Dolls stands. Your thoughts?

Oct 18, 2019

    1. I honestly do not use a doll stand unless I want my doll standing up on display for a long period of time. However most of my dolls are able to stand up on their own.
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    2. That's good to know. We've been having pretty frequent small quakes in UT since our big one in March. I was trying to find a solid stand option for my 70cm and 75cm dolls. Where do you like to get chairs from for your big ones?
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    3. Out of my three dolls, only one is using a doll stand since she has such outdated joints that she would collapse otherwise. But I've ordered a second doll stand for my fourth doll who will (hopefully) join my crew soon. He's so expensive that I don't want to risk him falling down the cabinet, that's why he's getting a stand.
      Because of aesthetic reasons I prefer my dolls standing without any kind of help... although all of them are leaning with their back on a wall for support - just in case!
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    4. I used stands that go around the waist for my msd crew. I needed them to stand to take up less room and I think they look nice that way.

      I don’t care for saddle stands just because I have a hard time getting them in place so they don’t tip back and forth. I wouldn’t mind doing it once and leaving them that way. But, I pick my dolls up often, stand and all.
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    5. I didn't have stands for my dolls previously, but this time around I have limited space for when they aren't in box. I've ordered stands from LUTS so we shall see how well they hold up. Supposedly they can handle my 65cm boys. Be nice to have my desk clear and clean, but also have them standing nearby to be appreciated.I'd love a couch but the cost+shipping means it'll have to wait.
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    6. I would love to hear your review of the LUTS stands when you get them. :love
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    7. I use cheap hobby store stands, but I'm hoping to get some nicer ones in the future. I do like to use stands, because a lot of my dolls, especially the MSDs, don't stand up well on their own.
    8. I like simple stands that aren't obvious. And I prefer stands with flat, non-raised bases, so that multiple dolls can be posed together without awkward footing or weird raised or lowered heights. I like stands that I can easily erase in Photoshop.

      So, no saddle stands for boys wearing trousers! They show up too well and just look SO uncomfortable.

      Very basic wire stands that fit around waist, that don't show up too much or can be worn under skirts or under jackets. So--dark colored wires on dark clothes and light on light--and well-fitted so don't look like huge clamps.

      Volks metal-based stands are very sturdy and flat-based. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of adjustability for larger or in-between-sized dolls and the bright chrome clamps can show too much on dark outfits. Nice quality, though.

      The other stands I like are the black Dollmore metal stands. Or black basic doll stands (which might be cheaper if you find the right size and seller). And the basic wire/metal stands in light colors for light outfits.

      They also pull apart and are easy to store or transport. And are the least expensive. You can get them in bulk online, like ebay or whatever. Don't buy the ones for teddy-bears, because they have waist-grips that are way too large to work! You have to figure out the right height for your dolls, but there's a pretty good range of adjustment in these wire/metal stands. It's nice when they have some sort of rubber or plastic guard around the ends of the wire, too.

      --I never trust my dolls standing without a stand. Plus it's earthquake country here, so definitely no!
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    9. Unfortunately, it's going to be a while, I'll be waiting on the boys to come home. I'll try and review them once they guys are here; Maybe it'll help someone at least. :)
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    10. I have three of these stands because they were very cheap and I figured why not. They work great for my Dollfie Dream girl and SD10. They don't go low enough for my MSDs. However, my Senior April Story girl, I noticed the stand had started to bend. She must be too heavy for it. So I'm on the lookout for something else for her.
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    11. Thanks for the info. I decided to order an Invisible Doll Stand from Alice's Collections for my 70cm boy. It has a bendable metal tentacle-ish arm, clear base and grip. They sell them for dolls from 1/6 to 70cm. It'll probably take a long time to get here with the state of things, but I'll post about it when it gets here. :)
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    12. I hope it does the job, I want to get one of those for my bigger girl!
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    13. I bought some of ACBJDs Invisible Stands some years ago, and I don't regret it. I like how tall my 70cm boys look when they are standing … Sometimes one stand can even support two dolls.
      My expectations were a bit high thinking they could also support dolls in running or flying poses. It probably works with vinyl dolls, but not with a 2kg 70cm guy …:sweat
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    14. For my big boys (70 cm), I managed to acquire a lot of 10 or so on ebay. It was originally meant for 80 cm collector dolls. I was a bit concerned that they might be too big for my guys, but it turned out they are actually ideal for them. They do not hold the doll around the waist, but under the armpits. The plates are very big, so they take up a lot of real estate. But they are wooden, so rather difficult to knock over, also because they were originally designed for much larger and also heavier dolls.

      All of these plates had little damages to them, so I had to do something about this. Instead of sanding and repainting, I decided to make a mini diorama for each doll and designate a stand to them. As I added one or two more characters to the crew, I am sadly running out of stands. Oh dear, never thought that would happen to me...

      If I now want such a stand, I have to pay a good bit of money. These are normally quite expensive. But we will see, maybe something similar pops up on ebay again...
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    15. I have had dolls even on stands fall from the house shaking, so I wont leave a doll unsupported. I prefer the metal bases since they are flat. I've made my own flex saddles but I might need to do some more engineering to make them a little more secure. I hate the stands that are a little too big and obvious in photos, but while mine are nearly invisible, they arent as secure. One of my dolls took a bad fall and broke parts.
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    16. I've noticed a lot of people comment on useful doll stands but does anyone have recommendations for pretty ones? XD I find that the cheap plastic stands don't look very nice, especially considering that the dolls they are meant to hold are not cheap plastic lol. I've seen the artist for chimera dolls sell an amazingggg stand and would love to know if anyone else knew more?
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    17. I’ve got a big pretty chaise lounge(for toddlers or fancy pets) I put my dolls on when I’m not playing with them. I have a stand from Dollmore on the way but I won’t display my big dolls standing up, too paranoid of them falling from an earthquake or something
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    18. Almost all of my dolls are lazy slouchers, lounging about on furniture in their displays or sitting comfortably on shelves. But I did invest in a couple of good stands this year because I have a large girl who needed to stand in her display, and I needed one for general photographing purposes. I bought really nice ones from Luts...saddle stands with nice, sturdy wooden bases.
    19. I love this thread and seeing all of the different kinds of doll stands people use! I didn't know there were so many.

      For me, I use the basic Kaiser stands that wrap around a doll's waist - I love how adjustable they are, I like how thin the base is (sometimes I overlap the bases a bit because I am low on space), and I like the colors that they come in (I'm a HUGE fan of white in pretty much anything furniture related, like all my bookcases are white, so it's nice to have white stands to match. I also have a few pink ones for a pop of color).

      I personally think they look pretty sleek since they're made of metal, and they do a good job of holding my dolls up. I find them very easy to use and I definitely like having my dolls stand up because I need the space. Th stands that I'm not using also store really nicely because of the way they're designed!

      I also find the stands really useful when I'm working on body blushing and spray the whole doll at once. I have one stand that I used when I'm working on a doll and it looks a bit beat up because of how much MSC and dust on my garage floor it's come in contact with! But I think it'll be easy to clean one day, and worst case scenario, the Kaiser stands aren't that expensive so it won't be a huge deal.
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    20. Up until now I haven't used any stands for my dolls. All of my displayed dolls are either sitting or leaning against something. I think going forward, I'll be investing in some doll stands, especially for my SD-sized dolls.