Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. @nancy_schroeder_ca No problem at all, life is a bit like that! I'm happy to see your post whenever you have a spare moment to do it.
    2. Actually, I currently have Aramis and I have Arsene on order to share the body! Which size head do you have? 10mm seems awfully small for the 70cm doll head!
    3. @nancy_schroeder_ca Aramis is a very nice sculpt! I know it sounds crazy, but the 10mm leeke eyes fit fine in Arsene's head. He wears an 8-9 wig so I guess it's a standard sized head.
    4. Yes, Arsene measures 8.75 inches. The 10 mm Leeke and 10mm SoulinaBox eyes gap at the corners in Arsene. I also have some Granado eyes which have very small irises. I'll sort out the sizes soon! The are marked on the boxes, but not in English!
    5. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thanks so much :) That info is very helpful, and good luck with whatever's going on in your life. *thumbs up*
    6. I was going to line up the eyes and take a picture!
    7. So did I read correctly somewhere a million years ago that the DS 28m is around the size of an EID? Because I'm looking for a body for a massive head, I'd love a 28M and the only thing I have that's even remotely close to that size is an EID to try for proportion.
    8. @VampireAngel13 It's close, but the 28m is closer to the EID model type dimensions if I'm remembering correctly. There are some differences in the limbs too, but that only affects clothing fit, not proportion. It's definitely a big dude body haha. That said, the proportions on dollshe bodies are really delicate if that makes sense? So for the truly MASSIVE heads (like simply divine) the dollstown 18 boy might be a better fit. Trying to be generally helpful since I don't know what head it is, so hopefully, this is useful info. ^^;

      Persephone finally got a spa day (it's been an age since I could do any sustained work on my own dolls) and she's looking fresh. :D

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    9. @VampireAngel13 - Yeah the OG 28M body that Ragnar and James are on fits EID clothing (it's a little long in the arms/legs, and can be quite tight around the junk, but is pretty damn close). The only issue is that their heads are massively different in size. Dollshe heads are a little longer and almost narrow (slightly horse like imo), while EID heads are a little more rounded and...bulbous in comparison I guess? So they run the risk of looking a little bobble headed. Though Venitu heads are bigger and closer to EID in size and they look pretty good to me, but they sit low on the neck. Somehow my vast collection still lacks an EID so I can't try it out for you. :lol:

      @rianne - Persephone's looking sunning! :D Did you darken her lips as well?
    10. @rianne and @Quiet and Insane thank you both! It sounds to me like it'll work. I don't need exact, just ballpark-ish to get an idea of what the head might look like on the 28M. I tried him on Batman's body last night and he doesn't fit, but looks ok proportionately. I think he would be fine on a slightly smaller body, especially if it was close. So I might go for it and order. So far this is the only body I've found that even comes close....and there is a sale. Which means someday in the next million years I might get it XD
    11. @VampireAngel13 Glad we were able to help. :)

      @Quiet and Insane Thank you! I completely re-did her faceup. When I value-tested, this lip color was around the same level as her previous look, but the over-all balance makes it look darker, which is what I was after. It's also a lot more contoured, which adds to that effect. Sorry for the weirdly technical answer to a simple question, haha! XD

      Edit to add another photo. Amanda is such a supermodel.

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    12. @golo, Here is the comparison.From left to right in order of iris size. The 12mm Granado eyes have a slightly smaller iris than the 10mm Soulinabox.

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    13. @nancy_schroeder_ca you're my hero! I have a (non dollshe) doll with really wide eyes who needs that small iris. Granado is earning all kinds of points on that front it looks like.
    14. The Granado eyes are very nice. I didn't include the 14mm Granado eyes, but the iris insn't much bigger than the 12mm eyes.
    15. That comparison is so great! Thank you!
    16. You are welcome!
    17. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thanks for the added info! I was thinking 14mm, so it's good to have your opinion too. I have a friend in need of that small iris-wide sclera combo too, so if we end up ordering, I should be able to add to the reference pool.
    18. Does anyone know which gesture hands are which number? I always end up getting more than I want because I don't know what I'm doing.
      specifically Diana's hands. I don't want the hands on hips.
      thanks 4 info. :daisy
    19. @VampireAngel13 - Glad I could help! then I might have an EID or two for a comparison! :lol:

      @rianne - I don't mind the technical answer, thank you for that! The overall effect is fantastic. She's stunning. :)