Dollshe Discussion - Part Sixteen

Mar 2, 2020

    1. Hey everyone,
      I read like..10 pages back and I was really excited about this sale and to finally get my Grail doll of Bernard after years of waiting...but these horror stories, eesh.

      Has anyone had a positive experience buying direct at all?

      Should I give up?

      No other sculpt will work for the character I've had for half my life at this point, and this steal just sounds like my only chance for one of these guys.

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    2. If he's your grail and you're willing to put up with the potential of a 13+ month wait, go for it
      You're the only one who's gonna know if it's a wait you can deal with and if the price makes it worth it to you
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    3. @vvnem - She's gorgeous! :D Gold eyes look amazing with her skin tone.
    4. @IndigoFrogs The sale is a great price and if you need a specific colour, then it's probably your best option. But you will wait. And wait. And wait. I've purchased direct from Dollshe twice. The first was during one of his infamous "discontinuation" sales. I bought Wu-Tyr's head (Orijean) and received it within a week because the head was in stock. The second time was his body and was during another sale where Dollshe was only making a certain number of pieces and stated delivery of 2 months. I waited nearly 5 for just a body in pure oriental. My last order (which I cancelled after +18 months of waiting) was for a 55cm Saint in honey espresso ebony. I cancelled because of the amount of time I'd been waiting as well as the fact that I'd been lied to repeatedly about when my doll would be done because by the time I cancelled, the doll hadn't even moved past the prototype stage.

      I've recently purchased Akusuo, a honey mango Hound, from the MP and I'm very happy with my purchase. Dollshe makes wonderful dolls but the wait times have gotten to be even more brutal. If you're fine with waiting a VERY long time, go for.
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    5. I'm waiting on some correct eyes but definetly think the gold and black combo go so well with this purplish grey she has going on.
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    6. I'm really tempted to get Diana in the current sale but I'm not sure what skin I want her in. I really want to see what the honey skins are like but I want her in a darker color and I fear that might slow down production even more...
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    8. I'd say just buy though Bjdivas so you don't have to worry about communicating directly with dollshe. The price is good, and if you've already been waiting years, one more with the assurance that he will eventually get to you may not feel like too long.
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    9. Does anyone know who did the faceup for the Diana doll on the Dollshe site?
    10. Fantyfoo
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    11. OH thanks so much...:) She is just lovely.
    12. She is! Her face up is one of the reasons I fell in love with Diana. I usually hate waiting for dolls, but she’ll be worth it.
    13. Well here's hoping the wait....won't be...too long by Dollshe standards. :)
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    14. Here’s hoping!
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    15. Hi long time guys!!! same boat here, does anyone know the promo photo skin color for Diana i am torn, i thought i wanted light tan but it's too dark, what would the 1 step lighter to that be in your opinions? i also wanted the smaller doll but fear it would either not look the same or be too small
    16. Sending best wishes to those biting the bullet for the Long Haul. I'd be so torn about it!

      Made some makeshift seating today. Dollshes sit pretty tall, it seems...

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    17. My girl finally got her eyes in! 8mm eyes with 0.31 iris. Don't mind her wigless appearance I am currently fixing her wig since the top looked so bad.
    18. Quick question for anyone who might know; does Dollshe copper oriental matche Miracledoll tan/sunshine?

      I was looking to hybrid my Ausley onto a different style of body, and while Miracledoll body is lovely, I do not believe they do resin match of any kind.
    19. If you need matching, both RS and Impl do it for a very reasonable fee. I ordered a custom green doll from Impl and the custom colour fee was $60. I have contacted RS about matching for a head I have and their matching fee is $20 (I can't order the body yet as the Corona virus has shut them down and they asked me to wait to place the order until they're up and running again).

      Impl also has a new style girl body with a lot of movement/posing ability in the shoulders/neck (possibly hip and other joints, too). I can't say from personal experience how this body moves as I don't collect girls but people who have ordered this body are very pleased with it according to the comments in the Impl thread.
    20. Hi guys! I have a problem I would like to discuss, I have a Dollshe Khan in Copper oriental Pure skin, he is just amazing, but, I would love to get a pair of jointed hands for him. My friend lended me her Idealian hands this weekend and I tried them on him. I have tried to get used to them, but, it just feels too small. Now I'm thinking of Spiritdoll Herculean hands for him? I can't find much when I google for information. does anyone have any helpful information for me? :eusa_pray
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