Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. You guys who have been following the discussion more actively, weren't Dollshe renewing their Amanda head recently? Have they already put the new heads in production or wpuld it be a safer bet to just get Ausley, maybe to wait just a year? I might be wanting the 26F body but find none of the 26F heads are my type so I'd just sell the head anyway and am just picking the easiest to sell forward. I'm in fact wondering why they sell 28m body separately but not 26f.

      I'm still in doubt about getting this body, although the price is a bargain and although I have my Phoenix doll floating Neave head with whom the body would match 100%. To me the body seems so skinny and flawless (I like flaws lol) and also stiff while sitting, maybe because there is no joint above the hips.
    2. Does anyone know how many people actually work at dollshe? Or is it a one person studio?
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    3. It's not a one person studio but is not very efficiently run and getting a doll takes a long time which makes some people nervous about ordering from them.

      OMG @Katushka_Nitok They look incredible. Those outfits are awesome.
    4. @SteamWitch Thank you for the answer, it does certainly explain a lot!
    5. @Katushka_Nitok Beautiful dolls and amazing outfits. Love them. Really makes me excited to be getting Arsene....someday.

      So I have heard stories about how hard getting the big dolls to stand is. Did most of you suede your dolls?
    6. @Mahgiep I have the Mystic and 24m bodies, both Pose+. Without any alterations I found myself wrestling with the hips, belly joint and knees. You straighten one leg and the belly pops out; spare a hand to fix that and suddenly a knee goes limp. I could get them to stand but didn’t dare leave them for a second without something to lean on.

      I have since installed suede and wired the legs and they stand sturdily for me now. Those gigantic feet help, and the bodies feel pretty well balanced for being so heavy, but I find the knees are just too excitable out of the box.
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    7. @Havra I've wired dolls before. I also purposely didn't get the pose plus because of people's comments, so no neck or belly joint. Where do your wires start and end? And what gauge works? Thanks in advance!
    8. @Mahgiep I will probably swap it out in the future, but as things are I took a random piece of coated wire I had (about 4mm including the coating), folded it in half twice and stuck the ends from the centre of his torso down each leg to mid-calf. So he has two wires in each leg and they meet in an ‘A’ shape in his belly. This would not be strong enough to hold the doll’s weight in a bent-knee half crouch position, but offers enough resistance to keep the knees from bending unless directed to. Hope that helps some. :sweat
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    9. Absolutely!
    10. L
      LOL! It's only one and now is on vacation XD
    11. I read somewhere that his mom does the stringing, though I would think he'd have more than her working for him! ;)
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    12. Yeah, thanks @Mahgiep that was a good read!
      Really shows the human side to the company.
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    13. [​IMG]
      This is also in gallery :sweat but I hadn't styled him in a while and wanted to share.
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    14. Hey guys!
      Where do you guys shop your shoes for Dollshe Rhythmos? His feet size is 9,5cm...
      I am super intrigued by the shoes from SartoriaJ but I am a bit worried that they´ll look to big on the Rhythmos. Do you have other recommendations? Or do the SartoriaJ shoes fit after all? :)