Dollstown 17 and 18 year boys and girls

Jan 25, 2011

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    1. -didn't realize they did layaway- Ooh, I might have to think about the 18 yr old girl :D I love realistic sculpts, but on one of the pictures the breasts seem awkward with a rather unnaturally high nipple. Still, the details are amazing. I can't wait until they release more photos.
    2. I don't see that . . .just in one pic? I love the torsos on both. I hope they SIT well. I hate that my EID won't sit up!
    3. A Dollstown body without cankles! They're both beautiful but I don't think I want a body that large. Definitely will have to think about this.
    4. O.O if I dared get a doll that big it would be on that body- no doubt whatsoever. I LOVE the dollstown bodies in general- these are positively GORGEOUS.
    5. Has to be my favorite boy body in the hobby! :fangirl: Oh, but I would have to find a head to match!
    6. I've been waiting to see more pictures!

      The width of the boy shoulders is nice. I find the shoulder blades strange looking, but it's not like I would be looking at that constantly! I look forward to seeing other heads on this body.
    7. This body is what I have been dreaming of for a long time... Just gorgeous.

      MOJOMACA: I am also pre-broke. LOL
    8. So psyched! I need a body for one of my Volks floating heads, and I think the 18 Yr old male bod will be just the thing. ^_^
    9. ...I think I might have just gone pre-broke. lol I've liked the DT bodies for a while, and a taller girl is just the sort of horrible reasoning I need to get one!
    10. Thrilled! I want one of each type but I'm buying the 18 boy body as soon as I can. :abambi:
      I think I already have the head I'll need.
    11. So very, very enthused. >:3
    12. Second to this. New Dollstown 18 year bodies looks just perfect to me.
    13. I like a new body: beautiful and realistic. Well feet are a bit longer... I plan the tall girl in the future and this variant is very good.
    14. I'm definitely saving up for the 18 year old Hue. Finally! Been waiting for like ages! <33
    15. It looks like the engineering is a step up too (finally)! I've been buying Spiridoll bodies for my larger dolls lately -- but I'm going right back to dollstown. Can't wait!
    16. THIS is the body I need for my Saint. NEED. Le Happy sigh. I've never fallen in love with a body so hard.
    17. There are a bunch of Dollshes I still want. . . :| I bet I could put a Bernard head on the 18yr boy body. I am certainly enthused.
    18. I really like the feet on this new body, and the joints seem very well made.
    19. Now I realize I will probably need the girl body too. I would like to see more of that one first though.