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Dollzone Controversy (taken from News thread)

Mar 25, 2006

    1. This can't be repeated enough.
    2. juz to let u know that bbs site is a FAN SITE of dz doll owners...

      Here's alot of older topics to read before buying

      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31916&highlight=doll+zone <=== topic about copyrights

      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47000&highlight=doll+zone <=== DZ on ebay

      For DZ review go here

      Its not that i dun trust anyone but ppl with one post and not so often apperance in DoA... hmmm be careful :D

      i have pm the ebay seller still waiting for him/her to be online...
    3. what's wrong with it being a fan site?

      here are some more links for DZ review, from owners of the new dolls...



    4. I just want to point out to anyone looking at the pictures to notice how uneven the headcap seems, and how rough the eyes look. Be aware you'll probabably be doing some sanding on the lids, so if you order makeup it may be a waste if you just have to get those roughies off anyway.
    5. have you looked at the links to posts made by people who have actually received these dolls? they're very happy with the product, and had no problem applying makeup. i'm not sure why DollZone is showing an unfinished product on its boards, but they evidently are not shipping it.
    6. i sound a little harsh there, sorry. i have a headache, and should be going to bed now... bye....
    7. I think if people have decided that they don't like these dolls and don't want to buy them, then they should lay off. Everyone in this thread has been informed off the "problems" this brand had before, so no one is in the dark. Whether someone buys them or not is their decision. If you don't want to buy one, then rest assured the rest of us know what we're getting into. I mean this in the nicest way possible, of course, cuz I don't want to start a "thing" with this.

      Anyway! I'm going to be ordering as soon as they become available. I'm really excited. That boy is just so perfect for my character. I've been looking for so long~ I'm fully, 100% decided.
    8. It is so hard to find that right doll. They are sooo expensive and we love them so much it's worth it, but tell that to the people who only have a few dolls because of the price. I agree with Illves' rocky start comment. If I get this first doll and everything goes okay, I can gurantee I will be buying another one.
    9. This hobby really isn't about quantity, no one is looked down on for only owning one or two dolls, just because others own 10 or more.
    10. :sweat Oh.... I didn't mean it that way. I meant that when you have one doll you hunger for more, but price is an issue, if you don't have a lot of money. I love the SD's but I can get 2 MSD's for the price of one SD, so that's what I'm collecting. Now with DollZone I can get 2 of their MSD sized dolls for the price of one? I'm there. If there are other considerations, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. It wouldn't be an issue if I didn't like them. I'm sorry if you took offense to my comment. I love them, I want more of them, and this really is deal for me. I can't believe that there aren't others who just have one or two or even more who wouldn't want more if given the right oppurtunity.
    11. I do want more, and I already have two SD13 boys, and my next doll will either be another SD13 boy or a SD girl. Not easy for me either, I sell things that I don't absolutely *need* and I sit and save. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for.
    12. Fe, can you just let people do what they want to do and quit trying to play God for once? -_-
    13. I absolutely agree with you. people should buy the dolls they want, end of.

      but I'm afraid people, especially new, browsing a thread like this won't know what Dollzone has done/is doing. How can we be sure eveyrone knows? I really don't we can be certain of that. some people don't research before buying dolls, when they need to...

      I want people to research before buying ANY doll, so that they make an informed choice. I also don't want peoples dolls chosen for them, so I hold back on what I say.

      people need information before buying, not mind control.
    14. how very touching. however, i think it is clear that whatever DollZone has done in the past, they are not doing it anymore. did you read ravendolls' review of her DZ Yi? http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47472&highlight=Dollzone i suppose now you're going to argue that they copied body molds while somehow making the body taller and skinnier. and regarding the faces, they seem very unique to me.
    15. Nothing. What's wrong is taking the pictures from it and reposting them here without the owner's permission, something that is frowned upon in the BJD community. Some members of DoA no longer post their pictures outside of LJ/their own websites because of this and it's the reason that areas such as Gallery and Marketplace were made member's only. ^^

      And Nina is one of the copied CP moulds. Yes, DZ no longer makes them, but the ones that were made are still around. I am happy that they have seen their original error, and have gone legitimate, and I think the dolls they are producing now are original and lovely. But I think there is also nothing wrong with posting some info on their history for people who don't know. And since you don't even recognize the name of the stolen mould, I'd say you have NOT done thorough research. For the record, the copied, and now discontinued dolls were named Demi, Nina, Lynn, and Nicole.
    16. there was no need to be rude to me.

      just because you believe that the dolls are unique does not make it so. just because I believe they are other dolls heavily sanded, does not make it true either.

      You seem to think your opinion is more valid than mine. everyone has a right to their opinion. but please don't be rude to me.

      I don't understand where your hostility comes from.
    17. I totally agree. People should get an informed choice about anything in life. You were kind enough to post the negatives, and some others have been nice enough to post some positives. So that should be the end of it. No one now will go into this decisions uninformed, will they? (Unless they choose not to read the information, and then, isn't that their choice also?)

      Like my first doll, I wouldn't care what these cost. It's not about the cost, it's about being the right doll. I was just "lucky" that the dolls I wanted happened to be "cheaper" than say, an SD, or a Volks MSD. I didn't choose them because of that, though. Heck, when I saw my first boy I didn't even know how much he was, or where to get him from. I took a ballpark figure of 700 dollars and withdrew the money the next week. It was just lucky he was less expensive than that. So, it seems I've been lucky again. That's the end of it though.

      For whatever reason people buy any dolls, that reason should be their own. Who are we to dictate which are right and which are wrong? DoA is here to best represent this hobby, isn't it? To give people information and help. As I can see, we've done that in this thread. So there doesn't need to be any more bashing of anyone, their dolls, their choices - anything. Just let people do what they want to do - no one needs to be a crusader (not you in particular babytarragon, mind you, it just happens my post started out quoting you).

      And ermm...that got long. But that's my point. I think it's nice people on DoA want to help fellow members, and people have been informed with the best knowledge available, but that's as far as it needs to go.
    18. i'm sorry i came off as being rude; that was not my intention. i suppose i'm a bit frustrated with this long-standing disagreement regarding DZ. the people who think they aren't legit post their opinions; then the people who think they are legit post their opinions; then we all go through it again. once more 'round the merry-go-round. i think posting once on it ought to be enough, on the assumption that people do read the entire thread... and you and i have had our say. the members of DZ aren't stupid. they can make up their own minds.
    19. People can choose to ignore warnings or insist that they are not necessary. There were not enough warnings about Forever Doll when they first came out, and many unsuspecting owners bought them and were sorely disappointed and out a bit of money. I would hope none of us want a repeat of that situation.