Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. @Iron_Dog Thanks =D I hope you receive your doll soon, sorry to hear about your troubles.
    2. Thanks. I'll survive. It's not like I don't have other dolls to keep me occupied *makes shifty eyes at resin army*.
    3. Hahahaha, I currently have 2 others. Slowly building up my crew.
    4. I'm currently sitting at 59 dolls and I anticipate buying another doll this year (probably as my Xmas present to me). It's a sickness I tell you.
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    5. @Iron_Dog I'm so sorry to hear about your doll problems.. :( I'm worried about my order now x_X yikes.

      Also i have a question to the general group. Do Sadol clothes fit the new 18M bodies or are they tailored to the old Hound measurements? They're having an event now and I really want to get those gorgeous outfits.
    6. @kagami It's probably a one-off error with my order. Hopefully.

      Still no response to my email back but since it's the weekend now, I'll give them until Monday before bugging them to make sure they have it right this time (assuming they don't contact me first.
    7. I've been on the edge about getting a 18m boy for awhile. I went to bed yesterday thinking the final sales phase would be over in a few hours and so would be my suffering, but they have extended the sales. Blah.

      I was however pushed back significantly by what I discovered in my email a couple of days ago. While looking for another receipt, I found out I have bought Ausley without remembering it. It's easy when you never log on to your account while purchasing, and the order history won't be recorded. I now recall I bought this doll for the body, but for a while I was like "wait, I don't even want Ausley's sculpt, what is going on?" But the thing is, I had to get a random head for I never saw the 26F classic maxi bodies alone being discount (haven't seen even now, which is a bummer, because I personally like the old Ausley body way more even if it uses hoops instead of s-hooks).
    8. @vauhtikatti I hope you get her soon. :ablink::o

      @Iron_Dog sly seems to be the default look for the SA Hound face ;) I really love his old company faceup, I can't believe it is still in perfect condition from 2012. The small brown iris eyes really work in those small gaps. I'm still working on his character, though if I think too long I tend to give them tragic childhoods that lead to dysfunctional adulthood. :frownyblush:
    9. you could branch out - happy/normal-ish childhoods that lead to dysfunctional adulthood or tragic childhoods that lead to capable and competent adulthood ;)
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    10. That is true @Girrl. He doesn't have to be 'that' guy. I'll follow a different branch, thanks.
    11. My dolls are mostly functional happy adults with tragic childhoods but that comes out of my kdrama obsession. I just watched a jdrama with a happy childhood hero and a tragic childhood hero and both were dysfunctional adults and they both died in the end. So many possibilities, haha.
    12. For what it's worth, the sales are technically over. We asked Dollshe to extend the sales timer on their website because we're getting a lot of last minute orders and we need time verify all of them and then to put them all through. :lol:
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    13. @BJDivas Thank you for your clarification!
    14. I have an embarrassing number of guys with something tragic in their past. Most have moved beyond it but it still affects them in ways.
    15. Long time Dollshe owner and lover here but i had to sneak in and check the thread for lovely pictures :D
      I will leave a photo of Bodhi my SA Husky - he's still a huge work in progress but i'm slowly getting there! I also have a super old SA Saint from 2007 and a Saint from 2012 who i need to try and find a hybrid body for ( finding something smaller is really fun >_> )

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    16. I have a very weird question for the F26 Amand(65cm) owners. I need 2 certain head measurements for a custom wig but I do not have my girl yet. Would anyone be able to help me? This might not fit in this discussion but I didn’t know where else to post :sweat
    17. @emac - Ooh he's gorgeous! :D I love grumpy goth boys.

      @SteamWitch - Such a lovely sculpt. Lovely to see such an old, intact face up!

      @KittyOrochimaru - Oh woooow! He's so lovely! His eyes are a gorgeous colour.
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    18. So I got a reply from Dollshe today. I still need to confirm with them that they're going to be making me a Saint not an Arsense (still not even sure how that weirdness happened) but for others waiting on the 55cm boy, you may be interested in this....

      It takes about three to four months to complete the prototype of the Classic Mini.
      In the meantime, we couldn't proceed with the prototype due to the problem of 3D printer, so there are a lot of dolls waiting for production.

      Have a wonderful day.

      Sincerely yours,
      DollShe Craft

      So in the roughly 15 months time of when they offered the new 55cm boy for sale, they've done absolutely nothing on that project? Am I reading the above right? When I emailed them back in December 2018 to ask about my order they said then that they'd just gotten the new 3D machine and needed to get it set up and running and needed a few months. When I emailed in March 2019 to ask about progress, they said they were still setting up the machine and needed more time.

      Keep in mind that they were apparently working on making a 44cm doll for me at the time (as per my original order), which, to the best of my knowledge, was an already established size (especially since I'd personally seen and almost bought a 44cm Dollshe at Doll North in 2018). *sigh* I'm still going to hang in there for the doll I want/ordered but this is just frustrating and irritating.
    19. Oh wow! They are in trouble if they can't make any new dolls with the new 3d printer and the old one no longer works!
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