Dollshe Discussion - Part Sixteen

Mar 2, 2020

    1. @petiteballerine What a handsome boy. That resin colour is so stunning!

      I've recently become a bit obsessed with grey resin myself as well and getting another Dollshe in that colour is extremely tempting!! :abambi: Somebody stop me! :pout:

      In the meantime while I try to stop myself from getting more dolls, I've finished up my Amanda after some modding to her mouth and teeth to turn her into a vampire. Please meet Isabelle!

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    2. Oh my gosh!! She makes a stunning vampire @kagami! :D
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    3. I have a quick question that I tried to search but found no answers with my keywords: are there two sizes of the Classic Maxi male heads around? I was wondering for hybriding purposes as I would love a 28m on the Arsene body. I remember that Amanda head was remade to a larger scale in 2018 and Khan in 2017, and there was an entry in Dollshe blog about it, but was this ever the case with the 28M guys? There's seemingly no blog entry about it, but I know Dollshe doesn't make blog entries about every change, so I ask just to be on the safe side. If there has been a size renewal for the guys, does somebody remember, which year was it? Thank you!

      Edit: Okay, I did it. I bought a Rey Lewis head and I'm back in the floating head limbo. It's been two years since I had a 28M guy. I'm not getting him the 28M body for now, since two years is too short a time to forget what a pain that beefy boy was to clothe. Instead, I am planning to hybrid him with an Arsene body as there was a photo of Rey on Arsene body on Dollshe blog here and I think it looks good for what I have in mind.
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    4. So, there is now a post on BJDivas Facebook page about the silicone nubs. I don't know if it is allowed to copy here or can be linked, but it is worth taking a look at if you're waiting on a doll that should come with the silicone joint system. Dollshe replied to BJDivas that they are not putting the silicone nubs in dolls anymore. Although I don't know whether this is a 100% permanent change or if they ever plan to start experimenting on alternative ways to make the silicone nubs, but from the post it seems like they've tried already and this is permanent for now. I do hope though that if the holes in joints are too small to fit the silicone packing anymore lile they claim, they'd just fill them with resin at least.

      Edit: link to the post should be here.
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    5. From a post on FB made by Tobi Hurting Login • Instagram

      Attention all dollshe doll owners!
      Since dollshe has decided to stop making those joint plugs.
      This is my experiment to see if silicone caulking would work like those plugs dollshe used to send. Now this is my first dollshe ever and i dont have experience with the joints before hand. But from what i can tell. It definitely works.
      I can happily tell everyone. IT DOES!!!
      its super simple and easy to do as well. I included a picture of the 100% silicone clear caulking i used. Its a small bottle i paid rounded 5$ for it. You can find it at walmart, lowes, home depot. (You can find any 100% silicone caulk at a hardware store im sure)
      So snipped the tip of the bottle flat. And filled up EVERY empty hole i saw. Including in the arms and knee joints. I filled it up and let it over flow just a small bit and made these points as shown in the first image. It takes 30 mins to let the outside dry. So you can flip it and do the other sides of joints. And it takes 24 hours to cure before cutting. I used these scissors called "thread nippers" and they are the easiest and safest way to cut these flat. I tried using a razor blade and nicked the resin sometimes so these nippers are awesome for this. And i thought youd have to cut these super flat and even but you. Dont have to. Mine are all over the place and work awesome. His parts dont look like they are sticking out of the sockets.
      I definitely would say that this was a success! So this is definitely an option if you'd like to do this for your dollshe or not. ^^ i hope this is helpful.

      Pictures hidden under spoiler
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    6. @Demiurgo Thank you so much for that! I'm definitely going to try that with my dolls now! :o
    7. @Demiurgo - thanks for the great pictures! i definitely was overthinking this whole deal :lol:
      i have 3 bodies coming in eventually.... feeling easier about it now, thank you!
    8. @Demiurgo Thank you so much for sharing! This is great to know even for older dolls, because the kips do tend to fall out and get lost anyways <_<
    9. To add to this - clear aquarium caulk is 100% silicone (has to be safe for fish) and can be found at most pet stores. A super thin layer is good for sueding joints that like to pop (I mostly use it on neck joints and a supia belly joint that likes to pop)
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    10. @kagami @Grimalkin @sahoma No problem :) I'm glad this could help you all!

      Also, thanks to this I decided to order an Ausley Love in modern gray!
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    11. Awesome, thanks for sharing that! :D I honestly hate the silicone plugs, they'd keep falling out and then get lost down the leg. I tried supergluing some of them in and that didn't work out well. I'd already pulled all of them out and have been meaning to suede the joints the old fashioned way, but haven't gotten around to it. I'm definitely going to do this instead, it looks like much less of a hassle than cutting out the correct pieces of suede and gluing them in.
    12. Would anyone happen to have a comparison between the new Fresh and Oriental skintones? I'd like to put my old Bermann on a newer body but he's yellowed being 10 years old. A 100% match will be really hard, but I'd like to see what colour would be the closest...
    13. @kagami I have this old one, sadly I don't any longer own the new Fresh doll so I cannot take a better proper picture. There's Oriental and Fresh from 2017 and 2019, all spent their full life in dark without seeing almost any daylight, so there shouldn't be stains/yellowing.

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    14. @vauhtikatti Thank you so much! That's a really helpful comparison :D It's so interesting to see such different colours over the two years and judging from these, 2017 Fresh might be my best option.. AAAHH How do I go about getting a 2017 Arsene body :shudder
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    15. Yes! I also would love another old Oriental Arsene body which would solve many problems!
    16. I feel you guys with this struggle of trying to get an old resin tone Arsene body, only in copper oriental for me (so I'm not competing with you folks), as I got the Rey lewis head to be my burden and I still prefer Arsene body over the 28m one. Rey's lovely though, and I cannot wait to show him here once I finish his faceup.
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    17. Yesterday I took photos of the heads I have and swap with the bodies I have so far that they work on. If you look at the guys in the Supreme tee on the Arsene body I bought secondhand, it turns out I need 3 more Arsene bodies in old oriental for my heads. I have ordered 2 new ones over a year ago. I will either have redo the heads to match the new ones (swapping two heads) or keep swapping these 4 on the old oriental.

      [​IMG]Bodies and head swaps by Kathy Puckett, on Flickr
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    18. Speaking of confusing Dollshe things...are there two versions of the Arsene head? Old vs New?

      I swore that I would never order from Dollshe due to the wait times, but I picked up an Arsene on the secondhand market and now I'm hooked on these big boys. :evil:
    19. I've shoved him everywhere already, basically since the forum is the slowest place to share phone photos, but here's my Rey Lewis! He'll still need the Arsene body, preferably something else to wear than a priest gown that belongs to another doll, and maybe a darker wig, I don't know. But at least he has a face now. It's probably been four years (?) since I got my first 28m guy, and ever since selling him I have wanted one of them in the big size.

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    20. He looks so good! that honestly is one of the most realistic goatees i've ever seen on a doll. His eyes are amazing too! <3
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