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DollZone mini 43cm Discussion Part 14

Jan 6, 2016

    1. Souuuu, i think this isnt a real discussion really, but
      Ive ordered a Dollzone Benjamin weeks ago, and i felt totally in love with him. He is SO different to evry sculpt ive seen before. And i know, hes kinda ugly too. The new Dollzone body B45-014 (I think?) is really pretty, and his face is.... the oposite. So....
      whats ur opinion about Dollzones Benjamin?
      Ill not hate u for anythings, just tell me about ur thoughts about him! Its interesting to hear som other thoughts and ideas about him.
      (And i can be a small part of all this too...:D)
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    2. I adore him personally, he looks just like an original character a friend of mine has, so I loved him the second I saw him :love
    3. I ordered him too even though he wasn't even on my list. He'll be my first doll in 4 years. He's darling. I can't wait to see him.
    4. I've ordered one too. He has such an unusual face -I just had to get him. So far, I have not seen many owner pics. Mine should be arriving this month.
    5. I love everything about Dollzone Benjamin, but his nose. I just wish it was a little smaller, less pointed. I want him so much but I'm not skilled enough to do a mod on his nose. I think It could grow on me though.

      Do any of you own this sculpt? What do you think?
    6. I really like that it's a non-traditional face :) it would be nice to see more varied sculpts!
    7. Ahh .. I'm struggling here. I'm kind of falling in love with his ugliness xD
    8. Yeah, he has his own unique look.
      My Benjamin won't be coming for a while yet. Doll zone forgot to make my order. Oh well.
    9. I ordered one as well! I never expected my first bjd to be a 1/4 scale doll, but I saw those sad, deep set eyes, upturned nose, and slight underbite and just knew I couldn't pass him up! As someone who isn't into the cutesy-child-like dolls, I really love Benjamin's unique mature (?) face.
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    10. I actually really like his face, his nose might be a bit to pointy but you can Always sand that down, he seems like a perfect horror character to me, and i love those kind of dolls since they usually look different from the rest.
    11. How easy do you think it will be to sand down his nose? I'm scared I'll mess it up. Would you just use an ordinary sandpaper block? How would I make it smooth?
    12. Personally I adore him :) I don't really see him as ugly at all, quite the opposite to be honest! I may order him at some point as his aesthetic would fit in quite well with my eclectic looking group :3nodding:
    13. dolly holly -I think it would be pretty easy to sand down his nose with sandpaper. To get it smooth you would need some 600 grit sandpaper. Also a must have is a face mask as the resin dust is toxic. Another option is to send him off to a modder and let them work their magic.
    14. :whee:Thanks for your reply, @kurogane ! That sounds simple enough I think. I'd like to try doing it myself as I think I'm capable, but I'd just be so nervous! And I'd definitely get a mask too

      I've decided, that he's definitely my next dolly purchase! I can't resist his little face. I might even get used to that nose of his. :dance
    15. I'm glad to have helped @dollyholly! Congratulations on deciding to get a Benjamin!

      I do hope mine will come sooner than later. I must be patient!
    16. I LOVE dollzone Benjamin, and his face is really cute. I tend to prefer very expressive and different sculpts. When you get him, could you tell me if he comes with both a hammer arm and a normal arm? I ordered Dollzone Vita-2 in November with the Scorpio event doll, and I hope she comes in soon!
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    17. Hi @Len11999, Congrats on your Vita-2, shes so lovely. I thought about getting her myself!
      I think for the Benjamin, the hammer arm only comes with fullset. If you order him nude you wont get the hammer arm, just the normal body. You can order the arm separately though - for extra £20 unpainted!
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    18. It is sooooooooo nice to know som doll owners with the same doll taste i have!!! Really really thanku all of u!! Benjamin is a real prince, evryone will giv him a nice home! Im pretty sure :)
    19. Just realized i haven't posted a pick of Gill. My face up by me:)

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    20. So I am actually pretty pleased with their new "Noel" boy looking like a revamped version of Mo. I have a Mo head on a DC body and have been pretty nervous about what I will do if he ever gets damaged since they discontinued Mo's sculpt. Noel is close enough that he could be a decent replacement if I ever need.