Dollshe Discussion - Part Sixteen

Mar 2, 2020

    1. Hi! Are there any Dollshe Arsene 18M Classic 70cm owners? If yes, can someone please tell me/check for me, what wig size he should wear? From Leeke company. 8-9 or maybe his head is not that big and 7-8? Im waiting for my Arsene and I wanted to order wig and eyes for him before he gets here. Thank you!
    2. Been a long time since I have posted here, but there is talk on Instagram that Dollshe has stopped providing the silicone nubs on any new dolls they now cast, without a notice. So they come with the holes for nubs but no actual nubs, and are floppy thanks to this as that's not the way they were meant to move originally. Has anyone here got any experience about this? Have your recently made dolls still had the nubs in place? It's really sad if they retire the silicone nub system, I always loved it. But on the other hand, it may be they indeed cannot keep making dolls at the insane prices they now have, if they intend to include everything they used to.
    3. @vauhtikatti it worries me that he would discontinue them without notice, but not patch those unsightly holes in the dolls :?
      when he originally announced them my immediate reaction was "great. and in a few years these will go bad or get lost and the doll will have weird holes all over! (the ones in the neck being the worst)". This is kind of worst of both worlds.

      I think I read somewhere that someone replaced theirs with pencil erasers! I don't remember if that was for fashion or classic size though.
    4. Erasers sound Clever! I was thinking about building up my own nubs with hot glue as well, in 3 years when I see my doll
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    5. I already glued in two neck ones on my Arsene. No nubs suck. I like the way they work but at least there are two solutions already. I wonder if anyone has asked poor BJDiva about this.
    6. oh gah on top of the resin colour change that's another annoyance... I'm going to find out on Tuesday what that means then... My Dollshe order from 2018 finally cleared customs after they'd sat on it for a week deciding what VAT charge to drop on me. Ausley Love on original body, and Amanda body that will now not match the head it was ordered for, both potentially without kips here I come...
    7. I'm glad I only ordered two boys a year ago. The color change is the biggest disaster for me with 20 heads although I've found bodies for many now. No way I'd get another Dollshe at my age!
    8. that's the exact same thing I did, like a week or two apart on the orders. Wonder if wait times will be even longer since the sales. Well I knew what I was in for,so here's to waiting!
    9. i'm so weak. i have 2 payments left on David & Grant, and i just started an Aramis. what is wrong with me.
      nearly did the Adonis. halp somebody stop me :lol:

      i guess it will be interesting to see what happens with the stoppers. with 3 dolls, maybe i will make a mold to make my own.
    10. @Grimalkin you can start a business. I will be your first customer.
    11. :lol: well, heck, it might take a while since i won't see any of the dolls until 3 years later :lol:

      i was sort of just thinking out loud, but if it's not a violation of anything? eeep
      on my own dolls, i might just fill the holes permanently and call it a day, but i guess some folks might want to have them be removable still.

      it seems like they are no different than kips, elastics or hooks, "mechanical parts" - not like hands or feet yeah?
      i've been working on creating some unique small accessories in UV resin anyway...
      if the originals were just silicone, i would think RTV might work? unless it was a tougher formula... hmmm

      does anyone have both the 28M and the 18M bodies to know if the plugs are the same size in both?
    12. I can help answering that question:

      the last model to have the spots for the silicone plugs was Arsene. The old 18M and the 18M grown mystic body do not have them. Neither does my Khan, checked all three. I believe Diana do ant have them either.

      I compared the silicone plugs on my 28M and the Arsene body and they have the same size plugs for the hip joints.

      the neck ones are smaller and the knee and elbow ones appear to be the same size as the hip ones.

      worth noting that the dolls I’ve gotten between 2014 and now have not had the plugs inserted in the knees and elbows . Just the hips and shoulders sometimes. They did come with extras, so those may be the ones for the empty spots

      my most recent, Michael Bowie, arrived in March and had the plugs I. The hips and shoulders only.

      not a dealbreaker for me , as their functionality is Not impressive; good idea was that did not work as well as expected. Sueding , leather or hot glue ,seem to yield better results.

      just a thought: it is likely that Dollshe may not be able to obtain the plugs at this time; many supply. chains have been severely disrupted.
      Rather than to wait for a supply of silicon plugs they may never come, he may have decided to send out dolls without them.

      just a thought.
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    13. 100% silicone aquarium adhesive can be squeezed out in a bead, left to dry and then chopped to the right size. (I'm not in need of them but I work in a variety store with a hardware dept, and that's what I'd do)
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    14. that’s a great tip!
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    15. @MAITALIA thank you for the info! it's nice so many are the same size at least. maybe i can find an extruder that is the correct size. my brain is chewing on this now :lol:
      but i got some pliver for some other floppy folks, so i guess i'll see what happens when they come.
    16. Silicone bathroom caulking would probably work, too, if you were trying to make your own nubs. I use that when making wefts for wigs and I've smear the inside of 2 mohair wigs that I dyed with it to both help give some grip on smooth resin heads and prevent dye transfer.

      Neither of my Dollshe boys have the nubs. I'm uncertain of when Akusuo (Hound) was made as he's a 2nd hand purchase and Wu-Tyr's (Orijean) body was made in 2017. Both bodies are the Pure versions.
    17. 8-9 is correct, 7-8 is too small. I have ordered from leeke previously!
    18. OH wow! He's beautiful! :love
    19. Thank you very much! :)
    20. And my order showed up - uh if I work out how to get the potato shots off my phone onto somewhere that hosts I'll do that later.

      The Ausley Love body is so much lighter than the Amanda one, in terms of pure weight despite their similar sizes which surprised the hell out of me! Love the Ausley sculpt to death in person, though the thinness of the resin in places does scare me a tad!

      Uh - yeah the Amanda body came with the smaller silicone nubs at the neck joint, but alas, none of the larger ones in places like the shoulders/hips - I shall be working something out in the next week or so, because the body does seem to need them.

      ...And as predicted Fresh skin is now pink toned, not yellow toned... Which sigh... However, the head intended for the body was blushed heavily enough to mostly hide the difference, but urgh, I went for Dollshe so I wouldn't need to blush to match lol.

      However, absolutely love the sculpting of both bodies - old Ausley and the newer 26F Amanda body, or whatever it's official name is! (When did Dollshe swap over from metal inserts to clear plastic ones btw? My most recent Dollshe order was during the last Dollshe-selling-Venitu run lol, so quite a while ago! Not sure there's any actual benefit to those pieces now they're just brittle looking plastic rather than metal.)
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