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Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. A month shy of being in the 1 year club and still no news on my Arsene :pout: I didn't think the wait would be so terrible but it's actually distracting me from enjoying my dolls that ARE home because I'm just thinking of everything I want to do with him instead.
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    2. @dollmien The wait from Dollshe is tough no matter how prepared you are for it, it just goes on for so long! If there was some transparency I think that would help a lot, but you just never know when to expect your doll. It was suffering waiting for my mini Bermann and he took a bit over a year. I hope your Arsene ships soon, 1 year should be the max for him imo.
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    3. cool! hope one day i can have one ~
    4. I love buying Dollshe's on the secondary market! I have gotten ones with great artist faceups and no waiting! Several have come through the DOA marketplce, so check under "rules" and apply when you qualify.
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    5. Buying through the MP is the way to go if you don't want to wait forever and a day by ordering from Dollshe. Assuming that what you want is available....

      I think if Dollshe were to be realistic about the production times they state, it would help a lot and cut down on the frustration of people who ordered and are in waiting purgatory for, in some cases, literally years. In my opinion it would also help immensely if dolls were posted for sale only after the sculpts had been finished and were actually ready to be cast.

      I'm still waiting on my 55cm Saint. In 1 week it'll officially be a year from the point that I paid the extra to upsize my initial order of a Fashion size (back in April 2018) to the newly released 55cm size. My last contact with Dollshe when I asked for an update on my order was them asking me to "wait a little longer" and that my doll would be done "soon". That was back in March 2019 *sigh*.
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    6. in the one year club with bells on. wonder if we'll get 30% discount the way we did before? :apresent:
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    7. I also just joined the one year club, I knew what I was getting into but last month dollshe told me he hadn't even started casting yet so now I'm just frustrated over how much longer I'll be waiting
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    8. @NamelessPierrot I sympathize with you. Today is officially two years waiting for Fashion Diana and I waited 6 months after her release to order. I can't imagine how those who ordered right off must feel.
    9. Here in Norway I have a tracking app that keeps track of all packages sent to me. I assume it is based on my phone number, so when a package is registered with my phone number it automatically updates in the app.
      Today my app updated and from the tracking number I can see it is from Korea and weighs almost 6kg, but I have heard nothing about a package on the way. The only thing I can think of is it must be Dollshe Khan, but it's only been 9 months and I was expecting over a year to wait. It will be so exciting to see if it is him.
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    10. wait.....what? no fashion Dianas yet? that's crazy! and I haven't seen the sexy Italian (?) actress doll anywhere either - in any size.
      @Prinsessen - if there are no new parts to mold, dolls don't always take a year. Mr. Kim is making some heads bigger, which may be why he's saying
      they'll be discontinued. but, it's anyone's guess why Dollshe does anything.
      fingers crossed it's your Khan. :kitty1
    11. I just did a layaway with BJDivas for some of the "discontinued" boys. There is a Bermann and extra EN head in the group. I was wondering what size eyes he needs. I know that I have a long wait but I would like to have his eyes before he gets home. Thanks in advance.
    12. That's great! I have plenty of 14mm but only one pair of 12mm and they are in use. Thanks for letting me know.
    13. Help guys! I am searching for small iris 10mm eyes to suit a dollshe boy. Anyone have any ideas where to find some? The smaller the better. Thank ya.
    14. While we're on the topic of eyes, what size do you guys think looks best in Bernard?
    15. @golo, Try SoulinaBoxDolls on Etsy. What sculpt are they for?
    16. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thanks a million. I'll take a look now! They're for arsene - I did a quick photoshop with small irises and he looked good in them, so that's my current mission.
    17. I have an Arsene head and a pair of 10mm small iris eyes! I'll try them tomorrow!
    18. @nancy_shroeder_ca Oh awesome, that would be fantastic! Thank you.
    19. If I don't get back to you, remind me! Life is a bit crazy now!
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