Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. I adore the ring on his finger. I just noticed it and wow that detail is spectacular. This is a great picture thank you for sharing.
    2. Salinger is trying on a blue top today and whiling away the afternoon lazily :)


      @Katushka_Nitok great work! I still really want an Amanda one day.
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    3. Everyone congratulations with your new arrivals. I love seeing what you all do with your dolls!

      I think I finally discovered how to fix the buckling knees problems of my Mystic bodies. Are there more people that experience that problem?
    4. @Cyador How did you fix them? I don't have my bodies yet but I have others with buckling knees...
    5. @Mahgiep It was a problem of the holes in the legs being too large - elastic wants to take the shortest route and pushed against the inside of the back of the legs and knees. I put a bal of epoxy inside the thigh from the knee side upwards. It makes the hole smaller and leads the elastic through the front of the knee part. It worked!
      (The knee is turned around in the picture)
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    6. @Cyador Oh great photo and explanation! Thank you! Is that milliput?
    7. No - it is epoxie sculpt - a 'two part permanent self-hardening waterproof modeling compound'. It is comparable to milliput but feels different. Milliput is more like clay - this is harder. But i think you could use lilliput without a problem :)
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    8. @Cyador Thank you for sharing this neat fix!
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    9. Hi, I'm new here but I ordered my first Dollshe (Saint in fresh skin) in february and I just got the tracking number for shipping today! Yay!
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    10. @Revvy That is awesome news!!
    11. That is really clever :o Thanks for the great photo too!
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    12. Great fix for the problem! @Cyador
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    13. Congrats! That's so exciting!!!
    14. Hey everyone!
      I just checked Dollshe's webshop and I see these ridiculous discounts...!
      I want to buy a Dollshe Saint because the price has dropped so drastically.
      I actually swore to never order at Dollshe again because the waiting times are so long...
      I can't resist, but Saint seems to not have the option to choose open eyes head.
      I guess that's a mistake on the website, isn't it? Did someone else have this?
      I hope the head with OE is not sold out...

      That's what's written on the product description
      Basic package configuration

      OE Head + Body
    15. @DeanDynamite Have you tried emailing them? I would want to get their confirmation, just to be sure! :)
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    16. Yes I wrote directly. But they always take long to reply. Only 6 days left to order :(
    17. Check with They are an authorized dealer and will respond quickly. They also do layaway! They are in the USA. I don't know if there is a European dealer.
    18. @DeanDynamite The basic package has the OE head yeah, the "add head" option is to order an extra head (not included in the price)
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    19. Ooooooh are you sure??
      I apologize for my stupidity :)
      This is great. I will totally order him then for that price. I hope it won't take a year...