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Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. @shadow_takatori Yeah, I wouldn't feel so annoyed if they hadn't said they need a few more months (from December) and when I wait 5 more months and ask again, they say you need to wait more. 5 months is more than a few. It's nearly half a freaking year.
    2. Yep, you need to suede him--preferably with real suede, not glue. Do the waist joint, bust joint, and hips and make sure the stringing is super tight and you should be good. I just painted one of these bodies this week and he was super hard to work on with these three areas slipping all around. I would have sueded but I couldn't find my leather and it wasn't my doll anyway so I just put some double stick tape in the joints temporarily to hold them still while I painted.
    3. I can't do the SD size dolls from Dollshe any more, the wait is so long, I really feel for everyone still waiting, I am waiting for the Fashion size David for my Amanda to "play" with. Even if he were to have more help with production, who knows how long it would take for all the orders to be caught up.
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    4. @Raesha Thanks so much for the awesome info. I'll have to do some more research into sueding! Never tried it before.
      With all this work...he's lucky he's very pretty, ha ha.
    5. It's been over a year for me, as I ordered last April through Bjdivas with a 6 month layaway. Dolls ordered before and after this order are all now home haha. I forget about this doll, and now and then realize, "oh yeah, there's still one more."
    6. Just popping in to share a vaporwaved boy:

      Lately have focused on paying for pet stuff, so haven't been working on doll plans. I wouldn't mind a doll couch, although I feel that these 70cm dolls need larger sized furniture than is easily available out there so may have to look into woodworking *_*
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    7. I feel you on that @golo - I've got friends with 60 cm BJDs and they look great in the 1/3 furniture they find. My guys look comically oversized. They're too buff for their own good. :sweat
    8. @Quiet and Insane aren’t they just all legs and limbs? :p (Not complaining). Need a couch that sufficiently high so their feet can just go flat on the ground like us humans..
    9. Accurate description @golo! :lol: They're so lanky!
    10. Hi all,
      I just bought a sale Arsene (70cm) from Bjdivas. I plan on using the plain mystic body for an Arsene head, a Modoll Kris Wu head, and a Kpop inspired artist head I'm watching. So I am joining your waiting club. Is there a thread for clothes you can direct me to? This size is a huge leap for me since my dolls are 49cm. OMG!
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    11. I have had both a 70cm Arsene and Amanda Beauty in the past, but found the large size too big in the small display space that I have. I have just bought a fashion Grant Phillipe in the honey peach resin and love the size - all the detail but in a smaller size. He is called Ludo and will be my clockwork Pierrot character. He just needs a face up now.

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    12. I have a few Dollshe bodies before, but now I have my first Dollshe full doll. I bought Rey Lewis 2nd hand so I didn’t have to wait too long for him to ship :D
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    13. @Prinsessen That is awesome, I will be waiting for my Rey Lewis for ages!
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    14. I ordered my first Dollshe doll (Diana) through BJDivas nearly a year ago, but based on how long everyone seems to be waiting I suspect Christmas will come and go before it is even worthwhile to start waiting for a shipping notice. That said... I am still excited and hoping she will be as amazing as I have imagined her to be since the sculpt is what I fell in love with.
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    15. [​IMG]

      Dolls do take a very long time to arrive, my Bermann puzzle pack took over a year. He has been sitting in his Adam's costume for a while and decided today to steal the clothes I was making for another doll. So - SartoriaJ shirt (and he will get some boots from them too), artist eyes but the rest was made by me. The vest is still pretty simpel, I might do something about that later. We'll see. Next step: pants. Does anyone have a suggestion for the style?
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    16. I look at SartoriaJ for shoes
      If you have the mystic body, most of their clothes will fit too - but you can ask them if the body is not mentioned.

      For the Mystic body: most of the clothes that fit Venitu will also fit them, but the Mystic legs are slightly longer.
      If you get the Arsene on the Arsene body - the Venitu clotes are a little big on him. He is also less wide in the chest and shoulders. Shoes: SartoriaJ fits.

      If anyone knows shoes from other companies that fit Dollshe boys, please let me know ? :)
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    17. Heels made forSD17 boys also work! there's a few Chinese makers.

      A bit of Persephone. She's my only remaining big dollshe doll at this point, and she's a hybrid. XD

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    18. @rianne Your lady is beautiful! On which body do you have her?
    19. @Cyador @rianne Thank you both. I wrote to SartoriaJ and Jay sent me links to their clothes for the Mystic Pose body.
    20. @Cyador Thank you ^^ She's on the original DT17 girl body.
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