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Dollzone Limited 70cm Elf boy discussion- Ian and Quinn

Sep 5, 2007

    1. I like Quinn... Oh God, what I'd do for an extra $700 to pop up on my doorstep...

      The outfits they have are so hot...
    2. I like Ian myself. The super long ears are nice. :)
    3. Gosh im torn but i thnk Ien does slightly have the edge for me...im totally in love with DZ men..and the large guys....well wowness!!! Gotta have....dont know how though lol
    4. When I saw the previews a couple of days ago, Innana and myself both went Ian........ but when I got the full pics today, the mind did a complete reverse...... Quinn is definitely the favourite. :)

      Pics again for those that might like them handy for the discussion......


    5. They are both absolutely beautiful and the 70cm DZ boys are fantastic dollies.

      It is Quinn that has stolen my heart... though I like Ian's outfit a little better. Oh and the ears.... the beautiful, beautiful ears....

      It'll be interesting to see where these boys go. How odd to think they'll be kind of scattered across the planet in handfuls.

      Good luck to everyone on a waiting list for one of these boys. Pricey for a Dollzone, but so very, very pretty!!!

      - Wendy
      (who is looking forward to owner pix)
    7. Might have been that I was shown two different faceups for each and asked which I liked best, one of Quinns could have been the deciding factor in making the initial decision about who I liked. That I had only seen basically heads and didn't get the full impact of the entire doll in character till today. :)
    8. The two new boys are already available to buy from seller jeeryama on eBay......go take a look and you'll see the BIN price of....gulp....$999.99

      :...( :o
    9. Hmmmmm, retail is supposed to be $690 and $760.00.......

      Second question is how do you sell a doll when you can't even be sure that you will getting either of them when DZ decide how many go to which agents?
    10. Huh. Jeeryrama doesnt' -have- them, as none of us will know which or how many we're getting until the 15th. ;)

      Anyhow! I'm Ian, all the way. Quinn's nice, don't get me wrong - -I love his look, and his faceup! but Ian... Ian just stole my heart. ^_^;;
    11. Do you get the bow with Quinn? O_o that would be so sweet if they do:D

    12. Yep, the bow is included. Ian gets a weapon too apparently but I haven't got an answer as to what weapon yet. ;)
    13. Wow I really like Ian :aheartbea Are his eyes closed or are they just really squinty? Can't really tell.

      Doesn't look like I'll get him, but I will look forward to pictures *siiiigh*
    14. Wow, that is a pair of gorgeous boys! :D I'd definitely pay their price, if I could. To have both of them.. ~drool~ And their outfits are incredible!
    15. Lol Id get Quinn just for that outfit xD.
    16. Huh? There are 3 pictures only?! :O
      Anymore pictures? I want to see more ...
    17. I can't decide which I like more. They are both so gorgeous. I would love to have them both. Though I doubt I would be one of the lucky few.
    18. HOOO me Gawd!! They're stunning!!! I think I'm in love with Quinn :D

      They have 2 pairs of ears? The ones in the pictures and smaller ones? or what? XD

      Do you think DZ will release them later as standard versions?
    19. Oh.
      I think nobody posted Ian's details photos: