Dollshe Discussion - Part Sixteen

Mar 2, 2020

    1. @Grimalkin Thank you! We can thank Jack Falahee for growing such a nice beard as I used him as a partial base model to work from.
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    2. Could someone please share what eyes size you use for Adonis 18m (44cm) fashion. I would love to see variations on sclera size to iris size ratio. In mm if possible please, as description like "10mm eyes with smaller iris" doesn't quite answer my question. :-) Thank you!
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    3. My Maddox. He's so pretty :)

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    4. Helo everyone. First time posting in this thread. Sharing with you my Amanda- Lizumi[​IMG]
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    5. AH! they are both so gorgeous!!!!!
      <3 <3 <3
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    6. @lizumi156 I lover her faceup! :D

      Does anyone have an Arsene hybrid? I love his face, but 70cm is too tall to me. I'd like to shorten him to 60-65cm, but he seems to have a big head.
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    7. I had him on an Illusion Spirit 60cm body for a while before I sold his head. Unfortunately I didn't get many good comparison photos but he looked fine.
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    8. Anyone thinking of getting Carl Mars???
    9. Based off a render? No way. From Dollshe’s track record, you’re looking at at least two years before you receive it, and I’d be worried he would alter/tweak the sculpt in the meantime.

      Didn’t he do that before with one of the celebrity heads?

      When I saw ‘3 months’ quoted for the production time I laughed out loud.

      Sorry, I woke up feeling pretty salty about the fact I’ve been waiting over a year now for a regular old Dollshe Saint...
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    10. I totally was thinking this EXACT thing! And I too laughed whe I saw the 3 months thing. . that is the most . . no.

      Also off subject, your thing under your profile pic! Love that song <3.
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    11. Far as I know the 55cm he took pre-orders for nearly 3 years ago still hasn't been received by anyone. I cancelled mine after waiting nearly 2 years without the prototype even being made.

      Never believe a word of any timeline promised by Dollshe.
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    12. I just placed order 70cm David Kuncci and 70cm Arsene and I couldn’t help myself ordering Carl Mars at same time when I see his 3D sketch released. He is very handsome....*_*
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    13. @TatterPunk Thanks, lol. Not so secret Bowie fan here.
    14. If anyone is curious about the process for Carl; the Tom Cruise 3D render was released june 2017. Ive placed my order, paid in full on may 2018 and I still dont have it or seen the actual production of it. Natalie was placed at the same time, and I still dont have her either...

      Im thinking of cancelling all my dollshe preorders. It was nice of him to allow me to have tom cruise on the 28m body instead of mystic, but I dont feel like waiting longer, specially since I paid full price on my dolls, but the 1/4 price "sale" dolls get to their owners in less than a year from what I see. I just get a surge of disappointment whenever I see dollshe news at this point.
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    15. @GreenTeaSlug some people have received Natalie though. I haven’t seen anything about Tom. If I were you I would inquire about Natalie since we know there is a master mold for her, and cancel Tom. If they’re on the same order, Tom might be the reason you never received anything. Or maybe Dollshe is a massive airhead and keeps losing track of his pending orders. Either way it’s worth emailing.
    16. That's exactly why I won't order direct from Dollshe (or a dealer for him) unless it's something that is explicitly stated is in stock and ready to ship immediately. I believe the wait times are ridiculous and I'm not willing to play that game again. Yes, I'd still love to have a 55cm Saint in espresso ebony but I'm not willing to wait the ludicrous time he's currently rocking (because he still hasn't even made the prototypes yet even though it's literally been several years since he opened the pre-order).
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    17. After waiting 11 months for my Pure Body Bernard and 13 or 14 months for my Grown Bermann, I am not tempted to pre-order Carl. And from a sketch, no less.
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    18. Lucky you! I emailed them multiple times after a year long wait on Adonis and the vampire khan set (the one with a translucent version). But they simply told me that my order will be finished shortly and it eventually arrived.