Dollshe Discussion - Part Sixteen

Mar 2, 2020

    1. @SteamWitch Do you still have your espresso ebony boy? I swear you're the only one I've seen with one in that resin and he's gorgeous. I regret not being able to get the 55cm Saint in that colour but I also wasn't willing to wait longer for him after 18+ months.
    2. Question! Does anyone A) have one of the new Arsenes who could give me an exact head measurement? And/or B) have one of the old Arsenes to give me a head measurement for as well? Thank you in advance.
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    3. @Iron_Dog I have only the one tan SA Saint, I thought he was ebony but he isn't honey skin. He is still pretty cool.
      If I was younger, I might have ordered one of the smaller Dollshe boys but when you're closing in on 69 years old, investing in something I'd have to wait for a year or two is not wise planning.
    4. @SteamWitch Really? Huh. I thought he was. Still gorgeous. Maybe someday I'll add a Saint to my collection *shifty eyes*. Somebody that I know that is local to me is apparently selling her Saint. I have no dolly funds though having just purchased a doll (who's STILL in transit after 22 days *sigh*). Akusuo is a Hound in honey mango and he's such a lovely, salted caramel colour. The honey resin is very nice. Wu-Tyr is an Orijean in oriental.

      I can completely understand not wanting to get on the Dollshe crazy train (regardless of your age). Unless something were to drastically change with Dollshe production times and become something reasonable, I highly doubt I'll ever order brand new from Dollshe again.
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    5. What a wonderful group! I think Hunter is my favorite!
    6. Thank you @nancy_schroeder_ca He was my first Saint and it took me about 3 years to get the right combination of faceup, eyes and wig to make him just right.
    7. @TatterPunk I measured my 2019 Arsene head around the crack of the headcap at 20.5cm. And lower on the forehead where a wig would go at 21cm.
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    8. Thank you @Mahgiep ! That helps a lot! Trying to figure out some stuff for future doll plans.
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    9. Sharing my Lebanon, he's a dollshe Adonis, and my dslr camera just loves him^^
      I appreciate his big eyes because he is the only doll pulling off these absolutely beautiful Enchanted doll eyes from my collection.
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    10. OMG. I ordered a blank Adonis a year ago. What color is this? I'm really excited now!
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    11. @noirobscur What size eyes is he wearing? They are amazing.
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    12. @noirobscur - i'm picking myself up off the floor... what a great picture and how everything is just so *real* - just amazing <3
    13. I'm sharing Eiji today! I finished his arm tattoos over the weekend and he's looking a lot more like how I envisioned him. :D

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    14. OMG!!! :o You've created a masterpiece!
    15. I also was so tempted about the sale on Diana... and on impulse: I did it. I bought her in honey resin Sapphire blue bc omg it’s soooo gorgeous, and paid in full... but I never heard anything before about the wait time, or maybe I wouldn’t have bought... but I’ve wanted a sapphire blue Dollshe ever since I first saw one. I own a regular asking tone in honey resin and omg is it a gorgeous resin!!! Worth it!
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    16. Stunning

      Oh my wow adonis now I am excited to receive my adonis too.. Hopefully he arrives soon
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    17. Heyy blue Diana team :D
      I also got one, but mine is in pure resin!
      How are you planning to style her? :)
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    18. @kagami - Eiji looks amazing with the bold graphics tattoos, and i love his hair and hoodie. he is so handsome. <3
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    19. I have no idea or maybe I should say I have so so many ideas! Maybe I’m going to try to draw them and then paint them because I’m sure I’ll have some time before she arrives LOL! I’m just dreading the wait, I’ve heard some horror stories, I even saw a YouTube video of a woman who waited three years for her doll to arrive from Dollshe... the suspense would literally do me in! I wouldn’t survive! Even with the terrific sale, she was a big chunk of change to pop down.... I hope I see her at least this year!!!
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