of the wrong wig. When I did that, they immediately sent me the correct wig, free of shipping charges and didn't even ask me to send the wrong wig back to them >__>;

      I know it's probably stupid of me to suggest this, but do try posting on their Q&A again and posting a photo of the shoes you got and referring them to the order you made - which should have the details of the type of shoes you actually ordered and paid for.
    15. i placed a $100+ order from dollmore a few weeks ago, and just received it the other day.
      everything was there, and they didn't mess anything up.

      and i hope you get your $25 back :)
    16. Try the Q and A, and post up photos of what you got. They'll likely send the right items. I had once ordered 2 of the same wig for twins, and only got one. I pointed it out and they sent the other.
    17. Thanks! We already done that as they requested a picture of the shoes we received. And the response we got was "wrong shoes do not interest you?" And that was the last time we heard from them. We thought this was going to be easy.
    18. sorry, but did you reply to that question? normally i have to make a new post so they can see it more easy -.-
    19. Hehe, I have had a bit of a hard time with them in the past too.
      It was my first order, It was Hair clip, white Stockings, white collar, cat ears, cig, teddy bear, white boots, soom pink cat eyes, and a cell-phone.
      They included some snack food as padding.
      When the box got here, the teddy bear was not in there.
      I told them, they were like, check again. I was like 'ok, but I've already been looking it over, there is no bear.' And so on and so forth, then I was pretty much ready to give up and was all, 'Ok, you know what, The bear was just 1$, sooo Its not that big of a deal. How ever, I was expecting the bear as well.' Then they gave me 1$ in points. [Since I had been asking.+ I suppose it would be considered compensation.]

      [Ok so this is not word for word, and not down to every tiny detail.]

      I understand your frustration. Hopefully things will work out for you.

      PS: I still love doll more despite their occasional mistakes.

      *edit* Oh and I was allot more persistent then I'm letting on currently.
    20. I really want to reinforce what Mephistol said here. Replying to your original Q&A post doesn't work, because (just like DoA), the board moves so fast that posts get buried within a day or less. Copy and paste your earlier post into the new one, so Jee doesn't think you're asking a brand-new question--but do get your question up to the top of the board once a day or once every other day. That's a much surer way to keep the problem on Dollmore's radar.

      You have my sympathy for your $25 problem. I just spent a week and a half trying to get Dollmore to understand and acknowledge that they sent my $300 order to another customer. After several screencaps of the tracking information, and several explanations that US zip code 46158 is not the same place as US zip code 66801, Jee finally understood, admitted that someone in the shipping room put the wrong address on the original package, and promised that my order will be shipped out to the right address this week.

      So be patient and polite, keep explaining clearly and simply what you're asking Dollmore to do, and you'll get the problem solved!

      I have to say, I never had even the slightest problem with Dollmore until this summer. I've been ordering from them since 2004, and the packages always came lightning-fast, without any mistakes. But since June or so this year, it seems as if it's really hit or miss whether there will be some mistake. Maybe Dollmore needs to do a little firing and hiring on the packing and shipping side.