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Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. Hello!
      Here is Rafail, one of my three Dollshe dolls. At home also lives Rosen and I am waiting for Adonis for year.....omg
      The main problem I have wth David - his hips joint. I think to order him on L2 eas not the best desigion in my lige, but in 2017 i did not think in that way..
      If someome has l2 how you made hip joints to be manageable?
      by Reinameron Vesper, on Flickr

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    2. @Reinameron - Oh my gosh he's gorgeous! :D I love the way the light falls on his face and how his hair creates a curtain.
      I'm afraid my David is only on the L1 body so I can't really help you there.
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    3. Speaking of hip joints :XD:....I'm not fond of the ladies hip sockets either....the legs twist almost on their own and I'm constantly lining them back up.

      But my girl is a work in progress (still)...maybe I can work on her this weekend. I do adore her hands!

      [​IMG]Siggy by luluna33, on Flickr
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    4. Has anybody had an update on how the cards that go with the dolls are coming along? I wouldn't be surprised if that is what has kept my Adonis and surprise doll X in limbo (otherwise known as "packing") for the past month....
    5. When my Diana came in I was told it would be 3 weeks and they would send my Adonis and both of the cards with him and we are nearing that time in a few days so your wait may be over soon.
    6. For anyone who received Diana with heel feet, can someone please compare her feet with Amanda's heel feet? Are they similar in size, do you think Diana can wear the same shoes as Amanda?
    7. oooh new thread. I adore your boy @Reinameron ! He pulls off the long hair so well.

      @Julie M I just got word that my missing coa is in, so hopefully, that means the maker is catching up.

      Some Nox to christen the new thread.

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    8. @Iron_Dog my package came through Canada post, by the way! It took 11 days to clear customs and get to me, and it sat in Mississauga and Winnipeg, of all places for a few days, but it arrived safely. The doll was OT to this thread, but my heads are on the way from BJDivas as well, they just haven’t yet entered Canada.

      Also, that is a gorgeous pic of Wu-Tyr!!! I love his outfit.
    9. Loving all the Dollshe photo spam.
      Sooooo, I'll share Kise.

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    10. @Chameleon Thanks. Wu-Tyr is wearing an old DZ outfit that I bought off a local person. It was supposed to go to somebody else but he saw it and declared it his, so it is.

      Grats on finally getting your doll. I hope your incoming heads zip on through quickly. I actually had my Oscar eyes delivered to me today. It sped through Customs, paused briefly overnight in Mississauga and was on my desk by 10:30 this morning. I'm actually very surprised that it arrived so quickly. It being sent EMS and requiring a signature might've had something to do with it, but who actually knows any more what's going on with CANPost *sigh*.
    11. Loving all the gorgeous Dollshe's in this thread!

      Sharing my newest guy (Aramis).

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    12. Isn’t that just the way dolls are? One of my characters (a goddess) derailed my plan for an entire body, which I had to dye red for her. I’m glad your eyes got there! Maybe there’s hope for canpost?
    13. Ah, DollShe, DollShe, DollShe <long suffering sigh>. Well - although Adonis went into packing about five weeks ago, I have had an email stating that his head is done, and his "body is ready to cast." However, my Bernard Ausley Love hybrid (raspberry honey skin - I can't wait to see her) was shipped today. I should see her by Monday or Tuesday, I think.
    14. Julie, I feel like saying Yay! but patting you on the back to say 'there, there' at the same time.
      so 5 weeks of packing & the body is liquid in a jar.
      on the bright side, raspberry comin' home. :thumbup
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    15. I received my Grant Phillipe earlier this week! My first doll by DollShe and I’m so impressed by the detail (and weight omg) of the sculpt.

      What’s a good eye size for him? I want something with a small iris, 12mm?
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    16. 12 mm is good for Grant, though you'll want to make sure the irises are 5 mm rather than the usual 6 mm otherwise he looks a bit stoned. My Grant has eyes with 4 mm irises and that makes him look rather feral and dangerous. :lol:
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    17. thank you!
      I am really upset with l2 body type((

      And Dollshe shipped my Adonis :lol:
      12mm fits well
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