Dollshe Discussion - Part Sixteen

Mar 2, 2020

    1. @jade-eyed-cat I've not seen a King Corey, he is incredible- is he cast in the caramel brown resin? I really like it. I am impressed by all the options Dollshe now has in terms of body type, resins and scale- I bought my Saint second-hand back when the face plate dolls were first introduced. Here is Noah, who is quite Zen at the moment, also preferring to be bald:


      He is wearing an old Dollmore outfit which is one of my favourites, fully lined and nicely tailored.
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    2. @Saba Your Saint is wonderful! I like his outfit and bald head!
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    3. @Saba yeah, he's in the honey caramel brown. It's kind of a shame there aren't more King Coreys around honestly. The potential he has to be made up into so many fantastic different looks...and mine doesn't give him that kind of justice really.
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    4. My Ausley is finally out of mail quarantine and put together! Now I just need to paint her. Her name is Rue.
      [​IMG]Rue by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    5. @TatterPunk congrats! Can't wait to see your faceup!
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    6. Here she is! I still have to give her tattoos, but those I need to design, so it may be a little bit there. Eventually I'll get different eyes for her (gonna get Dreaming Tree Studios ones - she's still making them, you just have to e-mail her directly) and make her a different wig (the mohair I ordered is gonna be a few months probably since it's coming from Poland). She's done for the time being anyway.
      [​IMG]Rue by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    7. Nice!!!
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    8. @TatterPunk great face up, I’m getting a bit of an Uma Thurman vibe from Rue :cool:
      @nancy_schroeder_ca me too! When he’s bald I can see his cute ears lol
      @jade-eyed-cat agreed, the King Corey sculpt appears quite versatile, which is interesting because it has such strong features. I think you definitely do the sculpt justice :)
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    9. my notifications stopped pinging for this thread, i feel so behind... but i am compelled to comment on the pictures gifted to us...
      @noirobscur - that outfit is just amazing, and the red makes his face up and hair colour just pop.
      @jade-eyed-cat - what a beautiful style, the hair colour and his eyes look so complimentary, and he looks very put together imho
      @nancy_schroeder_ca - that outfit is so detailed with all that stitching, and he looks so sweet and serious
      @TatterPunk - i love her look! and those pants are divine, i'm partial to punk plaid, and i can't believe how fast you did that nice face up!

      i'm still waiting for my 28M Grant & David, and i just did a dumb thing and added an 18M Aramis. can't resist the special package deal... maybe in a year or two i'll get to post some pics :lol:
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    10. Tbh, it really baffles me that I haven't seen any owner pictures of him before seeing yours. King Corey is an absolutely gorgeous sculpt and I was sure loads of people would have gotten him by now... but if they have, I haven't seen any :huh?:
      Yours is amazing, btw, I love the blue of that shirt against that resin - so striking! :D
    11. I love that caramel brown color! I on a bad trainwreck of thinking if I want to order a Diana now too... :lol:
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    12. I reeeeally need to get some 1/3 sized props. At least a chair or something. All I have are random weird shaped sticks. . and a coffee cup (not shown here). Anyway, I got some new lights and a soft box so this was me using it for the first time.
      [​IMG]Ghastly by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    13. Yup! They beg for props! I now have 4 folding chairs, a couch, a screen, 2 tables, an old bureau, books, a lamp, a slinky, a maze toy, a bunch of drinks, iphones, glasses, face masks, jewelry, paintings, hats, bags, an umbrella, and 2 beds. All in about a year. So demanding!
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    14. Does anyone happen to know which one of Dollshe's colours (fresh or oriental) is closer to Luts RSN?
    15. Hi everyone!
      Does anyone know when does the sale end for the special package Diana? I am thinking of ordering her but I would like to know when does the sale ends. Thank you! :)
    16. there’s a countdown on the site. Looks like 14 days left
    17. Thank you!
    18. Dropping by to share my boy, Eiji! <3

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    19. Woah, I love his lower eyelashes :aeyepop:
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