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Dollpire Hand Set for Dollmore glamor model dolls

Jun 14, 2009

    1. So here there is the link to the hand set:


      I wonder if anyone who has both the doll or someone who has a idea about it can tell me: do you think those wonderful hands could be compatible with any other male body around as Soom Super Gem?

      I mean not only in resin color but in size and joint compatibility.
      I admit I don't like a lot the Dollshe Gamor Model bodies... :sweat but I love the hands!

      Thanks :)
    2. I went ahead and bought a pair to see if they'd work on anybody I have and I just got them home a couple days ago.

      The ball on the Dollpire hand is a bit too large for a Super Gem wrist, to make it fit you'd have to shave it down a little. In terms of hand scale to a Super Gem they are too large. If you want bizarrely overlarge hands on your Super Gem it would be fine for a monster/creature look. I think the only doll I have whose proportions really look good with hands this huge is my Mecha Angel but his wrists are the same size as the Super Gem boys so I'd still have to mod the wrist ball for a better fit.

      The NS resin tone of the hands I got is very pinky - similar to the band-aid pink of some DoTs I've seen. They are not the same color as the NS Model girl head I also got with this order which is less pinky and more yellowish. They do not match color with any of the NS dolls I have and they are much darker than Soom normal.

      So it would be some work to make them look like they aren't just the wrong hands slapped onto your doll. Even once you got the wrist worked out to your liking they would still look large and cartoonish. They'd be better on dolls that are larger than 70cm but like I said they look most correct on an 80cm boy. :sweat
    3. Seconding what Idrisfynn said. I got a pair of these too and they are pretty large. Luckily, I wanted them for a Mecha Angel so they're not as hugely out of proportion, but they still seem absolutely huge compared to normal sized Soom hands.
    4. Thank you very much idrisfynn, it was very helpful, just what I needed to know =) I was not able to give that hands a sight, as I never seen the doll in person.... So I suppose it is better if I avoid to buy them, or my Soom boys will kill me XD

      Thanks andarton ^__^