Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. I've saved myself from myself till Diana. . I decided to arrange to get just a body for my fashion Ausley head to save money. . . then I'm gonna wait and see if they actually let us buy Fashion Diana. . if not. . then there will be a big one involved.
      The only reason actually is that I don't have a lot of props for 1/3 size dolls. . otherwise I'd likely have hit the buy button by now.
    2. I'm still in love with my Saints but I did trade one of them for Jathie, Kilian's boyfriend. Kilian and Jathie deep in discussion.
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    3. I ordered a dollshe Amanda though bjd. How long did everyone else wait?
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    4. It dawned on me that it is inevitable that I will want another body for my 5 floating heads since all my photos are about relationships. I want to share clothes so...maybe I need another big boy. Perhaps Adonis. I don't even know if I can lift a big boy and the sale is making me want to order a second. I still don't know where the first guy will live! I used to be a rational person, really! (And I hit the button!)

      @ApothecarySlug bjdivas told me to prepare for a year's wait. However, I have talked to 2 people who got their dolls in 5.5 months.
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    5. Well, at least you have a little time to figure out where they will live. However, I never seem to be ready anyway.
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    6. Congrats on your Amanda order @ApothecarySlug ! Amanda is my favorite doll ever! I just changed her bust from Glamor to Medium and it was easy to do. Her flat feet are a cool option I have not tried yet. I have not tried the small bust yet but I can not believe how much she can change. She can be high fashion or country waif. It's like having several dolls in one.

      [​IMG]Dollshe David and Amanda by Linda, on Flickr
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    7. @tinyseams agreed, dollshe dolls are so incredibly versatile. <3

      @ApothecarySlug definitely prepare yourself for a very long wait. you might get lucky with a 3-6 month wait, but many people wait over a year. It will be less frustrating if you just assume it will take a long time.
    8. Hi,
      I am looking for info on dollshe shipping and contacting them.
      I ordered a doll in febuary of this year but I forgot to log into the site when I ordered her.
      they gave me just a 4 digit number . I tried contacting them several times since February but I have never gotten a reply.
      is there another email to contact them at besides the dollshe customer service ?
      how long does it usually take to get the doll once ordered?
      I am not on social media so I can not contact them through any site like that.
      any info is appreciated .
      thank you all.
      oh, beautiful dolls everyone

      The four digit number is your order number, once it is ready to be shipped they will email you to confirm the details, and then after a few weeks, will email you with the tracking number. If you ordered february this year, expect the doll to be shipped by end of this year, or early next year or more realistically, it depends on what you ordered. I ordered Natalie and its been 1 year 3months and still not shipped

      I only got replies on this email [email protected], sometimes it takes 2 days to get a reply, and sometimes a few weeks, and sometimes never which is why I ordered through BJD Divas when I placed my order

      I dont think he has other social media, but getting a reply from him is difficult in general. They had a good Q&A board but it was taken down after maintenance or something like that
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    10. thank you for the info GreenTeaSlug
      I wish dollshe would put this info of long shipping up or just stop taking orders until they catch up with the back orders.
      I would never have ordered a doll from them if I knew about the extended shipping.
      the webmaster email is the one I send messages to but I never get an answer.
      I just wish I would have known .
      thank you again for the info.
    11. @YOUKAIMOON BJDivas was very good about telling me about shipping possibly being over a year. They even offered to cancel my order if I wasn't okay with that. Also their shipping is so much lower from the US. IF you ever order again, I highly recommend them. I had first ordered direct, then realized my mistake. I asked Dollshe to cancel my order which I had paid in full explaining that I had decided to go through BJDivas. They were happy to refund me, encouraging me to use their US distributor. I got the full refund back and ordered from BJDivas after explaining that I knew about the waiting times. I thought it was a given to wait this long but I now know it's a crap shoot. Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones! And me too, haha!
    12. Thanks Mahgiep,
      It worries me that no one ever verified my order and they never answer when I email them.
      I think I will just stick to buying my dollshe dolls here on DOA. it just feels safer
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    13. @tinyseams That pic is hilarious. He's all "yeah horse!!" And she looks so baffled. I love it. Thanks for sharing.
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    14. @YOUKAIMOON good luck with your purchase! I hope you get your doll one way or another.
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    15. So I've jumped on the wait train yet again. I had a fashion 24M with a Grant head on layaway with BJDivas but I ended up taking the plunge and changing it to a Classic to go with my Amadiz Yolande that's coming here in a few months.

      Which brings up the question...what the heck even fits the 24M Classic body? He's almost the same as an Iplehouse EID superhero body but not quite...I'm having a heck of a time finding anything pre-made to fit him...

      Any ideas?
    16. You could ask Jay at SartoriaJ.
    17. @HeyJude - I just use Iplehouse EID stuff for my guys and roll up the sleeves/pant legs. Sometimes "uncle" sized clothes off Taobao fit too if they're stretchy.
    18. You're welcome!
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