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Dollshe Discussion - Part Fourteen

Mar 15, 2018

    1. I have posted this on the Dollshe Ladies thread too:
      About every week I have been writing Dollshe asking about Diana and shipping schedule as we were told March. Yesterday I got this answer:
      This is Mr. Lee the website manager of DollShe Craft.
      The translator was not able to work for a while and the response was delayed.
      Please understand that the answer will be a little late.
      We will answer tomorrow.
      Have a wonderful day.

      Today I got this answer:
      The answers are being translated.
      I will reply tomorrow.
      Have a wonderful day.

      I think Diana is not even ready to pour. It is well past a year but can I ask for all of my money to be refunded?

      ------- Added notes --------

      Dollshe Website

      Previous discussion thread:

      Dollshe pictures reference and resin comparison
      DoA Wiki: Dollshe
      Waiting Room
      Dollshe boy photo thread

      DoA database:
      Afgha, Afghan and Afghana
      #1 jo1961, Mar 15, 2018
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    2. @jo1961 Typical tomorrow, tomorrow, postpone the answer reply and not acceptable.
      Yes, you can ask for your money to be refunded.
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    3. Wow number 14 this must be one of the most discussed companies, but not necessarily in a good way.
      Hope those who have their dolls will share. I have my latest one faced up and he's quite the looker.
      [​IMG]Terry aka Death by Marie, on Flickr
      Meet Terry. His job is being Death in the Fairy Realm. He will be blushed and tattooed in June or maybe sooner. I may take him to Disney World for photos in October to do a photo story.
      I have four more I am waiting on through BJDivas. They will also be in the Fairy Realm. But they are the gathers for their group.
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    4. animemom- Your Terry is sure handsome, who did his faceup? That is a very unique look for him.
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    5. On a slightly brighter note, got my shipping notice for Aramis... it’s taken a year just for a head, but at last he is in the post!
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    6. I always get nervous when I see doll companies dropping dealers. That never seems to signify anything good (see: Dollshe 1.0, Elfdoll, etc.). I hope production picks up for you guys and everyone receives their dolls!
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    7. Dollshe was going to sell through Denver Doll Emporium but that fell through. BJDivas is so nice, very organized.
      and Dollshe's announcement about sales skyrocketing during ....uh....sales....is so...... Let's just say I'm tired of it all.
      now the sale is actually extended through April 30th which doesn't help with the issue of overselling and getting behind.
      with Hawking gone, the Dollsheverse has no chance of righting itself. It will slowly be swallowed by a black hole, taking my money with it.

      on a slightly bright side, a friend has his fashion Khan 'packing' which means....just another month's wait?

    8. Maybe that means I'll get my boy home soon too! I ordered a full Aramis.
    9. I've heard about the Dollshe 1.0 situation, but I don't know the details, and with the recent news, I must admit that I'm curious. Could I trouble you to elaborate on what happened back then?
    10. I just hope he doesn't close up shop again.
      I'm addicted to honeyskin.
    11. The weather is finally nice enough to work on some blank doll parts, so today I started painting the orientalskin Rey Lewis I bought secondhand last summer. He’s wonderful! This sculpt has so many anatomical details and dimples, the faceup plans itself. I love the sense of the bone structure underneath. I’m not doing anything crazy unique with him, but I’ll still post a picture when I get his faceup and wig finished.

      ... I did not plan it this way, but nearly all my main characters are being reshelled to Dollshe sculpts, so I certainly hope they aren’t going anywhere. Cutting off dealer relationships could definitely be taken as a red flag.
    12. Dollshe has had multiple outside agent relationships over the years and has ultimately ended all of them. Like, at no point in time has this insane business model changed. After his long hiatus when he came back with the pure body, everyone was waiting over a year as well. None of this makes anything less insane, but this has always been the standard for Dollshe. And I'm going to say... as someone who is currently working on developing her first BJD, I've been doing a lot of research into what it actually takes to create accurate time frames, hire a casting agent, etc... I am starting to suspect that dollshe has debts or something. 1. there's absolutely no reason to mislead customers or to not be clear-eyed yourself about how long it takes to develop a doll and 2. it's really hard to make money at this; the whole process is expensive and demanding. Plus there's the cultural aspect of the company constantly trying to save face with the roundabout 'tomorrow tomorrow... messages' which just compounds the trust issues for international buyers. So yeah, don't expect it to get better, but also be aware that he's always been this way. He's bad at the business end of things and there's no reason to think that will ever change.

      There's also some kind of software malfunction happening right now. Like others, I just got a shipping notice for the arsene I already have.
    13. Ok, after visiting the Dollshe site tonight and reading the notices, I am cancelling my Diana's and asking for my money to be refunded. Is there anything that will back me up if he refuses to refund? Or he may choose to not answer the emails which he had been doing for some time now.
      It is past the Paypal refund time but if I do not get a refund - does writing Paypal and expressing concern about the stability of the company encourage Dollshe to refund. Would Paypal decide to refuse to let him sell his products using Paypal? I really do not wish to hurt his business but no longer wish to order from him. Over a year wait, no Q&A, no answers from email, no updates at all on Diana - it is just not a responsible way to run a business.
      If anyone has asked for refund after a year wait, please let me know how this went. Thank you
      #14 jo1961, Mar 17, 2018
      Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
    14. I'm honestly not much of an expert on Dollshe, but they were originally affiliated with Tensiya (who did all of the Bermann fullsets), Luts, and Dollmore. Dollmore obviously made sense, because of the controversy over the Model man body versus the original Dollshe body. But he dropped all of his agents a year or so before discontinuing everything the first time.
    15. Are any of the current round of dealers who are being cut off previously dealers for Dollshe as well? Or did that happen too long ago? I'm just trying to figure out if we'll see the return of dealers in the future...
    16. :sumomo::sumomo::sumomo::sumomo:Oh, happy news. Dollshe has sent little Krishna as promised and the tracking number is working. So those waiting for grown Aramis should have some hope now.:sumomo::sumomo::sumomo::sumomo:
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    17. I requested a refund during the original pure body debacle, and they issued it with no protests. I hope it goes as smoothly for you.
    18. If he is cutting dealers now, whose to say that when he gets done with this round of dolls, that he may close his shop down again, raising the demand for second hand market prices too. But there is a downside to that if he goes that route, you have recast's out there and I have seen a ton of recast video's on YouTube that is down right scary. One person had a recast of a doll and did a comparison with a legit doll, the recast looked as good as the original.........and there are recast current Dollshe dolls on YouTube as well.
    19. Right, this is scary. I’ve got two outstanding orders and have requested a cancellation and refund on one of those. Hopefully I will get that back, because I can’t sit waiting until 2019 not knowing what’s going on. I’d quite like a Granado doll and I could use the money for that instead.
      #20 Spuggey, Mar 17, 2018
      Last edited: Mar 17, 2018