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Dollti released LH ShinB, sale of Ahz ends this month!

Mar 21, 2006

    1. Eek Shin B and I have no money :| how long do you think they will have Shin B on sale for ><
    2. I'm praying that it'll be more than a month, because I literally just spent my last penny last night (getting a new body for one of my heads), and I've been after ShinB for a *year* now . . . aiiiiiieeeee!!

      Fingers crossed that everyone who wants one will get one!!

      -- A <3
    3. Oooooh. But no elf ears?
    4. Awww no elf ears...... I really want a ShinE but with elf ears.......
    5. I'm disappointed in the lack of elf ears . . . but ShinB is one of my dream dolls, for her, I'd have custom ears made if I had to!! :D

      Also . . . *pokes blackholly* You! Post pictures!!

      -- A ;>
    6. I'm not blackholly, but I can post a pic of my ShinB who does have elf ears. Her name is Cricket,

    7. Ahz has been for sale 5 months, and I think they've sold 10 of her? ShinB will likely be the same, but don't quote me on it. You could email Dollti and ask if they'll release her with elf ears, they're very nice about responding. :)