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DollZone mini 43cm Discussion Part 14

Jan 6, 2016

    1. I think the wig looks great! His hair in game is pretty shaggy. You won't be able to tell as much once you get him wearing his fancy hats. ;)
    2. Familiar fingers, this Clover Doll body or new Dollzone body?
    3. @LuckyXIII Thank you so much~! And exactly what I was thinking aha. My only issue is that it's a bit poofy haha, but a hat should fix that~

      @Chelokotik It's the new Dollzone body~
    4. Oh wow, so neat! Do you have a pattern you made it from?
    5. Wow, Sugarstitch, that's a great jumper! People like you make me wish I could knit or crochet, but I already do everything else, so I think I'll leave the needlework for the people who are actually talented in it.

      What kind of fiber is your wig? There are ways to tame the puff.
    6. Aw thank you~ I know what you mean haha, I have so many crafting hobbies (honestly one of the main things that drew me to dolls in the first place) that it's hard to set aside time for them all. Especially when there's so many new ones I want to learn~

      I'm 90% sure it's alpaca. I work in an op shop, and found an unlabelled bag of it in the craft section a while back. It's definitely animal fibre, I know that much haha. My friend is a hairdresser and said he'd bring something to tame it next time he comes over~
    7. Oh! Thank you!
    8. Hi all! I just ordered The Lovers through BJDivas. According to their measurements their heads are MSD sized, but I've only seen discussion on them over in the 60cm and 70cm thread. Is this the correct place to talk about them and post pictures?
    9. The two new demon girls are released! I am putting a brown Neruga on layaway <3
    10. I love the new girls! The brown skin is beautiful but unfortunately I'm not going to be able to put one on order for a while so I'll probably miss out on that. At least I'll have a while to choose which head and horns to go with. Can't wait to see what you do with yours @LuckyXIII!
    11. Right now I'm picturing lots of gold markings on her. I think it will look really pretty on that dark color. Not sure about anything else.
    12. Jumping in! I love the new demon girls! Beautiful color and love the details I’m the wings and hooves
    13. @LuckyXIII Ooooh gold markings would look absolutely gorgeous on that skin tone~! Can't wait to see :)

      I love the new demon girls, but no more dolls for me for a while so I'll live vicariously through everyone else's haha
    14. The dark brown is gorgeous, but I think I might order a white Snow Fulai after Christmas. I love her cute face and horns. :chibi
    15. Oh, good. Alpaca can be treated just like really fine human hair, so that ought to work great.

      This is the story of my life. It cracks me up when people come here and say, "Should I buy this doll or not?" Of course we're going to tell you to buy it! We want to see more pictures!
    16. it's not alpaca, it's a kid mohair, that is the wool of a young ewe. I bought such a fiber for wigs)
    17. if you want then buy. Who forbids you? and if you can not choose, select both.
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    18. I snagged a brown skin Neruga Im so excited, she’s so cute and the wings and horns look amazing!
      I have no idea what I’m gonna do with her tho, a succubus seems suitable or a dragon since her tail has a scarily look to it
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    19. Yay for another brown Neruga! There are only thirty of them being made so it will be really interesting to see how everyone does their girls up. :D
    20. Oh, fair enough haha. How do you tell the difference? (not doubting you by the way, just generally curious so I can tell in future aha)