Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. Sharing Margarite (EN DIana) in a Period Threads gown that was actually made to fit Iple EID/SID body. Diana's shoulders are so broad that she wears it well, even though her chest is very flat.
      [​IMG]The Color Pink by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    2. as someone who lives across the street from the ocean, I think it's safe to say sand gets into everything even if you're careful ;)
      those pictures are great, and Thorne looked amazing
    3. Thank you and you are right I shouldn't let it stop me. :)
    4. Sand is the glitter of the earth.
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    5. @MJKKJM - Ooh wow she looks gorgeous! :) I love her wig.

      @rianne - Ooh yes, the red does look good on her too.
    6. Hallelujah! After one year and four months, Adonis is finally on his way home to me. He was in packing status for three plus months. :) I received the tracking number late last night.

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    7. Congrats! May he breeze through Customs without so much as a slow down.
    8. @JinCIncy it does fit well!

      @Julie M Congratulations!

      @Quiet and Insane Thank you :3

      Here's one more of redhead Persephone, and then I think she's back to being a brunette. XD

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    9. Ooh congratulations @Julie M! I hope he gets to you swiftly.
    10. Yay!

      Edit: Julian and Color rehearsing a duet.
      [​IMG]Working on a duet. Julian and Color by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    11. Is the wait for Dollshe still outrageous? I’m tempted by BJDiva’s sale on the Diana 16F SD set. Diana is one of my favorite sculpts I’ve seen, but waiting 2 years for a doll is painful. Advice?
    12. Since Diana has been shipped out I doubt the wait will reach 2 years, but it may be close to a year because he keeps running 'specials' to keep money , um orders rolling in. Plus if it is through BJDivas it might have more weight behind it than ordering direct.

      Sorry for the snarkiness, I've lost my taste for ordering new from Dollshe.
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    13. I wont ever order direct, at least with BJDiva's I know communication will be good and that Im in good hands. Im still waiting on my Natalie and Tom, but Im fine with it because the people who run it have always responded very quickly to me. Im too scared to ever order direct, since he has never responded to any of my emails.

      The new special sounds good to me, and I dont care how long he says the wait period is. Better over estimate it and be happy that the order came early, instead of relying on the time promised and waiting a year + over. I would assume 1-2 year wait for their dolls

      realistically, a year wait seems to be the norm.

      I loved that warning bit about faceups getting a 2 week delay to order :abambi:

      Im probably going to get the Amanda special, but Im trying to make up my mind. Ive seen some mango oriental resin and it looks very nice like toffee. Waiting for one to pop up secondhand with the pieces I want is taking too long, plus I prefer the newer bigger head but I do wish he kept the lip texturing.
    14. I could also do a year layaway, so I’m not so annoyed about my money being tied up. And if a miracle happens and the doll is ready early, I can just pay off the remainder.
    15. With the exception of dolls that I have purchased second-hand, I have always ordered directly from DollShe. My shortest wait was five months; my longest was sixteen. Adonis is in the house. Now, to unwrap him. My stack of dolls that need faceups is growing....
    16. I've never had as many dolls needing face-ups as I do right now. I have 4 in-house and whenever I get my Dollshe boy that's in production, he'll be number 5. That's a bit frightening to me.
    17. I figured you guys might get a kick out of this. My arsene continues to act as a dollstand for smaller dolls. XD I just realized that, even after a doll purge, my core dollshe duo has remained intact. I need to do a shoot with just Persephone and Nox once I get backdrps ironed. <3

      Re: the general 'where to order' connundrum. BJDivas is definitely easier to talk to, but I've ordered from dollshe directly aobut 4 times with no issues. Like, wait times are all over the place, but we all know that.

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