Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. Can anyone help? I’m looking for places to buy clothes for the 70cm dollshe male body. So far I am ordering iplehouse and dollmore, but the SD17 stuff on ebay looks a bit small. Looking for a jumpsuit in particular. Thanks
    2. @Shire13 congrats! Did you try to contact mr. Dollshe via email? He might be helpful: when I was looking for discontinurd Orijean faceplate he was so kind to sell me one!
    3. Julian to decorate the thread.
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    4. AND today Kise got caught by the camera. Breakfast and bedhead.
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    5. @golo check out SartoriaJ. they actually sell through dollshe's website but shipping's cheaper to buy from their etsy store. you can also search ebay for terms like "SD17 70cm Uncle" for clothes and especially shoes. also alice's collections 70cm clothes fit dollshe's Pure and 32s bodies, idk what dollshe's current line is like but acbjd has a measurement rubric on all clothing. (however their girl stuff unfortunately doesn't fit any of dollshe's female bodies)
    6. @Zest thanks for the recs! I especially like SartoriaJ but they are all cool options. May you get some karma :)
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    7. @golo - There's also Freedom Teller, though they are a little more on the haute couture side of things.
    8. @Quiet and Insane I was just looking at their shop, and certainly the quality looks amazing. I think if I bought one thing from there, i'd need the matching pants, scarf, bag and so on... very slippery slope. Thanks for the suggestion :D
    9. Although the summer heat has not abated, I thought to get a winter top for the cosy season coming up.

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    10. @golo - I have one of their three-piece suits and it is the most amazing quality. :D I highly recommend them if you've got the money to spare (crappy conversion rates, bah!) Your Arsene is so cute. He'll be nice and cosy come winter, that's for sure!
    11. @Quiet and Insane it’s good hearing word of mouth feedback, I have one of their striped shirts in my wishlist now. They have such a sense of romance in their designs. And thanks! :) I hope I can resist wanting another dollshe mould.
    12. OMG!! :love All these photos are amazing, makes me want to consider getting one of these sculpts (my wallet thinks otherwise)
    13. @golo - They really do! Heh...when I first discovered DollShe it was a Saint that did me in...though I bought David first, then the Saint, and a Grant (and floating body) a couple of years later. Half of my big guys are DollShe...oops... :sweat

      @amnesiaweeb - They're definitely worth the time and the money. Saving slowly for these guys (and gals) is never a bad thing.
    14. Dollshe does make very beautiful dolls. One of the first dolls I saw in person was a Saint and I thought he was gorgeous (and totally out of my teeny-tiny dolly budget). I own an Orjean and Saint now. Only the Orijean (Wu-Tyr) is in-house as I'm still waiting on my classic mini Saint in espresso ebony *sigh*. Every now and again the crazy idea to get one of the 1/4 sized boys rolls through my head but the wait times are killer. Unless, of course, I happen to come across one that speaks to me 2nd hand........

      I'm both a little nervous and excited for DollNorth this year as last year someone had one of the 1/4 boys for sale in the MP there so it's possible that I might see one there again for sale. My wallet is glaring at me right now.
    15. @Quiet and Insane I recently noticed the adonis mould and it really is my cup of tea, amanda is also really nice too but i’ve barely gotten off the starting block with my new doll so those plans are far off into the future.

      @Iron_Dog our wallets may give us the side eye, but the joy of shopping and getting parcels makes up for it :)

      By the way, does anyone know of good 70cm doll stands? Saw some on ebay, they looked slightly small and also i’d prefer a fairly sturdy base to avoid toppling. Luts have some that are currently sold out. Thanks in advance.
    16. @golo I use this dollstand for my boys: :: Everything for Doll & more
      Average lifetime of this dollstand is 2 years, but they could be easily covered on photos, they're light and pretty helpful.

      Also you might be interested in such type of dollstands (sorry for off-topis picture):
      I have one - quite heavy but useful, and has special features for using on non-perfrct surfaces, check the photos.
    17. @golo - Adonis is really handsome. ;) They're both good idea for future. Enjoying the doll you have right now is the main part - figuring out clothing and wigs and building a character are some of the most fun parts that go into bonding with a new doll. :)
      As for stands, I like the saddle stands from Ringdoll. Though they can be a little awkward when it comes to Dollshe...junk.
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    18. @Rook_Sever oh that’s just what i’m looking for, thanks very much :) Your info has been very helpful. It’s a good size too the dollmore one.

      @Quiet and Insane yes, i’m very happy to focus on the here and now! Appreciate the feedback on those stands, it’s good to know the various offerings. I like the slim mystic body silhouette and thought it would be interesting to pose it standing.
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    19. @golo you're welcome^^
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    20. Happy to help @golo! :)
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