Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. Does anyone here have a Doll Family-A 70 cm male body and an Adonis head they could take a picture of by any chance? I was thinking about getting the DF-A body for my floating Adonis head and was wondering if it'd make a good hybrid.
    2. I think the 3D printer is just to get things right on the doll before making the moulds to cast the actual dolls. But I could be totally wrong on that.
    3. You should confirm if it’s the older smaller head (which I can measure for you!) or the newer larger one! But if it’s the original, I can get you measurements today.
    4. The size listed as Hound is tailored to the old Hound body. The size can also sort of fit the Pure body. Tops fit the Pure body just fine, and bottoms fit ok-ish. For bottoms, the waist and hips fit, and the thighs fit alright as well. It was those thick Pure body calves that were the problem with the Sadol suit I bought. XP As for the 18M body you'll just have to compare measures between the body and the bodies Sadol has listed as to sizes they make, and then go with the closest fit.
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    5. Thank you so much @Cloudedmind That was super helpful :)
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    6. @Iron_Dog i’m so sorry for those news, dollshe sculpts are outstanding but the long waits are killers. Especially for me when I am at home a lot, but the tiny okay part is at least he’s not your first doll? I’d personally ask for special consideration because 15 months feels like a jail term!
    7. @golo The wait is painfully long. I do have another Dollshe boy but I'd bought the head during one of the in-stock sales that was supposed to be a discontinuation sale *laughs hysterically* and I bought the body a few years later in another "discontinuation sale". The body was only about a 6 month wait so not bad for Dollshe.
    8. @Iron_Dog Good work keeping up that determination anyway! At least you’re sticking to what you really want. Keep us updated.
    9. @golo I know I'm not the only one who ordered the new 55cm size and is still waiting. Sharing the info about how production is going (or not going as the case seems to be) seems like the right thing to do.
    10. I'm so happy! I got my first dollshe!
      Amanda in pale. She is the one that was in stock though bjdivas. I haven't received my girl I ordered during the sale.
      This isn't her wig it's too large but I couldn't not share. Im waiting on her eyelashes and wig.

      [​IMG]Vaeda wrong wig by Amner Feil, on Flickr
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    11. So Dollshe finally fulfilled all my actual doll orders but they're not sending the gift Mollies saying "they can't help"... :evil: Does anyone have a link to or kept the records of the sale at this point maybe over a year ago or more when Dollshe was promoting the puzzle packages and it was buy 2 large dolls get a small doll / body, and buy 2 small dolls get a Molly and additional Mollies based on amount spent? I'm hoping to jog theirs and my memory since it's been so long... Thanks in advance! :D

      Follow up - so they wrote back saying they were confused and they're sending the Mollies :D. But I still would like a copy of the record if anyone has it. Thanks!
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    12. :celebrateJumping in on this train. Always liked Dollshe Bernard but never ordered him bacause of the price and waiting time. Finally decided to take my chance since I didn't get what I had planned for my OC and I saw the huge sale. Prepared myself mentally for the +12 months wait. :) Have to develop my charachter to match the new sculpt.
    13. @Emma DD White woop! Congrats on your Bernard!

      I have a question regarding jointed hands.. Does anyone here use them on their boys? Which company has the best jointed hands that fit Dollshe bodies --- both the old bodies (by old, I mean Tensiya Bermann old) and the new Mystic ones?
    14. Oh great question! Thanks for asking @kagami! Been wondering the same!
    15. Thank you. :blush

      And I could swear I just saw a post somewhere saying Doll Legend 70cm hands would be a good fit to Dollshe bodies. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
    16. You are right Doll Legend 70cm jointed hands work well.
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    17. I've had good luck with Soom jointed hands for my Dollshe guys. Soom's WS and NS are decent matches to DS pale and oriental colors, and the scale is about right too.
    18. @Emma DD White @SteamWitch @earth.spirits Thank you so much! That's really useful. I spent a few hours last night looking through all the threads here but there were oddly enough not as many photos of Dollshes with jointed hands! :?

      I'll also be getting a Copper Oriental doll. Are there any companies that would have colours similar to that skintone? Granado?
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    19. You're welcome, @kagami! Oh, and I should mention that the Dollshe guys I used the Soom ball-jointed hands on are the 70cm Pure body and "Old Style" classic body dolls.
    20. @earth.spirits Thank you! I have a Tensiya Bermann that I want to try jointed hands on, so that's great information. :love