Dollshe Discussion - Part Sixteen

Mar 2, 2020

    1. Hello, first timer dollshe buyer here and I was wondering which skin is better: honey or pure?
    2. @Vetinari Congrats! It's interesting that there's so much weight difference between the bodies! They really are almost the same size. I have a mini Ausley and I adore her face.

      @Demiurgo it's really a matter of personal opinion. I really like the darker shades in honey, but not the light ones like oriental or fresh. But it's also hard to find honey skin on a doll with an actual faceup sometimes too.
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    3. @Thymeseer Thanks! I thought there was a deeper difference when I read the page about skins. I like honey colors better but there are so many choises I was struck by anxiety lol
    4. Honey gives a nice glow where the pure is more of a matte look if that makes any sense. One of my boys is honey mango (which I swear is more salted caramel than mango) and the other is pure oriental. I love the darker tone in the honey mango.

      I have 2 other dolls (not Dollshe) in translucent/environmental resin and I think it works well with their skin tones despite being lighter. Ryzel is a BBD in peach resin and Quin is a JeiDoll in what I think is their normal (it didn't say on his sales page/CoA).
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    5. Dollshe honeyskin resins are more resistent to UV light, more flexible - less breakable, and the colors go all the way through, making them easy to sand with little visible marks.
      The feel is more organic than pureskin. Some people prefer how it takes color when painted. You almost have to see & touch it to judge for yourself.
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    6. Yes, Diana doesn't have the nubs either (or holes for them). I sueded her to make her pose better, plus she has wiring in her arms for now.
    7. Now I'm really intrigued by the Honey skin :) I saw the mango skin and yes, it does really look like salted caramel and now I'm hungry lol And I also see they COST ohhh yeah, almost chocke on that 128 usd but I guess you pay for the quality, right?

      I'm on the hunt for some pictures of the silver skin on the Dollshe flickr. I found this one but should I contact a wigmaker just to ask her about the color of her doll? I would feel awkward lol necromancer2
    8. The doll looks like he's in Modern Gray from what I can tell. Not totally certain, but the tones seem to match there?
    9. @Demiurgo I would look up faceups on dollshe honey skin before deciding, because of the translucency, I feel like not every type of face up would work on it, because it sometimes looks like its decals instead of paint on honey skin. I personally feel a lighter handed faceup looks really amazing and shows the beauty of honey skin better. I personally prefer pureskin better because to me, a larger variety of faceups show up better, and because pureskin is less opaque, meaning the sculpt details show clearer. You would be surprised at how opaque the honey skin is, I imagine its what fairy skin looks like, or edward the vampire skin looks like in sunlight lol...

      Tom Cruise (pure copper), and Natalie (pure fresh) ordered in 5/2018
      Amanda (honey raspberry), Diana (honey mango) and David (pure oriental) ordered 1/2020

      Now I see about 3+ year wait times and I try to not read this thread or other threads with dollshe so I can be patient and not stress about wait times.
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    10. Honey caramel brown. Go wild!


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    11. Oh! He is exotic!
    12. Akusuo (honey mango Hound) is very appropriate in my mind to have the honey resin translucency as he is the God of Secrets, Wishes & Dreams and there should be a little something... more with him. I also FINALLY got his wig and outfit from SPO delivered (it was 50 days "in transit" after leaving Shanghai) and he looks smashing in them. I need to find a spare moment *laughs hysterically at that* to take a pic of him.
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    13. @Iron_Dog - Great that you finally got your stuff. I can't wait to see Akusuo whenever you get a photo of him.
    14. @TatterPunk Oh, damn. Forgot pureskin has some grey skin as well. This one is so nice...! I looked at 60 + pages of the flick group and I only found that grey.

      @GreenTeaSlug Yeah, I made some more research after reading your post and while the idea of having a vampiresque doll funny, I might incur in some problems since I like deep colored fantasy face ups (apparently I like the use of reds). Next time then XD I have to think carefully about a nuanced face up, now I'm totally sold for that modern grey XD

      What about the body? Pose or Pose +? I see the differences in posing, but are there minus aspects?

      Also, I want to thank everyone who is kindly taking the time and patience to answer my questions :)
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    15. Pureskin modern grey. Lovely, manly color! Goes with everything. Or nothing. :blush



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    16. @petiteballerine your boy is handsome! And the color is absolute wonderful! Must have it now!
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    17. I can't say anything about Dollshe grey but I have a decided weakness for grey resin and currently own 12 grey dolls from multiple companies.

      I can, however, comment on having a lot of red blushing on a grey doll. Don't do it unless you want an orangy tone and for him to look like he has the worst sunburn in the history of forever. I bought Belial (SD Berial in grey) with the default face-up direct from SD and it looked like the poor boy needed a tub of aloe. I had to send him out to be wiped and re-painted because his head actually looked like a different colour than his body. I loved the elements of the face-up (which is why I ordered it) but I hadn't expected the heaviness of the blushing. SD was responsive when I emailed them about how heavy the blushing was and my disappointment with it and gave me a credit for the cost of the face-up.
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    18. @Demiurgo Yeah, they go a bit crazy with the blush it seems. I have a Titiki head (WS) on the Phiel Gold Souloid and fortunately they didn't go crazy on him with the blushing.

      Most of my grey dolls have very light blushing but that's also because I don't like heavily blushed faces in general.
    19. Oh no!! How long has this thread been here? I never got a notification for it. :(
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