Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen

Nov 29, 2018

    1. Just placed an order for the Arsene special package event yesterday, should i expect him to arrive next year? hahah
    2. @icymiharu I'd say that's a good bet. Then you can be surprised if he arrives earlier.:kitty2
    3. Hope springs eternal....
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    4. HAHAH exciting stuff. Sadly, placed the order before reading about all the reviews about long wait times. Been away from DOA for too long. Will just hang around here and admire everyone else's dolls for now. :)
    5. Anyone else who ordered in June/July have any updates on their dolls? I'm trying to use the wait list on the wiki to estimate how much time I have left and it looks like a few orders from June were shipped in December :abambi: There isn't a ton of info on the list though, I think most people either don't use it or enter their order date and then forget to update when their doll ships haha...
    6. While my original order was in May (for a 44cm Saint), Dollshe allowed me to upsize my order to the new classic mini (55cm) in June. I'd sent an email towards the end of December asking for an update on the projected timeline for shipping and Dollshe responded saying it would be another 2 months, so end of February at the earliest based on that response. Given that the classic mini is a brand new size.... I'm not exactly holding my breath on that projected date. Hoping like mad but not banking on it.

      I'm not sure how helpful the above info is to you (depending on what you've ordered). But that was the response that I got from Dollshe. They also responded to my email within... I want to say 48-72 hours. keeping in mind that it was right around Xmas that I sent the email so likely a bit hectic of a time.
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    7. They say April-May for the classic mini now, I don't think he's working on it yet.
    8. *sigh* of course not. I mean, it wouldn't be like Dollshe to offer something up for sale and not actually work on getting those orders out the door or anything, right?
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    9. I am so glad I'm off this crazy train but I do feel for those of you still riding it.
      I love my at home DS boys tremendously, but I shop the MP.
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    10. If that were possible to get me what I want, I'd be there in a heartbeat waving around my fistful of money.
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    11. I've been waiting since April for an Arsene. Dolls ordered before and not too long after this order was placed have arrived. Two dolls ordered near the end of last year will probably come before Arsene. Lol, I hope I don't fall for anymore Dollshe dolls, and if I do, absolutely will be secondhand. Prior wait times have ranged from around 6 months to almost a year.
    12. So many wonderful dolls here! :love
      Couple weeks ago I took pics of my silent boy
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    13. Praise the lord. Dollshe convinced me that they were shipping soon, so I said I would in fact wait longer. My arsene came today, and he is every bit the quiet beauty from the company pictures. I named him Salinger after the writer.

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    14. @dollmien

      I ordered parts in July and they’ve still not shipped
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    15. I up-sized my order in June and it's still "processing" *sigh*. Dollshe said end of this month when I asked back in December but I'm not holding my breath.
    16. @Rook_Sever - He's so serene and beautiful! :)

      @golo - Congratulations! :) Arsene does have such a lovely sweet face.
    17. Thank you, Quiet and Insane. So happy to join the dollshe club. To everyone in the waiting room, please hang in there. It must be so frustrating.
    18. @Quiet and Insane awww thank you! He is a sudden purchase, but I love the sculpt :love
    19. Seeing such a beautiful dolls makes me very impatient - I can't wait for my boy to arrive.
      (I have ordered classic maxi Grant Phillippe with L4 body, additional heads, hands and feet. I would gladly throw more money at Dollshe, as I really like David Kuncci SA head, but I haven't seen possibility to order just the head on their page now. Well, I hope there Will be a chance soon...)
    20. Ooh congratulations! I have both a Grant and a David - they're such beautiful dolls. Hopefully you can just get a head for him, if not, you can always try the marketplace if you're wanting him in one of the more popular resin colours.