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Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. Can anyone help? I have an 18m 70cm body. He’s a nightmare. I’ve tried sueding, hot glue, tightening elastic. Even wiring. He still can’t hold a pose for anything. It’s very annoying right now & I can’t seem to figure it out. :(

    2. Which body do you have? I had problems with the Mystic body and the DS32M body and found sollutions for both. The M28 body and the Arsene body do not really give me problems. But Dollshe made at least 3 other 70cm bodies, and of the ones I mentioned there are different versions too.
    3. It’s 18m pose plus. Relatively new, deliver last Christmas.
    4. Where do you guys get shoes for the bodies with 10cm feet?! Specifically boots? I’ve considered swapping his feet with some different ones because they’re massive. He’s currently wearing actual baby shoes and those just about fit him. :nowords:
    5. @Spuggey - EID shoes fit, also try Blue Blood Doll.
    6. Thanks... they’re not really the style I need though. I think changing his feet might be the best option? I need more military/work boot style rather than the pointed toes & dress shoes on offer. :eek:
    7. Iplehouse sells shoes that fit 10cm feet. Here.
    8. Thank you! Found perfect ones! Sorry @Quiet and Insane I didn’t see that bit, you were right too!
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    9. I guessed right you didn't see them. Good to know you found what you were looking for. :)
    10. All good! Happy to help either way. :)
    11. Has anyone tried sueding the females? The little rubber pegs don't quit cut the mustard. I'm thinking about using actual suede. Any recommendations?
    12. Persephone finally got a new outfit and photoshoot. I've been neglecting the big dolls horribly, but she's still an absolute treasure, and her style is perfect for this time of year.

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    13. @rianne - I don't think I could ever stop loving her. She's just the most stunning. :D Her style is honestly something I wish I could pull off in real life.
    14. You have to get very thin suede to do it. I've used the thin moleskin with some success but the resin must be very clean or the glue on the mole skin just peels up, same with the suede. I have one doll whose suedeing is 5 years old and still works.
    15. Has anyone attempted an SD dollshe oriental with a loongsoul 62cm boy body in normal? I know the neck size is the same, but does it work? How does it look? I like the poseability of the loongsoul body. I've researched on DOA, but sometimes a search doesn't bring up what I need to know.
    16. Dollshe and LoongSoul use drastically different types of resin, so that alone is going to blow the match clean out of the water.
      Also, LS doesn't have a resin just called "normal" btw, it's either "normal pink" or "normal yellow" and neither is even a remote match to DS Oriental (real/wheat skin might be in the ballpark, but I haven't seen it in ages...)

    17. Thank you. That's what I thought and I guess I'll have to go another way. Is there a very articulated body that would work? I like the Doll Family-H boy body, but I'm really looking for a way for him to be slightly more mature & slightly over 60cm? Thanks again.
    18. @GreenVixen

      Loongsoul has both environmental/imported (translucent) resin and regular opaque resin. Their tan resin is significantly darker than Dollshe Oriental, and translucent, but I don't know about their wheat.

      Doll Family H and Doll Legend are the same company, according to a dealer (and Doll Family A is unaffiliated?), so their resin colors should be the same. The reason this is relevant is because I own both Dollshe and Doll Legend, but not Doll Family H in the right color. The new Normal Pink skin for Doll Legend/Doll Family H is close to Dollshe Fresh, but slightly pinker.


      The rightmost body is Doll Legend Old Normal Pink, the jointed hand which is leftmost is Doll Legend New Normal Pink, and the central Venitu is Dollshe Fresh
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